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BARRETT Wild Willy

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett
& John Otway
5/1977 Extracted
2.Otway & Barrett Live At The Roundhouse 14/8/77
& John Otway
3.Deep & Meaningless
& John Otway
4.Call Of The Wild8/1979 Polydor
5.The Krazy Kong Album30.06.1980Red Eye
6.Way & Bar
& John Otway
8/1980 Polydor
7.Gone With The Bin (The Best Of Otway & Barrett)
& John Otway
8/1981 Polydor
8.Organic Bondage1986 Galvanised
9.Greatest Hits - Yawto Sings
& John Otway
2/1986 StrikeBack
10.Judge & the Devil: An Anthology 1968-200523.10.2007Transatlantic

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Murder Man / If I Did
& John Otway
2.Louisa On A Horse
& John Otway
produced by: Pete Townshend
3.Racing Cars (Jet Spotter Of The Track)
& John Otway
4.Really Free/Beware Of The Flowers ('Cause I'm Sure They're Going To Get You,Yeh)
& John Otway
11/1977 Polydor27
5.Return Of Kong / Nice To Know You're My Friend11/1977 Logo
6.Cor Baby That's Really Free
& John Otway
produced by: Wild Willy Barrett
7.Racing Cars / Doen The Road
& John Otway
8.Let's Play Schools / I Did It Otway3/1979 Polydor
9.Birthday Boy / What A Woman
& John Otway
4/1980 Polydor
10.DK 50-80 / It's A Long Long Time Since I Heard Homestead On The Farm / Homestead On The Farm
& John Otway
6/1980 Polydor45
11.A Shot Of Red Eye27.06.1980Red Eye
12.Old Joe Clarke25.02.1983Carrere
13.Rapping On A Mountain08.07.1983Carrere

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