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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Bleep EP
(720 Degrees / Kiss Of A Servo Controlled Android Geisha)
2.Streetlevel Surrealizm EP
(Castor / Elephant Style / Break Apart / Honey Texture / Lovely Lie Detector / I'll Pee On Anybody's Data)
& Fym
3.Nuke That Level EP
(Pemayangtse / Please Wake Me For Meals / Dictasodium Benzoate / Human Popcorn / Petite Furry / Better Elvis / Bruno Has Got Cheap Price / Winner! / How Could I Lie / Magnum Boy ILDP)
& Fym
4.Seismic-Stealth-Smurfz EP
(Red Fibreglass / Push Me Panther / Blooom / 2000: A Sikkim Odyssey)
& Fym
08.04.2002Seventh City
5.Bingo Bubble Burner EP
(Bongo Bunny / Servo Membran / Lucj Sucks / Loving Trumpets / Body Pretty Fragile / Neutralized Spinach / Gangaview / Sweet Antidote)
& Fym
6.Walk The Bridge To Cozmic Age EP
(Bouncee Re-Entry / Xeroxed Astro-Monkeys / Lettertank Activated / Kart Display Error / Pemakids / Ape Mate / Pitch Black Fork / Spanky Walky / Universal Milkyway)
& Fym
7.Chocolate Poodle EP
(Ghetto Tech Crystals / Eustachian Tubeway / Probedroid Toygun / Pudding Ratrace)
vs Paradroid
8.I Love My Camouflaged Consumerizm EP
(Wow! Introspection / Braincell Harverster / Down With The Physical / Anarchy Barbie)
9.Make Somebody Happy EP
(Mental Purity Equals Love / Buddhanath Mindful Dub / Indigestible Influx (Thank U Tamara) / She'll Teach U Disk-O-Tech)
10.Wake Up To Ape Like Perfection EP
(Sudden Masculinity Outburst / Jackin' & Freezin' Ultra Realizm / Cell Phone Induced Bliss)
11.Limited Remixes19.09.2005Overdrive
12.Get On / Off Crazy EP
(Jackin' Box Energy / Expanding My Molecules / Charlie Don't Surpise (B-Boys Beware) / Move Your Feet)
& Fym
13.Free Your Monkeymind EP
(Taoist Afro Sputniks (Mike Shannon remix) / R3PHYA / Taoist Afro Sputniks / Inner Nothingness)
14.Lovebombing EP
(Work That Chao-Discoflux! / Heute Die Welt Morgen Das Sonnensystem! / Makind Will Be Free / Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within (It Still Is!))
15.Astro Hard Bop EP
(Sonic Toygun Bending / My Very Chocolate Carthasis / All That Indoor BBQing / The Forky Way / Former Existence Mishap / Due-Diligence Foobars)
& Fym