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Dublin, Ireland
*  1977+  1993


Dave-id Busaras Scott - voc
Mary O'Nellan - g
Trevor Rowen - bg
Anthony Murphy - ds

Former Members:

Gavin Friday (voc, 1977-87)
Derek "Guggi" Rowen (voc, 1977-2/84)
Dick Evans (g, 1978-85)
Anthony Murphy (ds, 1977-81); Haa Lacki Binttii (ds, 1981-82)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.If I Die ... I Die
produced by: Colin Newman
19.11.1982Rough Trade
2.Heresie1983 Baby
3.Over The Rainbow (Rarities 1981-83)4/1985 Baby
4.The Moon Looked Down And Laughed
produced by: Dave Ball
1986 Baby
5.Hidden Lie (Live In Paris)5/1987 Baby
6.Lite Fantastic1989 Baby
7.Nada1989 Baby
8.Blossoms And Blood1991 Baby
9.Pagan Lovesong1/1994 New Rose
10.Artfuck1/1994 New Rose
11.A New Form Of Beauty
12.Sons Find Devils16.05.2006Cherry Red

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Jigsaw Mentallama12/1980 Romans In Britain
2.Twenty Tens EP
(I've Been Smoking All Night / Revenge / The Children Are Crying)
3.In The Grey Light / War / Moments And Mine (Despite Strange Lines)10.07.1981Rough Trade
4.New Form Of Beauty Part One
(Sandpaper Lullaby / Sleep / Fantasy Dreams)
09.10.1981Rough Trade
5.New Form Of Beauty Part Two
(Come To Daddy / Sweet Home Under White Clouds / Sad World)
11/1981 Rough Trade
6.New Form Of Beauty Part Three
(The Beast (Seven Bastard Suck) / The Slow Children (Abbagal) / Brain Damage / No Birds To Fly)
2/1982 Rough Trade
7.Pagan Love Song / Dave-id Is Dead01.05.1982Rough Trade
8.The Faculties Of A Broken Heart (What Should We Do If Baby Turns Blue) / Yeo
12" + Chance Of A Lifetime
22.10.1982Rough Trade
9.Love Lasts Forever / Love Lornalimbo
12" + I Like The Way You're Frightened
6/1986 Baby
10.Don't Look Back / White History Book
12" + Day Of Ages
11/1986 Baby


own label Baby
since 1988 The Prunes

Compilation Appearances:

"Pagan Lovesong" on compilation "A Life Less Lived - The Gothic Box" (19.9.06, Rhino)

Gavin Friday:

produced by LP:

In The Name Of Father OST (5/94)

produced by SP:
Naomi Campbell: I Want To Live (4/95, Epic)
Dolores O'Riordan & Marianne Faithfull: Dreamin' My Dreams (1996)

appeared on the LP:
Dave Ball: In Strict Tempo (28.11.83, Some Bizarre)
The Fall: The Wonderful & Frightening World Of The Fall (10/84, Beggars Banquet)
The Heads: No Talking, Just Head (4.11.96, MCA)

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