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*  1999+  6/2002

Line-Up (2002):

S CLUB 7 (photo)

Hannah Spearritt - voc
Jon Lee - voc
Tina Barrett - voc
Rachel Stevens - voc
Bradley McIntosh - voc
Jo O'Meara - voc
Paul Cattermole - voc

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.S Club 710/1999 Polydor2 112
2.76/2000 Polydor1 69
3.Sunshine11/2001 3
4.Best - The Greatest Hits Of S Club 76/2003 Polydor2
5.Essential7/2021 Spectrum Music35

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Bring It All Back (K-Klass remix)24.05.1999Polydor1
2.S Club Party (Jason Nevins remix)20.09.1999Polydor2
3.Two In A Million / You're My Number One12/1999 Polydor2
4.Reach5/2000 2
5.Natural (Crash & Burn remix)11.09.2000Polydor3
6.Never Had A Dream Come True11/2000 Polydor1 10
7.Don't Stop Movin'23.04.2001Polydor1
Don't Stop Movin'
& Trisco
8.Have You Ever11/2001 Polydor1
9.You2/2002 Polydor2


1. It's An S Club Thing - 1999, Warner Music Vision
2. S Club Party - Live - 10/2001, Polydor


1. S Club 7 In Miami (1999, seriál)
2. S Club 7 In L.A. (2000, seriál)
3. S Club 7 In Hollywood (2001, seriál)
4. S Club 7: Artistic Differences
5. S Club 7 In New Zealand
6. Telstar (10/2008, starring Jon Lee)


6/02-5/03 S Club

Compilation Appearances:

"Everybody Wants Ya" on OST "Lizzie McGuire" (13.8.02, Walt Disney)
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight" on compilation "Disneymania" (17.9.02, Walt Disney)