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STILLS Stephen

Personal Data:

Born: 03.01.1945 (Dallas, Texas, USA, as Stephen Arthur Stills)
STILLS Stephen (photo)


cca 1964-65 The Au Go Go Singers
4/66-5/68 Buffalo Springfield
1968-7/69 Crosby, Stills And Nash
7/69-8/70 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1971-9/73 Manassas
1972 Joni Mitchell
3/74-2/75 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1976 The Stills-Young Band
1977 Crosby, Stills And Nash
1982-8/82 Crosby, Stills And Nash
1988 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1990-94 Crosby, Stills And Nash
1999 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
11/01-4/02 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
cca 6/05-3/16 Crosby, Stills And Nash
since 5/11 Buffalo Springfield
cca 8/13-cca 3/16 The Rides

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield, prod. Al Kooper
8/1968 CBS 12
2.Stephen Stills12/1970 Atlantic30 3
3.Stephen Stills 28/1971 Atlantic22 8
produced by: Stephen Stills/Bill Halverson
featuring: Kenny Passarelli (bg), Tubby Ziegler (ds), Donnie Dacus, Graham Nash, Dallas Taylor
5/1975 CBS33 12
6.Illegal Stills07.05.1976CBS54 30
7.The Best Of Stephen Stills1/1977 Atlantic
8.Thoroughfare Gap03.11.1978CBS 83
9.Right By You
produced by: Stephen Stills/Steve Alaimo
9/1984 Atlantic 75
10.Stills Alone
produced by: Stephen Stills/Steve Alaimo
10/1991 Gold Hill
11.Turnin' Back the Pages04.11.2003Raven
12.Man Alive09.08.2005Pyramid
13.Just Roll Tape: April 26th, 196810.07.2007Eyewall/Rhino
14.Live At Shepherds Bush27.10.2009Rhino
15.Carry On26.03.2013Rhino
16.Live at the Bread and Roses Festival, September 4, 197816.12.2014Klondike
17.Live in Concert23.06.2015Roxvox
18.New York City, 197928.08.2015FM Concert Broadcasts
19.Central Park, 197902.10.2015Zip City
20.Stateline Blues23.10.2015FM In Concert Series
21.Bluesman: Radio Broadcast18.12.2015Laser Media
22.Live from Las Vegas, 21st July 199525.03.2016Silver Dollar Music
23.Bananafish Gardens, NY
& Manassas
10.06.2016Air Cuts
24.Live Treasure
& Manassas
13.01.2017Go Fast
25.Transmission Impossible10.03.2017Eat To The Beat
26.Back in Time07.04.2017
27.Everybody Knows
& Judy Collins
22.09.2017 195

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Love The One You're With / To A Flame12/1970 Atlantic37 14
2.Sit Yourself Down / We Are Not Helpless3/1971 Atlantic 37
3.Change Partners / Relaxing Town6/1971 Atlantic 43
4.Marianne / Nothin' To Do But Today8/1971 Atlantic 42
5.It Doesn't Matter5/1972 Atlantic 61
6.Turn Back The Pages / Shuffle Just As Bad08.08.1975CBS 84
7.Buyin' Time / Soldier4/1976 CBS
8.The Loner / Stateline Blues16.09.1976CBS
9.Can't Get No Booty / Lowdown15.09.1978CBS
10.Thouroughfare Gap / Lowdown11/1978 CBS
11.Stranger / No Hiding Place8/1984 Atlantic 61
12.Can't Let Go / Grey To Green
feat. Michael Finnigan
9/1984 Atlantic 67
13.Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Love Again12/1984 Atlantic


1. Live At Shepherds Bush - 06.10.2009, live


appeared on the LP:

Joni Mitchell: Joni Mitchell (3/68, Reprise)
Neil Young: After The Goldrush (8/70, Reprise)
Doris Troy: Doris Troy (9/70, Apple)
Rita Coolidge: Rita Coolidge (9.4.71, A&M)
Joni Mitchell: Blue (6/71, Reprise)
Mickey Hart: Rolling Thunder (1972)
Neil Young: Harvest (2/72, Reprise)
Elvin Bishop: Juke Joint Jump (4/75, Capricorn)
Neil Young: Zuma (28.11.75, Reprise)
Ringo Starr: Stop And Smell The Roses (20.11.81, RCA)
Al Jardine: Post Card From California (2009)

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Rock & Pop
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