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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
*  1970+  1985


APRIL WINE (photo)

Myles Goodwyn - voc,keyb
Brian Greenway - g
Jean Pellerin - bg
Daniel Barbe - kb
Marty Simon - ds

Former Members:

David Henman (g, 1970-73); Gary Moffat (g, 1973-85)
Jimmy Henman (bg, 1970-71); Jim Clench (bg,voc, 1971-75); Steve Lang (bg, 1975-85)
Richie Henman (ds, 1970-73); Jerry Mercer (ds, 1973-85)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.April Wine4/1972 Aquarius
2.Electric Jewels1973 Aquarius
3.Live1974 Aquarius
4.Stand Back1975 Aquarius
5.The Whole World Is Going Crazy9/1976 Aquarius
6.Forever For Now1976 Aquarius
7.Live At The El Mocambo18.11.1977Aquarius
8.First Glance3/1979 Capitol
9.Greatest Hits1979 Aquarius
10.Harder ... Faster11/1979 Capitol34 64
11.Best Of April Wine Rock Ballads1981 Aquarius
12.The Nature Of The Beast09.01.1981Capitol48 26
13.Summer Tour 198112/1981 Capitol
14.Power Play7/1982 Capitol 37
15.Animal Grace
produced by: Myles Goodwyn/Mike "Clay" Stone
3/1984 Capitol 62
16.Money Talk1984
17.One For The Road1985 Capitol
18.Walking Through Fire9/1985 Aquarius 174
19.We Like To Rock1988
20.All The Rockers1990 Aquarius
21.The Hits1991
22.Attitude10/1993 F.R.E.
24.Wine Collection1994
25.First Decade1994
27.Champions Of Rock30.06.1998
28.Rock Ballads08.09.1998
29.King Biscuit Flower Hour16.02.1999
30.Back To The Mansion2001
31.Rock Champions25.09.2001
32.Classic Masters26.03.2002Capitol
33.From The Front Row Live2003
34.Greatest Hits Live15.07.2003
35.Best Of April Wine18.11.2003
36.I Like To Rock2004
37.Back to Back Hits
& Great White
38.Stand Back17.10.2006Wounded Bird
40.Roughly Speaking12.12.2006
41.Live in London08.09.2009Lemon
42.Hard and Heavy Collection10.11.2009Micro Werks
43.April Wine Collection17.11.2009Unidisc
44.Future Tense: Live11.12.2015Echoes

Brian Greenway:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Serious Business1988 Atlantic

Myles Goodwyn:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Myles Goodwin6/1988 Atlantic

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.You Could Have Been A Lady / Teacher3/1972 Big Tree 32
2.Bad Side Of The Moon / Believe In Me12/1972 Big Tree
3.Weeping Widow / Just Like That1973 Big Tree
4.I'm On Fire For You Baby / Come On Along
1974 Big Tree
5.Oowatanite1975 Big Tree
6.Child's Garden / The Whole World's Goin' Crazy10/1976 London
7.You Won't Dance With Me / Hotdown29.07.1977London
8.I'm Alive / Rock And Roll Is A Vicious Game1978 London
9.Roller / Right Down To It2/1979 Capitol 34
10.Comin' Right Down On Top Of Me / Get Ready For Love6/1979 Capitol
11.Say Hello1/1980 Capitol 104
12.Unreleased Live EP
(I Like To Rock / Rock'n'Roll Is A Vicious Game / Before The Dawn / Roller)
22.02.1980Capitol41 86
13.Before The Dawn / Say Hello4/1980 Capitol
14.Babes In Arms / I Like To Rock6/1980 Capitol
15.Ladies Man / Tonite
12" + Get Ready For Love / I Like To Rock
8/1980 Capitol
16.All Over Town / Crash And Burn1/1981 Capitol
17.Just Between You And Me / Big City Girls1/1981 Capitol52 21
18.Sign Of The Gypsy Queen / Crash And Burn5/1981 Capitol 57
19.Enough Is Enough / Ain't Got Your Love6/1982 Capitol 50
20.If You See Kay / Blood Money9/1982 Capitol
21.This Could Be The Right One / Really Don't Want Your Love2/1984 Capitol 58
22.Rock Myself To Sleep / All It Will Ever Be9/1985 Capitol
23.If You Believe In Me1993

Myles Goodwyn:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Frank Sinatra Can't Sing / Caviar7/1988 Atlantic


1. Live In London

WWW Links:


disbanded 1985
reunited 1990

Gary Moffet:

produced by LP:

Mindstorm: Mindstorm (1987, Aquarius)
Mindstorm: Back To Reality (1991, Barricade)

Myles Goodwyn:

produced by LP:

Teaze: One Night Stands (1979, Aquarius)

Jerry Mercer:

appeared on the LP:

Brian Greenway: Serious Business (1988, Atlantic)

Press References:

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