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Oslo, Norway
*  1983

Line-Up (2018):

A-HA (photo)

Morten Harket - voc,kb
Pal Waaktaar - g,ds,kb
Magne Furuholmen - kb

Former Members:

J.B. Bogeberg (bg, 1992-93)
Per Hillestad (ds, 1992-93)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Hunting High And Low
produced by: Alan Tarney/Tony Mansfield/John Ratcliff
10/1985 Warner Bros2 15
2.Scoundrel Days
produced by: Alan Tarney/Mags/Pal Waaktaar
10/1986 Warner Bros2 74
3.Stay On These Roads
produced by: Alan Tarney
4/1988 Warner Bros2 148
4.Stay On These Roads Remixes03.08.1990
5.East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
produced by: Chris Neil/Ian Stanley
22.10.1990Warner Bros12
6.Headlines And Deadlines11/1991 Warner Bros12
7.Memorial Beach
produced by: A-ha/David Z
21.06.1993Warner Bros17
8.Minor Earth Major Sky17.04.2000WEA27
9.Lifelines6/2002 WEA67
10.How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head3/2003 Warner Music
11.Singles 1984-200401.02.2005WEA
12.The Definitive Singles Collection: 1984-200411.04.2005WEA14
14.Sight and Sound: Live at Valhall29.07.2008WEA
15.Foot Of The Mountain6/2009 Universal5
16.25: The Very Best Of A-Ha01.10.2010Rhino10
17.Ending On A High Note - The Final Concert - Live At Oslo Spektrum, Decembert 4th 2010
3/2011 Universal43
18.Cast In Steel04.09.2015We Love Music8
19.Time And Again - The Ultimate3/2016 Rhino75
20.MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice10/2017 UMC6

Morten Harket:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Wild Seed9/1995 WEA
2.Letter from Egypt24.06.2008Universal
3.Out Of My Hands4/2012 Wrasse37

Magne Furuholmen:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Musikk Fra Filmen Beatles02.09.2014Caroline

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Take On Me / And You Tell Me12.10.1984Warner Bros
2.Take On Me / Love Is The Reason
produced by: Tony Mansfield
5/1985 Warner Bros2 1
3.The Sun Always Shines On TV / Driftwood11/1985 Warner Bros1 20
4.Train Of Thought / And You Tell Me3/1986 Warner Bros8
5.Hunting High And Low / The Blue Sky5/1986 Warner Bros5
6.I've Been Losing You / This Alone Is Love9/1986 Warner Bros8
7.Cry Wolf / Maybe Maybe11/1986 Warner Bros5 50
8.Manhattan Skyline / We're Looking For The Whales2/1987 Warner Bros13
9.The Living Daylights7/1987 Warner Bros5
10.Stay On These Roads / Soft Rains Of April
CD + Cry Wolf / Take On Me
3/1988 Warner Bros5
11.The Blood That Moves The Body / There's Never A Forever Thing
CD + The Living Daylights
5/1988 Warner Bros25
12.Touchy! / Hurry Home
CD + Hunting High And Low
8/1988 Warner Bros11
13.You Are The One / Out Of Blue Comes Green11/1988 Warner Bros13
14.Crying In The Rain / (Seemingly) Non-Stop July
12",CD + Cry Wolf
10/1990 Warner Bros13
15.I Call Your Name / The Way We Talk
12",CD + The Blood That Moves The Body
7" + Hunting High And Low / The Sun Always Shines On TV
12/1990 Warner Bros44
16.Early Morning / East Of The Sun
12",CD + Train Of Thought
2/1991 Warner Bros78
17.Move To Memphis / Crying In The Rain (live)
CD + Early Morning / Manhattan Skyline (all live)
12" + I've Been Losing You / East Of The Sun / (Seemingly) Non-Stop July (all live)
14.10.1991Warner Bros47
18.The Blood That Moves The Body (The Gun Mix)3/1992 Warner Bros
19.Dark Is The Night / Angel In The Snow
CD1 + I've Been Losing You / Cry Wolf (all live)
CD2 + The Sun Always Shines On TV / Hunting High And Low / Crying In The Rain
10.05.1993Warner Bros17
20.Angel / I Call Your Name (live)
CD + The Sun Always Shines On TV / Early Morning
06.09.1993Warner Bros41
21.Lie Down In Darkness07.10.1993
22.Shapes That Go Together / Cold As Stone
CD + Touchy / Slender Frame / Rolling Thunder (all live)
14.03.1994Warner Bros27
23.Summer Moved On27.03.2000WEA33
24.Minor Earth Major Sky10.07.2000WEA
26.Sun Never Shone That Day2001
27.Single Remixes EP05.03.2002
28.Forever Not Yours23.04.2002
30.Did Anyone Approach You26.11.2002
31.The Sun Always Shines On TV (live)11.03.2003
32.Celice (Thomas Schumacher remixes)26.09.2005Zeitgeist
Celice (Boris Dlugosch remixes)24.10.2005Zeitgeist
Celice (Paul Van Dyk remixes)14.11.2005Zeitgeist
33.Analogue (All I Want) / Case Closed On Silver Shore
CD + Minor Key Sonata (Analogue) / Keeper Of The Flame (Live At Frognerparken)
34.Cosy Prisons / The Sun Always Shines On TV17.04.2006Polydor39
35.Take On This
& Robbie Rivera
04.06.2007Juicy Music
36.The Foot Of The Mountain5/2009 66
38.Nothing is Keeping You Here12/2009
39.Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)8/2010 Rhino98
40.Take On Me30.04.2015Rhino
41.Cry Wolf26.02.2016Rhino

Morten Harket:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.A Kind Of Christmas Card / A Change Is Gonna Come / Lay Me Down Tonight11.12.1995WEA53
2.Spanish Steps19.02.1996Warner Bros
3.Heaven's Not For Stars20.05.1996Arista
5.Scared Of Heights4/2012


1. Hunting High And Low - 1985, Pioneer
2. Live In South America - 6/1993
3. Homecoming - Live At Vallhall - 6/2002, Warner Music Vision, live


1. Living Daylights (1987, music by)
2. Kamilla And The Thief (1989, starring Morten Harket)


Tor Marcussen: A-ha: The Story So Far (1986)

WWW Links:


disbanded 1993
reunited 2000
disbanded 12/2009

2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Berlin, Německo)

Compilation Appearances:

"#9 Dream" on Darfur benefit compilation "Make Some Noise: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur" (12.6.07, iTunes)
"The Living Daylights" on compilation "The Best Of Bond...James Bond" (28.10.08)

Morten Harket:

Compilation Appearances:

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" on "Coneheads" soundtrack (6/93)

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