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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Dub Showcase02.04.2007Universal Egg

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Wicked Man / Now's The Time / Gideon Youth / Crisis
& Kenny Knots & Rasheeda & Fitta Warri
18.04.2005Deep Root
2.Help The Youth / Jah Before Us / Stem The Tide / Prophecy
& Fitta Warri & Junior Kigwa & Earl 16
06.06.2005Deep Root
3.Israel / Moulding / Wicked Intention / Moulding Dubwise
& Kenny Knots & Fitta Warri
11.07.2005Deep Root
4.Tribute / In This Time
& Tassilli Players
5.Edutainment EP
(Edutainment / Dog Amongst Doctors / Rise Above Them Limit / Edutainment (dub))
& Rudi Lee & Daddy Roots & Fitta Warri
12.06.2006Deep Root
6.Favi Rock EP
(A Little Prayer / Lion Woman / Never Fall As A Victim / Dub)
& Omar Perry & Lua & Fitta Warri
09.10.2006Deep Root
7.Humble Lion EP
(Ain't So Fine / Jah Is Here / Out Life First / Humble Lion Dub)
09.06.2008Deep Root
8.Message Of Hope EP
(Rise Up / Message Of Hope / Questions / Dub Message)
20.10.2008Deep Root
9.Tribute / Tribute Dub / In This Time / In This Time Dub
& Tassilli Players
10.New World
& Vibronics
09.10.2009Deep Root
11.Eko Dub / Eko
& Dubmatix
04.03.2010Deep Root
12.African Pleasure / Africa
& Dub All Sense
23.04.2010Deep Root
13.Forward Dub / Forward
& Marta
10.06.2010Deep Root
14.Ital Dub / Ital Noiz
& Ital Noiz
23.07.2010Deep Root
15.Solar System Dub / Solar System
& Bandulu Dub
03.01.2011Deep Root
16.Intenser Dub EP
(Intenser (dub) / The Big Wheel)
& Insintesi
06.05.2011Deep Root
17.Dub Army / Jah Army
& Vibronics
11.08.2011Deep Root
18.Better Collie / Colliman
& Dub All Sense
19.Wake Up
& Ital Noiz
08.12.2011Deep Root