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QUE Anthony

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Jamaica No Problem04.12.2007Corner Shop
2.Meditation Time12.06.2012

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Wife Swap / No Jestering
& Joseph Cotton
25.04.2005Big Nail Music
2.To Much TV / Jah Warn Wee
& Sandeeno
25.04.2005Big Nail Music
3.So Lonely / More Strength
& Stringray All Stars
4.Move Up Time / Vibrator
& Joseph Cotton
19.12.2005Touch Above
5.Wonderful Christmas Time / Glory Days26.12.2005Charm
6.Listen To The People (Feelings Rhythm)
& Gyptian
29.05.2006Muzik House Production
7.Jah Lift Me Up04.09.2006
8.Take Me Away (Drum Song Rhythm)18.09.2006Backyard Movements
9.Sweat!! / Mankind
& Sandeeno
02.10.2006Joe G's
10.You Know I Love You20.11.2006Muzik House Production
11.Make Up Dem Break Up
& Chantelle
20.11.2006Muzik House Production
12.You & Me (What A Feeling Rhythm)23.04.2007Teams
13.Children Calling / Black Star
& Warriors All Stars
21.01.2008Cultural Warriors
14.Rise (Disciples Riddim)20.10.2008Backyard Movements
15.Jah Let Your People / Smoking Riddim / Wisemen / Jah Jah Have The Love
& Skycru & Anthony Johnson & Kingsley Wray
11.03.2009Room In The Sky
16.You Told Me01.05.2009Teams
17.Devil Woman
& Uptown Band
18.Can't Stop Jah Time (Music Riddim)06.07.2009Greatest Friends
19.Ruff & Tuff (Spread Dat Love Riddim) / Rogi
& Si Rogi
07.07.2009High Fly Music
20.What's Good (What Good Riddim)
& Garrison & Sizzla & Cutty Ranks & Droop Lion & Ginjah
30.03.2010Chiney K
21.Babylon A Fall / Palof / Graduate / Got To Say / Romance / Graduation
& Kings & Kush & Winston Reedy & Jay Steppa & Joseph Cotton & Skycru
20.05.2011Room In The Sky
22.Freedom / The Eden / Trombone Dub / Thanks & Praises / Dread In A Babylon / Chanting (Riddim)
& Skycru & David Jahson & Vin Gordon & Winston Mac Enuf & Mike Brooks
15.07.2011Room In The Sky
23.Hungry Lion / Blessings / Lion Dub / Arise / Working / Arise Dub
& Vin Gordon & Leroy & AJ Franklin & Winston Reedy & Skycru & Kingsley Wray
02.05.2013Room In The Sky
24.Burn Babylon Burn06.11.2014Sir Blackwax Vision