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THE B-52's
Athens, Georgia, USA
*  10/1976+  7/2019

Line-Up (2011):

B-52's (photo)

Kate Pierson - voc,kb,bg
Cindy Wilson - voc,g,perc
Keith Strickland - g
Fred Schneider - ds,voc

Former Members:

Ricky Wilson (g, 10/76-10/85)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Chris Blackwell
13.07.1979Island22 59
2.Wild Planet9/1980 Island18 18
3.The Party Mix Album6/1981 Island36 55
(mini LP)
produced by: David Byrne
2/1982 Island18 35
5.Whammy5/1983 Island33 29
6.Bouncing Off The Satellites
(in the UK 7/87, Island)
9/1986 Warner Bros74 85
7.Cosmic Thing
produced by: Nile Rodgers/Don Was
7/1989 Reprise/WEA8 4
8.Dance This Mess Around6/1990 Island36
9.Good Stuff
produced by: Nile Rodgers/Don Was
29.06.1992Reprise8 16
10.Planet Claire9/1995 Spectrum
11.Time Capsule - Songs For A Future Generation29.06.1998Reprise 93
12.Nude On The Moon
(Warner Bros, 2CD)
produced by: Steve Osborne
25.03.2008Astralwerks73 11
14.With the Wild Crowd! - Live in Athens, GA11.10.2011Eagle
15.Double Pak
& Blood, Sweat & Tears
01.04.2014Int'l Marketing Group
16.Live! 8-24-197921.04.2015Real Gone Music
17.West Park Chicago, 197924.07.2015Livewire
18.Live In London 2013
25.09.2015Let Them Eat Vinyl
19.Sixteen Dances30.10.2015Applebush
20.Live in the Studio, January 197804.12.2015Interference
21.Live in the UK 201315.01.2016Relativity Entertainment

Fred Schneider:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Fred Schneider5/1991 Reprise
2.Just Fred
produced by: Steve Albini
27.05.1996Warner Bros
3.Fred Schneider & the Shake Society29.07.2008Rhino Encore

Kate Pierson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Guitars And Microphones
produced by: Tim Anderson
17.02.2015Lazy Meadow Music

Cindy Wilson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rock Lobster / 52 Girls7/1978
2.Rock Lobster / 6060-8427/1979 Warner Bros 56
3.Rock Lobster / Running Around03.08.1979Island37
4.6060-842 / Hero Worship9/1979 Warner Bros
5.Planet Claire / There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)11/1979 Warner Bros
6.Give Me Back My Man / Strobe Light7/1980 Warner Bros61
7.Private Idaho / Party Out Of Bounds10/1980 Warner Bros 74
8.Dirty Back Road / Strobe Light10.11.1980Warner Bros
9.Quiche Lorraine / Lava1/1981 Warner Bros
10.Give Me Back My Man / Party Out Of Bounds8/1981 Island
11.Deep Sleep / Nip It In The Bud1982 Warner Bros
12.Mesopotamia / Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can1982 Warner Bros
13.Song For A Future Generation
12" + Planet Claire
22.04.1983Warner Bros63
14.Legal Tender / Moon 837/1983 Warner Bros 81
15.Song For A Future Generation10/1983 Warner Bros
16.Rock Lobster / Planet Claire
7" Song For A Future Generation / 52 Girls
12" + Give Me Back My Man
5/1986 Island9
17.Wig / Summer Of Love
7" Song For A Future Generation / 52 Girls
12" + Give Me Back My Man
6/1987 Warner Bros79
18.Summer Of Love / Housework9/1987 Warner Bros
19.Love Shack / Channel Z8/1989 Reprise 3
20.Channel Z / Junebug9/1989 Reprise61
21.Roam / Bushfire12/1989 Reprise 3
22.Love Shack / Planet Claire
CD + Rock Lobster (live)
2/1990 Reprise1
23.Deadbeat Club / Planet Claire4/1990 Reprise 30
24.Roam / Whammy Kiss (live) / Dance This Mess Around (live)5/1990 Reprise12
25.Deadbeat Club / Love Shack
12",CD + B-52's Megamix
(v GB)
9/1990 Reprise
26.Good Stuff / Bad Influence
12",CD + Return To Dreamland
08.06.1992Reprise18 28
27.Tell It Like It T-I-I-S / The World's Green Laughter
produced by: Nile Rodgers
28.Is That You Mo-Dean?
12",CD + Tell It Like It T-I-I-S
29.Hot Pants Explosion / Love Shack
CD + Channel Z / Roam
30.(Meet) The Flintstones
(The B.C. 52's))
5/1994 MCA3 33
32.Love Shack
meet DJ Tonka
33.Club Cuts 264
(My Perogative (LB Phunkstar vocal remix) / Love Shack (remix) / Rock With You (remix))
& Britney Spears & Michael Jackson
34.Whammy 2005 Remix EP
(Trism (Riton remix) / Song For A Future Generation (Major Tweaks remix) / Whammy Kiss (MHC remix) / Legal Tender (Major Tweeks remix))
18.07.2005Planet Clique
35.Mesopotamia EP (2006 remix)
(Mesopotamia (MHC remix) / Cake (Majortweaks remix) / Mesopotamia (No Ears acid remix) / Loveland (Manhattan Clique remix))
22.05.2006Planet Clique
36.Wild Planet (2007 remix EP)
(Quiche Lorraine (S-Express remix) / Private Idaho (The Grid remix) / Give Me Back My Man (Superjupiter remix) / Dirty Back Road (Formatic remix))
15.10.2007Planet Clique
Funplex (CSS extended remix, Peaches' Pleasure Seeker remix, Scissor Sisters' Witches At The Wet Seal mix)
(26.05.08, Astralwerks)
38.Love Shack3/2011 WEA

Kate Pierson:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Candy / Pussy Power (acoustic demo)
12",CD1 + The Undefeated / Butt Town (acoustic demo)
10",CD2 + My Baby Wants To Rock'n'Roll (acoustic demo)
& Iggy Pop
9/1990 Virgin America67 28
2.Venus / Radio in Bed15.04.2016Third Man

Fred Schneider:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Monster6/1991 Reprise 85


1. With the Wild Crowd! - Live in Athens, GA - 11.10.2011, live


1989 Rolling Stone - Single Of The Year ("Love Shack")
1990 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Group Video ("Love Shack")

WWW Links:


Compilation Appearances:

"Summer Of Love" on Summer Brannin benefit compilation "Songs For Summer" (20.3.00, Oglio)
"Rock Lobster" on compilation "Teenage Kicks" (4.4.05)

Kate Pierson:

appeared on the SP:

R.E.M.: Shiny Happy People (5/91, Warner Bros)

Fred Schneider:

appeared on the LP:

Tiny Masters Of Today: Bang Bang Boom Cake (25.9.07)

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