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Personal Data:

Born: (as Vivienne Tanya Stephenson)
STEPHENS Tanya (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Too Hype1997
2.Rough Rider1998
3.Gangsta Blues05.04.2004VP
5.Tanya: Collection of Hits25.08.2009VP

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Lie A Little / Take My Hand
& Everton Blenda
15.09.2003Kic Fo Kic
2.Do Me Better / I-9513.10.2003
3.No Regular Thing / Informer
& Virgo Man
15.12.2003Pure & Clean
4.It's A Pity22.12.2003VP
5.Better Luck / Bongo Nyah01.03.2004Joe Frasier
6.Shorty / Say Your Name
& Parrot & Ruddy Irie
29.03.2004Height Of Heights
7.Pop It Off / Lef The Party
& Sanjay
29.03.2004Purple Skunk
8.Not Your Own / Big Up Yardie
& Real Flava
12.04.2004Shocking Vibes
9.Storm / 2000 Years19.07.2004Boot Camp
10.Wuk It Hard
& Thriller U
11.How Long06.09.2004Dem Yute Deh Music
12.Need You Tonight / Kriss Like This
& Ill Inspecta
13.Bring It On06.12.2004Insight
14.It's A Pity06.12.2004VP
15.Let It Go Girl (Confessions Rhythm)29.05.2006Juke Boxx
16.To The Rescue (Half Way Tree Rhythm) / Ball Room Floor
& Live Wyya
17.Can't Breathe (Security Pt II Rhythm)12.06.2006Al Ta Fa An
18.What A Day (remix)26.06.2006Venus
19.These Streets31.07.2006VP
20.Can't Help It (Love Jah & Live Rhythm)07.08.2006Calibud
21.Touch Me No More (Diwali Rhythm)07.08.200640/40 Productions
22.We Nah Run (Hold On Rhythm)07.08.2006Digital B
23.What A Day07.08.2006Xterminator
What A Day (remix)14.08.2006Venus
24.Handle The Ride (Lecturer Aka A Ya We Deh Rhythm)11.09.2006Digital B
25.It's A Pity / Doctor's Darling
& Seeed
26.To The Rescue / Still A Go Lose Him11.12.2006VP
27.Home Alone (Higher Medz Rhythm) / Nots So Easy
& Kananga
11.12.2006Free Willy
28.What's Your Plans (Cool & Deadly Rhythm)25.12.2006Worthington Project
29.Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet (Joyride Rhythm)22.01.2007Mad House
30.Lie A Little26.02.2007PCM
31.Dance 4 Me
& Mark Morrison
32.I'm Bad (Vindaloo Rhythm) / Make Up Your Mind
& Nichola
16.07.2007Mafia & Fluxy
33.Dr Doo Little / Dancing Anthem
& Kiprich
08.10.2007Gold Chip
34.Fag In A Closet (Good Living Rhythm)22.10.2007Finatic
35.Call Me Back (Bush Fire Rhythm)29.10.2007All Access
36.Need Fi Know Yu (Career Rhythm) / Give It To Dem
& Mad Anju
05.11.2007First Name
37.Forever (Forever Rhythm) / Burn Dem Down
& Turbulence & Lutan Fyah
05.11.2007Silly Walks
38.Style Yu Want11.02.2008H2O
39.Heart Of Stone (Riddim)
& Taddy P
30.07.2009Bass Inna Yu Face
40.Toe To Toe (Reggaelypso Riddim) / Turn U On
& Mr Vegas
04.03.2010Raggedy Joe

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