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London, GB
*  6/1968

Line-Up (2022):

YES (photo)

Jon Davison - voc
Steve Howe - g
Billy Sherwood - bg
Geoff Downes - kb
Alan White - ds

Former Members:

Jon Anderson (voc, 1968-5/80, 1983-87, 1991-cca 3/2008); David Benoit (voc, 9/08-cca 5/09 g.a., cca 5/11); Jon Davison (4/12 g.a.)

Peter Banks (g, 1968-70); Steve Howe (g, 1970-4/81, 1991-?); Trevor Rabin (g, 1983-?)

Chris Squire (bg, 1968-81, 1983-6/15); Trevor Horn (bg,voc, 5/80-4/81)

Tony Kaye (kb, 1968-71, 12/83-?); Rick Wakeman (kb, 8/71-5/74, 11/76-3/80, 1991-?, cca 3/96-1997, 5/02-cca 6/04); Patrick Moraz (kb, 8/74-11/76); Geoff Downes (kb, 5/80-4/81); Eddie Jobson (kb, 1983-12/83); Billy Sherwood (kb, 9/97-?); Igor Khoroshev (kb, cca 3/98); Oliver Wakeman (kb, cca 3/08-5/11)

Bill Bruford (ds, 1968-72, 1991-92)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Time And A Word7/1970 Atlantic45
3.The Yes Album19.03.1971Atlantic7 40
4.Fragile26.11.1971Atlantic7 4
5.The Age Of Atlantic
(in the USA)
7/1972 Atlantic
6.Close To The Edge01.09.1972Atlantic4 3
produced by: Yes/Eddie Offord
03.05.1973Atlantic7 5
8.Tales From Topographic Oceans
produced by: Yes/Eddie Offord
26.10.1973Atlantic1 6
produced by: Yes/Eddie Offord
06.12.1974Atlantic4 5
produced by: Yes/Eddie Offord/Clay/Colton
14.03.1975Atlantic27 17
11.Going For The One
produced by: Yes
15.07.1977Atlantic1 7
12.Tormato08.09.1978Atlantic8 10
13.Drama22.08.1980Atlantic2 16
24.11.1980Atlantic22 43
15.Classic Yes04.12.1981Atlantic
produced by: Trevor Horn
18.11.1983Atlantic16 5
17.90125 Live: The Solos
(mini LP)
07.11.1985Atlantic44 81
18.Big Generator17.09.1987Atlantic17 15
19.Union09.04.1991Arista7 15
(4CD box set)
8/1991 Atco
10/1991 Atlantic
22.Live In Montreal1992
23.The Return To Fantasy1992 Beech Marten
24.Symphonic Music Of Yes
& London Philharmonic Orchestra, prod. Alan Parsons/David Palmer/Steve Howe
1993 RCA
25.Highlights - The Very Best Of Yes9/1993 Atlantic
26.Affirmative9/1993 Connoisseur
27.An Evening Of Yes Music ... Plus
12/1993 Fragile
28.Talk21.03.1994Victory20 33
29.Keys To Ascension
28.10.1996Castle/edel48 99
30.Keys To Ascension II
31.Open Your Eyes24.11.1997Eagle/edel 151
32.Something's Coming
12/1997 Pilot
33.Friends And Relatives Vol. 1
34.Millennium Collection1999
35.Live In Philadelphia16.02.1999
36.The Ladder
produced by: Bruce Fairbairn
28.09.1999Beyond36 99
37.The Ladder (Tour Edition)31.01.2000Eagle/edel
38.Live From The House Of Blues23.10.2000Eagle Rock/edel
39.Yes, Friends And Relatives Vol. 2
1/2001 Eagle/BMG
40.Keys To The Studio Ascension7/2001 Sanctuary/BMG
41.Magnification10.09.2001Eagle/BMG71 186
42.Extended Versions15.01.2002BMG
44.In A Word: Yes (1969-)
(5CD box set)
45.Beyond & Before: BBC Recordings 1969-197024.09.2002Cleopatra
46.Yes Remixes08.07.2003Rhino
47.Yes and Friends
& Friends
48.Symphonic Live25.11.2003Eagle
49.The Ultimate Yes
27.01.2004Rhino10 131
50.Topography: The Yes Anthology14.09.2004Metro
51.Songs from Tsongas: The 35th Anniversary Concert07.12.2004Eagle Rock
52.Extended Versions29.03.2005Collectables
54.The Word Is Live
55.Superb Collection of Studio, Live and Solo Yes Classics08.11.2005Solid Gold
56.Live and Solo: The Collection27.06.2006Metro
57.Greatest Hits Live11.07.2006Laserlight
58.Stories: Group and Solo Tales
24.10.2006Music Deluxe
59.Essentially Yes05.12.2006Eagle
60.Definitive Rock Collection23.01.2007Rhino
61.Greatest Hits03.04.2007Rhino
62.Roundabout & Other Hits05.06.2007Rhino Flashback
63.Live at Montreux04.09.2007Eagle
64.Best of 1970-198715.12.2007WEA
65.Introducing: Yes10.10.2009Ear Music
66.Astral Traveller07.12.2010Music Broker
67.Yes Union Live
68.Fly From Here
produced by: Trevor Horn
04.07.2011Frontiers30 36
69.Live on Air11.10.2011IMV/Blueline
70.In The Present Live From Lyon
73.And You & I: Musical Documentary19.02.2013Blueline
74.High Vibration10.09.2013WEA
75.Sounding Out: Live at Hemel Hempstead26.11.2013Respect!
76.The Studio Albums 1969-1987
(12CD box set)
77.BBC Sessions 1969-1970: Something's Coming07.01.2014Airmail
78.Owner of a Lonely Heart: The Best of Yes11.02.2014Music Video Distribution
79.Live in Switzerland04.03.2014
80.The Very Best of Yes03.06.2014Blueline
81.Heaven & Earth08.07.2014Frontiers20 26
82.Like It Yes: Yes At The Bristol Hippodrome09.12.2014Frontiers
83.The Early Years31.03.2015Blue Line Music
84.Progeny: Highlights From Seventy Two
85.Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two
(14 CD box set)
86.Like It Is – Live at the Mesa Arts Center
87.Travels and Time: the Interviews14.08.2015
88.Topographic Drama: Live Across America11/2017
89.The Steven Wilson Remixes6/2018
90.Yes: 50 Live02.08.20192CD
91.The Quest01.10.2021Century Media20

Steve Howe:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Steve Howe/Eddie Offord
31.10.1975Atlantic22 63
2.The Steve Howe Album
featuring: Patrick Moraz (kb), Alan White (ds), Bill Bruford (ds), Clive Bunker (ds), Ronnie Leahy (kb), Graham Preskett (viol), Claire Hamill (voc)
3.Turbulence1/1992 Atlantic
4.The Grand Scheme Of Things9/1993 Roadrunner
5.Not Necessarily Acoustic6/1995 Thunderbird
6.Quantum Guitar09.03.1998Thunderbird/edel
7.Pulling Strings - Live In America15.02.1999Resurgence/EFA
8.Portraits Of Bob Dylan03.05.1999Eagle
9.Natural Timbre05.06.2001Spitfire
10.Homebrew 1 & 28/2002 Inside Out
credited to: Steve Howe's Remedy
07.10.2003Inside Out Music
13.Howe's Tricks04.11.2003Recall
14.Guitar World18.11.2003Direct Source
15.Spectrum28.06.2005Inside Out Music
16.3 Ages of Magick
& Oliver Wakeman
17.Homebrew 308.11.2005Inside Out Music
18.Haunted Melody
credited to: Steve Howe Trio
19.Motif, Vol. 119.08.2008
20.Homebrew 404.05.2010Howesounds
credited to: Steve Howe Trio
22.Time08.11.2011Warner Bros
23.Homebrew 515.07.2013Howesound
25.Homebrew 615.04.2016HoweSound
26.Spectral Nether Street
& Bodast
27.Love Is8/2020

Chris Squire:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Fish Out Of Water
produced by: Chris Squire/Eddie Offord
21.11.1975Atlantic25 69
& Billy Sherwood
3.Conspiracy: Live
& Billy Sherwood

Alan White:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Alan White/Bob Potter

Jon Anderson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Olias Of Sunhillow
produced by: Jon Anderson
02.07.1976Atlantic8 47
2.Song Of Seven
featuring: Dave "Clem" Clempson, Simon Phillips, John Giblin, Dick Morrissey, Ronnie Leahy, Maurice Pert, Chris Rainbow
4.Greatest Hits1984
5.Three Ships12/1985 Elektra 166
6.In The City Of Angels6/1988 Epic
7.The Power Of Silence
produced by: Jon Anderson
1993 Geffen
produced by: Jon Anderson
6/1994 Windham Hill/BMG
9.Change We Must
produced by: Jon Anderson/Tim Handley
10/1994 Angel
10.Toltec30.01.1996Opio Media
11.The Promise Ring1997 Om Town
12.The More You Know02.03.1998Eagle/edel
13.Angels Embrace6/1998
14.Simply Christmas02.10.2001Brentwood
15.In Elven Lands: The Fellowship31.01.2006United States Dist
16.Promise Ring04.03.2008Opio Media
17.3 Ships14.10.2008
19.Invention of Knowledge
& Roine Stolt
08.07.2016Inside Out Music
20.1000 Hands
featuring: Chris Squire, Alan White, Ian Anderson, Steve Howe, Jean-Luc Ponty, Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, Pat Travers, Zap Mama, Steve Morse, Rick Derringer, Larry Coryell

Patrick Moraz:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Patrick Moraz
2.Out Of The Sun24.06.1977Charisma44
3.Patrick Moraz1/1979 Charisma
4.Future Memories Live On TV1979
5.Coexistence1980 Charisma
6.Music For Piano And Drums
& Bill Bruford
17.02.1984Editions EG
& Bill Bruford
8.Time Code1985
9.Future Memories II1985
10.Human Interface1987 Cinema
11.Windows of Time30.10.2007
12.ESP11.03.2008I-Disk/Time Wave
13.In Tokyo
credited to: Moraz-Bruford
(& Bill Bruford)
01.09.2009United States Dist

Trevor Rabin:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Trevor Rabin17.11.1978Chrysalis
2.Face To Face21.09.1979Chrysalis
3.Wolf1981 Chrysalis
4.Can't Look Away
produced by: Bob Ezrin
8/1989 WEA 111
6.Live In L.A.04.02.2003United States Dist
7.9012410.06.2003United States Dist
8.Jacaranda08.05.2012Varese Fontana
9.12 Monkeys: Music From Syfy Original Television Series31.07.2015Varese Sarabande
10.Max28.09.2015Sony BMG

Tony Kaye:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Live In Japan
& Billy Sherwood
29.04.2016Backyard Levitation
2.End Of Innocence10.09.2021

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sweetness / Something's Coming6/1969 Atlantic
2.Looking Around / Everydays10/1969 Atlantic
3.Sweetness / Every Little Thing
(v USA)
1/1970 Atlantic
4.Time And A Word / The Prophet3/1970 Atlantic
5.Sweet Dreams / Dear Father6/1970 Atlantic
6.Your Move / The Clap7/1971 Atlantic 40
7.Roundabout / Long Distance Runaround1/1972 Atlantic 13
8.America / Total Mass Retain7/1972 Atlantic 46
9.And You And I (Part 2) / 1 And 1110/1972 Atlantic 42
10.Roundabout (live) / And You And I (live)28.01.1974Atlantic
11.Soon / Sound Chaser1/1975 Atlantic
12.Wondrous Stories / Parallels
produced by: Yes
13.Wondrous Stories / Awaken
(v USA)
9/1977 Atlantic
14.Going For The One / Awaken (part 1)
produced by: Yes
11/1977 Atlantic17
15.Don't Kill The Whale / Abilene9/1978 Atlantic36
16.Release, Release / Don't Kill The Whale
(v USA)
11/1978 Atlantic
17.Into The Lens (I Am A Camera) / Does It Really Happen?10.10.1980Atlantic 104
18.Run Through The Light / White Car
(v USA)
1/1981 Atlantic
19.Roundabout (live) / I've Seen All Good People (live)
(LP bonus)
12/1981 Atlantic
20.Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Our Song28.10.1983Atco24 1
21.Leave It / Leave It (acappella)09.03.1984Atco39 24
22.It Can Happen / It Can Happen (live)6/1984 Atco92 51
23.Love Will Find A Way / Holy Lamb
12" + Love Will Find A Way (rise & fall mix)
9/1987 Atco73 30
24.Rhythm Of Love (dance mix) / City Of Love (live)12/1987 Atco 40
25.Lift Me Up / Give And Take5/1991 Arista 86
26.Saving My Heart / Lift Me Up (edit)
12",CD + America
27.Saving My Heart / The More We Live - Let Go
(v USA)
11/1991 Arista
28.Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (wonderous mix)
12",CD + Owner Of A Lonely Heart (not fragile mix) / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (move yourself mix) / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (close to the edge mix)
11/1991 east west
29.Everybody Dance! Remixed Dance Classics
(Weekend (Tommy Musto mix) / Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Todd Terry mix) / Can You Move (David Morales Def mix) / Rappers Delight (The TKC "Old School Future" remix))
& Phreek & Modern Romance & Sugar Hill Gang
30.Roundabout29.03.2004B Star
31.Owner Of A Lonely Heart
& Max Graham
32.Owner Of A Lonely Heart
& Max Graham
4/2008 Data
33.Yes (Special Album Megamix)26.04.2010
34.We Can Fly14.06.2011

Jon Anderson:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Flight Of The Moorglade / To The Runner08.10.1976Atlantic
2.Some Are Born / Days26.09.1980Atlantic 109
3.Take Your Time / Heart Of The Matter05.12.1980Atlantic
4.Surrender / Spider23.04.1982Polydor
5.All In A Matter Of Time / Spider11/1982 Polydor
6.Age Of Freedom
& Giorgio Moroder
7.Day Of Days / Easier Said Than Done12/1985 Elektra88
& Mike Oldfield
4/1986 Virgin100
9.Hold On To Love / Sun Dancing (For The Hopi-Navajo Energy)
CD + In A Lifetime
5/1988 Epic81
10.Is It Me / Top Of The World (Glass Bead Game)
12" + For You
8/1988 Epic
11.Whatever You Believe
12" + Morning Has Broken (instrumental)
& Steve Harley & Mike Batt
11/1988 Epic
12.Change We Must / State Of Independence10/1994 EMI

Chris Squire:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Run With The Fox
& Alan White

Steve Howe:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.High Gear1989
2.X Moves
& Bootsy Collins & DMX & Ian Paice

Alan White:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Oooh Baby (Goin' To Pieces) / One Way Rag07.05.1976Atlantic
2.Run With The Fox
& Chris Squire

Patrick Moraz:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA

Trevor Rabin:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Getting To Know You Better22.09.1978Chrysalis
2.Don't You Ever Lose / Stay With Me / Getting To Know You Better21.09.1979Chrysalis
3.Take Me To A Party06.03.1981Chrysalis


1. 90125 Live
2. Greatest Video Hits
3. Yesyears
4. An Evening Of Yes Music ... Plus - 12/1993, Fragile
5. Symphonic Live - 5/2002, Eagle Vision, live
6. Live In Philadelphia 1979 - 8/2002, Sanctuary, live
7. Yesspeak - 11/2003, Classic Pictures, 2DVD, documentary, directed by Robert Garofalo
8. Songs from Tsongas: The 35th Anniversary Concert - 07.12.2004, Eagle Rock, live
9. Live At Montreux - 4/2007, Eagle, live, 137 min
10. In The Present Live From Lyon - 29.11.2011, Frontiers, live
11. Yes Acoustic: Guaranteed No Hiss - 18.09.2012, Universal, live
12. Yessongs - 18.11.2016


1. Yessongs (12.3.1975, záznam koncertu z directed by1972 v Londýně, directed by Peter Neal)
2. Beginnings (S.Howe, CB, 13 min)
3. 90125 Live (1986, directed by Steven Soderbergh)
4. The Glimmer Man (1996, music by Trevor Rabin)
5. Race To Witch Mountain (2009, music by Trevor Rabin)


Chris Welch: Close To The Edge (1999, Omnibus Press)


1972 Radio Luxembourg Awards - Kid Jensen Award ("Close To The Edge")
1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll

- Best Band
- Best Arranger
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Best Band
- Best Arranger
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best International Band
1979 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Top Arranger
1984 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Instrumental Performance (track "Cinema")
2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

WWW Links:


disbanded 1981
reunited 1983

Compilation Appearances:

"Your Move" on OST "Almost Famous" (12.9.00, DreamWorks)
"I've Seen All Good People" on OST "Mr. Deeds" (11.6.02, RCA)

Chris Squire:

produced by SP:

D'Dancer: Dancer / Isabelle (31.10.75, Atlantic)

appeared on the LP:
Rick Wakeman: Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record (6/77, A&M)
Steve Hackett: Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (23.9.11)
Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands (31.3.19)


1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Bass
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Bass
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Bass
1978 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Top Bassist
1979 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Top Bassist

Alan White:

appeared on the LP:

The Plastic Ono Band: Live Peace In Toronto 1969 (12.12.69, Apple)
Paul Kossoff: Back Street Crawler (9.11.73, Island)
Steve Howe: Beginnings (31.10.75, Atlantic)
Rick Wakeman: Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record (6/77, A&M)
Steve Howe: The Steve Howe Album (10/79, Atlantic)
Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands (31.3.19)

appeared on the SP:
Claire Hamill: First Night In New York (6.2.81, WEA)

Jon Anderson:

8/1979 music pro ballet "Underground Rumours" (& David Palmer, Martin Barre, Ian Anderson, Duke Ellington)

appeared on the LP:

King Crimson: Lizard (12/70, Island)
Vangelis: Heaven And Hell (28.11.75, RCA)
Rick Wakeman: 1984 (19.6.81, Charisma)
Scream For Help OST (1985)


1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Composer
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Best Male British Singer
- Best Composer
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Best Male British Singer
- Best International Male Singer
1978 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Male Singer

Trevor Rabin:

produced by LP:

Wild Horses: Wild Horses (1980, EMI)
John Miles Band: Transition (1985, WEA)

appeared on the LP:
Paul Rodgers: Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute To Muddy Waters (4/93, Victory)
Rick Wakeman: Return To The Centre Of The Earth (20.4.99)
Jason Becker: Triumphant Hearts (7.12.18)

Compilation Appearances:
"BMBBO" on OST "Bad Company" (4.6.02, Hollywood)

Steve Howe:

appeared on the LP:

Lou Reed: Lou Reed (7/72, RCA)
Night Of The Guitar Live! (1989, IRS)
Asia: Astra (6/92, Musidisc)
Max Bacon: The Higher You Climb (1996, Point)
Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands (31.3.19)

produced by LP:
London Philharmonic Orchestra / Yes: Symphonic Music Of Yes (11/93, RCA)


1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Composer
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Guitar
1978 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Top Guitarist

Patrick Moraz:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Howe: Beginnings (31.10.75, Atlantic)
Chris Squire: Fish Out Of Water (21.11.75, Atlantic)
Steve Howe: The Steve Howe Album (10/79, Atlantic)
David Hasselhoff: Open Your Eyes (27.9.19)

Tony Kaye:

appeared on the LP:

John Wetton: Raised In Captivity (1.7.11, Frontiers)

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