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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Follow The Groove17.11.2003East Side
2.Silver Storms18.09.2007Vagrant
3.Aquarian Dreams
& Makoto
18.09.2015Eastern Elements

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Crowd Says Rewind (Remix)08.04.1996Brain
& Cool Hand Flex
3.After Dark VIP
& Cool Hand Flex
24.03.1997East Side
4.Into Existence12.05.1997Clued
5.Calibre / Wake Up14.07.1997East Side
6.On The Streets / Assassin01.09.1997Eastside/Rough Trade
7.Dirt / 4th Dragon08.12.1997Fuze/Rough Trade
8.ID4 / Mystical Merlin
& Randall
26.01.1998Mac II
9.Pause 4 The Hornz / Destiny02.03.1998Eastside/Rough Trade
10.Emunation / Doodle Bug13.07.1998Fuze
11.East Side Jamz Sampler: Assassin (Facs remix) / Clues
& Netview feat. D'Cruze
28.09.1998East Side
12.Once Again / Stick Up Kid26.04.1999East Side
13.Revolver / Calibre (Ed Rush remix)06.09.1999East Side
14.Step Back / Ricochet25.10.1999Mac II
15.World War 3 / Displaced25.10.1999East Side
16.Crazy / Planet Beyond31.07.2000East Side
17.Bustin Up Styles EP
(Membrane / Level 2 / Rocksteady / Wake Up)
09.10.2000East Side
18.Feeling Me / Time Out15.01.2001East Side
19.Crazy VIP / Dreaming
feat MC Fats
12.03.2001East Side
20.Eastside 2000 Volume 3 ep
(Break Em Up / Cracked OPX)
& Skeptic
02.04.2001East Side
21.Big Request / Spread Love14.05.2001Hard Leaders
22.Membrane / Rocksteady17.09.2001East Side
23.Boyz In The Hood / Surface
& Peshay
10.12.2001East Side
24.Turn It Loose / The Unfinished Synthony
& Randall
25.02.2002East Side
25.Evolvement / Momentum04.03.2002Eastside
26.Bustin' Up Stylez 2
(Helsinki Nights / International /Style /A Taste Of Freedom)
15.04.2002East Side
27.Tear (A Sides remix) / 101 Breaks (Mowgli's bonus beats mix)
& Skeptic
28.Sektor Three EP
(Overdrive / Bring It On / Philly X / Pace Maker)
& Total Science & Zero Tolerance & The Spirit
29.Flash / So Natural
& Digital & Spirit
25.11.2002East Side
30.Be Yourself / Everlast
& Calibre
03.02.2003East Side
31.Tabletop / Footwork03.03.2003East Side
32.Destroyer / Brick City17.03.2003Hard Leaders
33.Crowd Control EP Vol 2
(Condor / Somebody Higher / Yellow Shock / Sunstroke)
& Invaderz & Total Science & Native Minds
17.03.2003Skunkrock Productions
34.Footwork / Tabletop07.04.2003East Side
35.What U Don't Know
feat MC Fats
11.08.2003East Side
36.Punks 2003 (Relick)08.09.2003white label
37.Whirl / Everything22.09.2003Levitated
38.Way Back When EP
(Teardown / That Style / Moment In Time / Just My Imagination)
& Fats
29.09.2003East Side
39.Unholy Grail / Possession (DSF remix)
& DJ Dara
06.10.2003Breakbeat Science
40.Crazy VIP / Dreaming
feat MC Fats
29.03.2004East Side
41.Unity / Apache Pride17.05.2004East Side
42.Payback / Danger24.05.2004East Side
43.Helsinki 2K / Follow The Groove31.05.2004East Side
44.What U Don't Know / Tabletop (repress from LP)
21.06.2004East Side
45.Keep Steppin' / Riding 5ths
feat MC MC
19.07.2004Nu Urban Music
46.Payback / Danger02.08.2004East Side
47.Knockout / Disected25.10.2004Fuze
48.Survival / Shine Light01.11.2004East Side
49.Everything / Heartfelt (Mathematics remix)
& Psidream
50.Distinction / People Of Tomorrow
vs Calibre
20.12.2004East Side
51.Rat Race / Heat31.01.2005East Side
52.Bring Dat / A Certain Sound
& MC Fats
14.03.2005True Playaz
53.See It All / Certainty02.05.2005East Side
54.Tabasco / Sincere30.05.2005East Side
55.Exodus / Dragonfly
& Lemon D
56.Back Over Me / Indigo03.10.2005East Side
57.Badlands / How It Goes Down03.10.2005East Side
58.Liquid V Club Sessions EP Part 5 EP
(Hold The Moment / Feel You Too / Bounced Out / Delerious)
& Jay Dee & Blue Skin & Cleveland Watkiss & Fats & Basic Operations
10.10.2005Liquid V
59.Special Lady / Montpellier
& DJ Marky
21.11.2005East Side
60.Nature Girl / Take A Chance28.11.2005Liqweed Ganja
61.Neighbourhood / Mr Muscle
& MC Fats & Calibre
23.01.2006Liqweed Ganja
62.Tear The Roof Off / Wet Glass20.03.2006East Side
63.Reunion / Inspiration24.04.2006Bingo Beats
64.Showstopper / Set It Off24.04.2006Metalheadz Platinum
65.Turn To Stone / Point Of Contact01.05.2006East Side
66.Liquid Allsorts Volume 2 EP
(Pick Up The Pieces / Bomb Jack / In The Morning / Jagged Edge)
& Heist & Electrosoul System & Raw Q
67.Showstopper / Set It Off22.05.2006Metalheadz Platinum
68.Diamond Series Vol 1
(Crazy 2006 / Tear (remix))
& MC Fats & Skeptic
29.05.2006East Side
69.Imagination / Open Your Eyes11.09.2006Lazy
70.Grid Triple Pack 1
(Fraser Island / Viral Step / Pick Up The Pieces / Bomb Jack)
& Heist & Vital Elements
71.Planetary Motion10.09.2007East Side
72.Caught Up / Lustrous
& Lenzman
73.Tear The Roof Off / Table Top (DJ Vepour remix)11.02.2008East Side
74.Operation X / Who's Back18.02.2008East Side
75.The Masterplan (Part 2) (Tonight / 25th Floor (DJ Marky & Bungle VIP mix) / Ruthless Machine / Crown City)
& Bungle & Random Movement & Alix Perez & DJ Marky & Makoto
02.06.2008Innerground Music
76.Tokiado / Aryze25.08.2008East Side
77.Heavyweight22.12.2008East Side
78.Just Be
& Deeizm
79.Cheeba / One Love28.08.2009East Side
80.Spacetrain / The Final Fugutive
& Makoto
13.10.2009East Side
81.Travellin' Man / Scorpion14.04.2010East Side
82.Rebel Rouser / Definite
& MC Fats & Breaks
05.05.2010East Side
83.Ain't Nobody / Temperature's Rising25.10.2011East Side