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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.So Underground It Hurts22.02.2005
2.Tension Records, Vol. 110.05.2005Tension
3.When The Fever Breaks13.11.2006Abe Duque
4.Don't Be So Mean04.06.2009Process

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Hello New York.... Hello? EP
(60 40 / I've Got You (original mix & "Trash" mix))
2.Fantastico Remixed03.12.2001Tension
3.Come Back & Dance / First Assembly / Dreams Desires07.01.2002Rapture
4.Spasmo / Disco Thinking Man
& Dr Theopolis
5.Last Night Changed It All20.05.2002Abe Duque
6.The Truckers Choice / After Hours Jesus Revealed / Roller-Skating09.09.2002Abe Duque
7.She Is Yours25.11.2002Oval
8.If You Are Late / Make Sure You Wear Your Hat30.06.2003Abe Duque
9.Besame Mucho!10.11.2003Abe Duque
10.Champagne Days Cocaine Nights15.12.2003Abe Duque
11.It Moved Me07.06.2004Abe Duque
12.Lektroluv 5 (Transworld Electric (Pulsinger remix) / Vicious Game / Champagne Days Cocaine Nights / Black Sea)
& Drexciya & Dogboy! & David Caretta
13.What Happened? (repress)
03.01.2005Abe Duque
14.Take Me To Heaven / Turn Down The Lights
& Acid Maria & Gennaro Le Fosse
20.06.2005Abe Duque
15.Who's Got The Flave Again / This Bassline
& Gennaro Lefosse & Blake Baxter
05.06.2006Abe Duque
16.When The Fever Breaks / Ghost Dance11.09.2006Abe Duque
17.Trying To Stay Underground / This Ain't Your Momma's Minimal!05.03.2007Abe Duque
18.Following Conditions / Outlook08.10.2007Gigolo
19.Don't Be So Mean / Salute The Dawn / Vinyl Is Dead15.09.2008Abe Duque
20.Don't Be So Mean (Part 2)03.11.2008Abe Duque
21.Don't Be So Mean Part 308.12.2008Abe Duque
22.Don't Be So Mean Part 4
feat Blake Baxter
13.03.2009Abe Duque
23.Tonight Is Your Answer / Life Is So Good To Me27.04.2009Process
24.Following My Heart18.05.2009Abe Duque
25.Disco Nights
feat Blake Baxter
13.07.2009Abe Duque
26.Let's Take It Back (Joey Beltram mix, King Roc mix)15.09.2009Abe Duque
27.What Happened (Mark Romboy mix, Max Cooper remix)25.11.2009Abe Duque
28.Following My Heart (Oliver Huntemann mix, Tigerskin mix)27.01.2010Abe Duque
29.What Happened? Remix Contest Winners
feat Blake Baxter
25.05.2010Abe Duque
30.Abe Duque: Live & On Acid EP
(Liquid Air /Distant Planet /Can't Stop ((Acid) Rain Forest Mix) /Acid)
& Air Liquide & Fingers Inc & Plez
31.Live On Acid28.09.2010
32.The Mission EP
& Boris The Spyder
04.02.2011Abe Duque
33.Du Box Chronicals Vol 1 EP
(Du Light / Du What I Du / Du What I Du (dub))
& Mieka Du Franx & The Craftsmen
11.03.2011Felinephonix Music
34.Dead By Morning aka Rules For The Modern DJ EP23.04.2011Abe Duque
35.Truth By Definition: Rules For The Modern DJ Part 2 EP
(That's It / I Am NY / The Future Is Back Again / B2)
24.06.2011Abe Duque
36.Rules For The Modern DJ Part 3 EP
(What Is Music / Paranormal Dejavu / Bliss)
08.05.2012Abe Duque