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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
London, GB
*  1967

Line-Up (2010):

Dave Cousins - voc,g
Dave Lambert - voc,g
Chas Cronk - bg
John Young - kb
Tony Fernandez - ds

Former Members:

Tony Hooper (g,voc, 1967-cca 1/72, 1983-cca 1987); Dave Lambert (g,voc, 1972-78); Brian Willoughby (g, cca 1987); Richards (g, cca 1995)

Ron Chesterman (bg, 1967-70); John Ford (bg, 1970-5/73); Chas Cronk (bg, cca 8/73-1978, 1983-?); Rod Demick (bg, 1987-?)

Rick Wakeman (kb, 1970-71); Blue Weaver (kb, cca 12/71-5/73); John Hawken (kb, cca 8/73-74); John Mealing (kb, cca 9/75); Chris Parren (kb, 1987-?)

Ken Gudmand (ds, 1967); Richard Hudson (ds, 1970-5/73, 1987-?); Rod Coombes (ds, 6/73-1978); Tony Fernandez (ds, 1983-?)

Arthur Phillips (mand, 1967); Claire Deniz (cello, 1970-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.All Our Own Work
& Sandy Denny
8/1968 Hallmark/Pickwick
2.Strawbs5/1969 A&M
produced by: Tony Visconti
7/1970 A&M
4.Just A Collection Of Antiques & Curious10/1970 A&M27
5.From The Witchwood21.05.1971A&M39
6.Grave New World04.02.1972A&M11
7.Bursting At The Seams
produced by: Strawbs
8.Hero And Heroine05.04.1974A&M35 94
9.Strawbs By Choice02.08.1974A&M
produced by: Tom Allom
01.11.1974A&M 47
12.Deep Cuts
produced by: Strawbs
13.Burning For You03.06.1977Oyster/Polydor
15.The Best Of Strawbs
9/1978 A&M
16.Don't Say Goodbye5/1987 Chord
17.Greatest Hits - Live1990 Chord
18.Ringing Down The Years1991 Virgin
19.Preserves Uncanned
1992 Road Goes On Forever
20.A Choice Selection Of Strawbs12/1992 A&M
21.Strawbs In Concert3/1995 Windsong
22.Heartbreak Hill7/1995 Road Goes On Forever
23.Concert Classics 627.04.1999
24.Strawberry Music Sampler, No. 12001 Airmail
25.20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection25.02.2003Interscope
26.Blue Angel29.04.2003Witchwood
27.Deja Fou20.07.2004
28.Live at Nearfest06.09.2005Witchwood
29.Painted Sky27.12.2005Witchwood
31.A Taste of Strawbs12.12.2006Witchwood
32.Live in America09.07.2007
33.NY '7527.11.2007Witchwood
34.Full Bloom: Live at Natural Sound29.04.2008Witchwood
35.Live at the Calderone, New York '7510.06.2008
36.Lay Down With The Strawbs: Recorded Live At The Robin 2 (Bilston) UK 5th March 2006
37.Broken Hearted Bride07.10.2008Witchwood Media
38.Dancing to the Devil's Beat25.08.2009Witchwood Media
39.Live At The BBC Vol 1: In Session08.07.2010Universal
40.Live At The BBC Vol 2: In Concert
41.All Our Own Work: The Complete Sessions
& Sandy Denny
13.07.2010Witchwood Media
42.Strawbs 40th Anniversary Celebration, Vol.1 (Strawberry Fayre)26.10.2010Witchwood Media
43.Strawbs 40th Anniversary Celebration, Vol. 2: Rick Wakeman & Dave Cousins26.10.2010Witchwood Media
44.Hero & Heroine In Ascendia28.06.2011Witchwood Media
45.Acoustic Gold08.08.2011Witchwood Media
46.Of A Time17.07.2012Witchwood Media
47.Live at Nearfest 200409.06.2013Wtchwood Media Ltd.
48.Live '7027.08.2013Airmail
49.Witchwood: The Very Best Of Strawbs26.05.2014Spectrum Music
50.Access All Areas05.06.2015Edsel
51.The Ferryman's Curse11/2017

Dave Cousins:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Two Weeks Last Summer1972 A&M
2.Old School Songs
& Brian Willoughby
3.The Bridge
& Brian Willoughby
4.Boy in the Sailor Suit04.03.2008
5.High Seas
& Conny Conrad
11.10.2005Witchwood Collection
6.Moving Pictures22.01.2016Witchwood Media Ltd.

Dave Lambert:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA

Tony Fernandez:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& Rick Wakeman
4/1988 President

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Oh How She Changed / Or Am I Dreaming6/1968 A&M
2.The Man Who Called Himself Jesus / Poor Jimmy Wilson11/1968 A&M
3.Forever / Another Day7/1970 A&M
4.Where Is The Dream Of Your Youth (live)
(v USA)
1/1971 A&M
5.Benedictus / Keep The Devil Outside26.11.1971A&M
6.Here It Comes / Tomorrow4/1972 A&M
7.Benedictus / Heavy Disguise
(v USA)
6/1972 A&M
8.Lay Down / Backside10/1972 A&M8
9.Part Of The Union / You Will Go
produced by: Strawbs
10.Part Of The Union / Tomorrow
(v USA)
4/1973 A&M
11.Lay Down / The Winter And The Summer8/1973 A&M
12.Shine On, Silver Sun / And Wherefore07.09.1973A&M34
13.Hero And Heroine / Why26.04.1974A&M
14.Round And Round / Heroine's Theme4/1974 A&M
15.Hold On To Me / Where Did You Go31.05.1974A&M
16.Grace Darling / Changes Arranged01.11.1974A&M
17.Lemon Pie / Don't Try To Change Me04.04.1975A&M
18.Lemon Pie / Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In)
(v USA)
6/1975 A&M
19.Little Sleepy / The Golden Salamander
(v USA)
11/1975 A&M
20.I Only Want My Love To Grow In You / Thinking Of You23.07.1976Polydor
21.Charmer / Beside The Rio Grande29.10.1976Polydor
22.So Close And Yet So Far Away / The Soldier's Tale12/1976 A&M
23.Back In The Old Routine / Burning For Me01.07.1977Oyster/Polydor
24.Keep On Trying / Simple Visions8/1977 Oyster
25.Joey And Me / Deadly Nightshade13.01.1978Arista
26.New Beginnings / Words Of Wisdom3/1978 Arista
27.I Don't Want To Talk About It / Words Of Wisdom
(v USA)
4/1978 Arista
28.I Don't Want To Talk About It / The Last Resort10/1978 Arista
29.Part Of The Union / Lay Down3/1979 A&M
30.The King / Ringing Down The Years12.12.1980L.O.
31.Part Of The Union / Lay Down
7/1982 Old Gold
32.That's When The Crying Starts / We Can Make It Together2/1987 Virgin Canada
33.Let It Rain / Tina Dei Fada11/1988 Chord
34.On A Night Like This23.05.2005

Dave Cousins:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Going Home / Ways And Means9/1972 A&M


original name The Strawberry Hill Boys
disbanded 1978
reunited 1983

Blue Weaver:

appeared on the LP:

Mike Absalom: Hector And Other Peccadillos (1/73, Philips)

John Mealing:

appeared on the LP:

Clifford T. Ward: Escalator (28.2.75, Charisma)

Dave Lambert:

appeared on the LP:

Dave Cousins: Two Weeks Last Summer (1972)

Tony Fernandez:

appeared on the LP:

Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman: Jabberwocky (25.1.99, InsideOut)

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