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Personal Data:

Born: 18.03.1941 (Prattville, Alabama, USA)
Died: 19.01.2006 (heart attack)
PICKETT Wilson (photo)


1961-62 Falcons

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.In The Midnight Hour10/1965 Atlantic
2.The Exciting Wilson Pickett8/1966 Atlantic 21
3.The Wicked Pickett1/1967 Atlantic 42
4.Great Hits1967 Wand
5.The Sound Of Wilson Pickett8/1967 Atlantic 54
6.The Best Of Wilson Pickett10/1967 Atlantic 35
7.I'm In Love2/1968 Atlantic 70
8.The Midnight Mover7/1968 Atlantic 91
9.Mr. Dynamite1969
10.Hey Jude2/1969 Atlantic 97
11.Right On4/1969 Atlantic
12.Engine Number Nine9/1970 Atlantic
13.In Philadelphia10/1970 Atlantic 64
14.The Best Of Wilson Pickett Vol 25/1971 Atlantic 73
15.Don't Knock My Love12/1971 Atlantic
16.Mr. Magic Man
(in the UK "Miss Lena's Boy")
3/1973 RCA
17.Greatest Hits3/1973 Atlantic
18.If You Need Me1974 Joy
19.Tonight I'm My Biggest Audience5/1974 RCA
20.Pickett In The Pocket7/1974 RCA
21.Live In Japan
12/1974 RCA
22.Join Me And Let's Be Free7/1975 RCA
23.Peace Breaker12/1975 DJM
24.Chocolate Mountain4/1976
25.Star Collection7/1978 Atlantic
26.A Funky Situation8/1978 Big Tree
27.It's Too Late1979
28.I Want You11/1979 EMI America
29.Keep The Dream Alive1980
30.The Right Track3/1981 EMI America
31.The Best Of Wilson Pickett1984
32.Original Session1984
33.American Soul Man10/1987 Motown
34.The Midnight Mover
& Bobby Womack
7/1989 Instant
35.The Heart And Soul Of Wilson Pickett4/1991 Knight
36.A Man And A Half
7/1992 Rhino/Atlantic
37.The Collection7/1992 Castle
38.It's Harder Now14.09.1999Rounder
39.The Soul Of Wilson Pickett20.03.2001Cleopatra
41.I'm In Love13.08.2002Collectables
42.Baby Call on Me24.08.2004Dynamic
43.Wicked Pickett17.01.2006Collectables
44.Immortal Wilson Pickett31.01.2006Collectables
45.Wilson Pickett07.02.2006Direct Source
46.Wilson Pickett14.03.2006St. Clair
47.Definitive Collection11.07.2006Rhino
48.R&B Soul
& Sam & Dave
25.09.2007Direct Source
49.It Ain't Easy: Essential Recordings22.09.2009Rounder
50.Very Best of Wilson Pickett23.02.2010Collectables
51.Original Album Series17.08.2010Warner Bros
52.Thirty Six All Time Greatest04.01.2011Timeless
53.The Midnight Mover: The Early Years 1957-1962
& The Falcons
54.Mr. Magic Man: The Complete RCA Studio Recordings04.09.2015Real Gone Music
55.The Complete Atlantic Singles, Vol. 105.08.2016Real Gone Music
56.I Don't Want No Part Time Love: The Early Years28.10.2016Cornbread

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.My Heart Belongs To You / Let Me Be Your Boy1963 Cub
2.If You Need Me / Baby Call On Me4/1963 Double L 64
3.It's Too Late / I'm Gonna Love You7/1963 Double L 49
4.I'm Down To My Last Heartbreak / I Can't Stop10/1963 Double L 95
5.I'm Gonna Cry / For Better Or Worse6/1964 Atlantic 124
6.Come Home Baby / Take A Little Love1964 Atlantic
7.In The Midnight Hour / I'm Not Tired7/1965 Atlantic12 21
8.Don't Fight It / It's All Over10/1965 Atlantic29 53
9.My Heart Belongs To You12/1965 Verve 109
10.634-5789 (Soulsville U.S.A.) / That's A Man's Way18.02.1966Atlantic36 13
11.99 1/2 (Won't Do) / Danger Zone
(v GB 15.7.66)
5/1966 Atlantic 53
12.Land Of 1,000 Dances / You're So Fine7/1966 Atlantic22 6
13.Mustang Sally / Three Time Loser11/1966 Atlantic28 23
14.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Nothing You Can Do1/1967 Atlantic 29
15.I Found A Love (pt. 1) / I Found A Love (pt. 2)3/1967 Atlantic 32
16.New Orleans / Soul Dance Number Three5/1967 Atlantic
17.Soul Dance Number Three / You Can't Stand Alone5/1967 Atlantic 55
18.Billy The Kid / I Don't Want No Part Time Love6/1967 London
19.Funky Broadway / I'm Sorry About That7/1967 Atlantic43 8
20.Stagger-Lee / I'm In Love10/1967 Atlantic 22
21.Jealous Love / I've Come A Long Way2/1968 Atlantic 50
22.In The Midnight Hour / Danger Zone2/1968 Atlantic
23.That Kind Of Love / I've Come A Long Way3/1968 Atlantic 101
24.She's Looking Good / We've Got To Have Love4/1968 Atlantic 15
25.I'm A Midnight Mover / Deborah6/1968 Atlantic38 24
26.I Found A True Love / For Better Or Worse9/1968 Atlantic 42
27.A Man And A Half / People Make The World (What It Is)11/1968 Atlantic 42
28.Hey Jude / Night Owl12/1968 Atlantic8
29.Hey Jude / Search Your Heart1/1969 Atlantic 23
30.Mini Skirt Minnie / Back In Your Arms3/1969 Atlantic 50
31.Born To Be Wild / Toe Hold5/1969 Atlantic 64
32.Hey Joe / Night Owl6/1969 Atlantic 59
33.You Keep Me Hangin' On / Now You See Me, Now You Don't11/1969 Atlantic 92
34.Sugar, Sugar / Cole, Cooke And Redding3/1970 Atlantic 25
35.Hey Joe / Born To Be Wild
(v GB)
7/1970 Atlantic
36.She Said Yes / It's Still Good8/1970 Atlantic 68
37.Engine Number Nine / International Playboy9/1970 Atlantic 14
38.Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You / Covering The Same Old Ground1/1971 Atlantic 17
39.Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You / Ain't No Doubt About It
(v USA)
3/1971 Atlantic
40.Don't Knock My Love / Don't Knock My Love (Part 2)4/1971 Atlantic 13
41.Fire And Water / Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
(v GB)
42.Call My Name, I'll Be There / Woman Let Me Be Down Home8/1971 Atlantic 52
43.Fire And Water / Pledging My Love12/1971 Atlantic 24
44.Funk Factory / One Step Away5/1972 Atlantic 58
45.Mama Told Me Not To Come / Covering The Same Old Ground10/1972 Atlantic 99
46.International Playboy / Come Right Here1973 Atlantic
47.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Don't Fight It / Fire And Water19.01.1973Atlantic
48.Mr. Magic Man / I Sho' Love You09.03.1973RCA 98
49.Take A Closer Look At The Woman You're With / Two Women And A Wife9/1973 RCA 90
50.I Can't Stop / Down To My Last Heartbreak11/1973 President
51.In The Midnight Hour / Land Of 1000 Dances / Funky Broadway15.02.1974Atlantic
52.Soft Soul Boogie Woogie / Take The Pollution Out Of Your Throat15.02.1974RCA
53.Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It / What Good Is A Lie8/1974 RCA
54.I Was Too Nice / Isn't That So11/1974 RCA
55.Three Time Loser1/1975 Atlantic
56.How Will I Ever Know / The Best Part Of A Man11/1976 Wicked
57.In The Midnight Hour / Land Of 1000 Dances / Funky Broadway
58.Love Will Keep Us Together / It's Gonna Be Good2/1977 Wicked
59.Who Turned You On / Dance You Down8/1978 Big Tree
60.Groovin' / Time To Let The Sunshine On Me12/1978 Big Tree
61.Groove City / You Are The Love Of My Life9/1979 EMI America
62.I Want You / Love Of My Life11/1979 EMI America
63.Live With Me / Granny1/1980 EMI America
64.Shameless / Superstar4/1980 EMI America
65.Land Of A 1,000 Dances / In The Midnight Hour4/1980 Atlantic
66.Don't Underestimate The Power Of Love / Ain't Gonna Give You No More
12" + I Want You
2/1981 EMI America
67.Back On The Right Track / It's You5/1981 EMI America
68.Love Dagger / Time To Let The Sunshine On Me? Erva
69.Mustang Sally (The Boss Is Back) / Mustang Sally (instrumental)? Precision
70.In The Midnight Hour / 634-57891/1985 Old Gold
71.In The Midnight Hour (remix)10/1987 Motown62
72.Seconds / Seconds (instrumental)
& Jackie Moore
2/1988 Montage
73.Let Me Be Your Boy / The Girl That Radiates That Charm
credited to: Arthur
(& June der)
15.04.2014Outta Sight


1. Blues Brothers 2000 (1998, starring directed by John Landis)


1991 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("In The Midnight Hour")
2000 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Mustang Sally")


appeared on the LP:

Linda Tillery & The Cultural Heritage Choir: Say Yo Business (1.5.01, EarthBeat!)

Compilation Appearances:
"Soul Survivor" / "Midnight Hour" on OST "Only The Strong Survive" (6.5.03, Koch Entertainment)
"In The Midnight Hour" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

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