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Calendar for 04.10.2022

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Personal Data:

Born: 08.01.1935 (Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, as Elvis Aron Presley)
Died: 16.08.1977 (prescription drug abuse)
PRESLEY Elvis (photo)

Former Members:

Scotty Moore (g, cca 1954-1957, cca 1960); Chet Atkins (g, 1955); Hank Garland (g, 1955, 6/58-?); James Burton (g, 1969); John Wilkinson (g, 1969); Charlie Hodge (g, 1969)
Bill Black (bg, cca 1954-1957); Bob Moore (bg, 6/58-?); Jerry Scheff (bg, 1969)
Larry Muhoberac (kb, 1969)
D.J. Fontana (ds, 1955-?); Ron Tutt (ds, 1969); Glen D. Hardin (ds, 1970)
Floyd Cramer (p, 1955, cca 1960)
Boots Randolph (sax, 1955)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Elvis Presley3/1956 RCA 1
2.Rock'n'Roll No. 110/1956 HMV1
3.Elvis11/1956 RCA 1
4.Good Rockin' Tonight1957
5.Rock'n'Roll No. 24/1957 HMV3
6.Loving You8/1957 RCA1 1
7.The Best Of Elvis Presley10/1957 3
8.Elvis' Christmas Album11/1957 RCA2 1
9.Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 14/1958 RCA2 3
10.King Creole9/1958 RCA1 2
11.Elvis For LP Fans Only3/1959 RCA 19
12.A Date With Elvis7/1959 RCA4 32 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 212/1959 RCA4 31
14.Elvis Is Back5/1960 RCA1 2
15.G.I. Blues10/1960 RCA1 1
16.His Hand In Mine1/1961 RCA3 13
17.Something For Everybody7/1961 RCA2 1
18.Blue Hawaii10/1961 RCA1 1
19.Pot Luck6/1962 RCA1 4
20.Girls! Girls! Girls!12/1962 RCA2 3
21.It Happened At The World's Fair4/1963 RCA4 4
22.Elvis Golden Records Vol. 39/1963 RCA6 3
23.Fun In Acapulco12/1963 RCA9 3
24.Kissin' Coussins4/1964 RCA5 6
25.Roustabout11/1964 RCA12 1
26.Girl Happy4/1965 RCA7 8
27.Flaming Star & Summer Kisses9/1965 RCA11
28.Elvis For Everybody11/1965 8
29.Harum Scarum
(in the UK "Harem Holiday")
11/1965 RCA11 8
30.Elvis For Everyone19.11.1965RCA8 10
31.Spin Out1966
32.Frankie And Johnny4/1966 RCA11 20
33.Paradise Hawaiian Style22.07.1966RCA5 15
34.California Holiday11/1966 RCA17 18
35.How Great Thou Art4/1967 RCA11 18
36.Double Trouble8/1967 RCA34
37.Clambake2/1968 RCA19 40
38.Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 44/1968 RCA 33
39.Speedway8/1968 RCA 82
40.Elvis - NBC TV Special12/1968 RCA2 8
41.From Elvis In Memphis6/1969 RCA1 13
42.Flaming Star6/1969 2
43.From Memphis To Vegas - From Vegas To Memphis
11/1969 RCA3 12
44.In Person At The International1970
45.Let's Be Friends1970
46.Back In Memphis1970
47.Portrait In Music2/1970 RCA36
48.On Stage - February 19706/1970 RCA2 13
49.Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1&2
06.11.1970RCA49 45
50.Elvis' Christmas Album12/1970 RCA7
51.That's The Way It Is15.01.1971RCA12 21
52.50 Gold Awards The Other Sides1971 4LP
53.Elvis Country (I'm 10.000 Years Old)2/1971 RCA6 12
54.You'll Never Walk Alone4/1971 RCA20
55.Worldwide 25 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 35/1971 RCA
56.Love Letters From Elvis6/1971 RCA7 24
57.C'mon Everybody8/1971 RCA5
58.Almost In Love9/1971 RCA38
59.Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas11/1971 RCA7
60.I Got Lucky03.12.1971RCA26
61.Elvis The Rocking Days1972
62.Rock'n'Roll5/1972 RCA34
63.Elvis Now5/1972 RCA12
64.Live At Madison Square Garden6/1972 RCA3 11
65.Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies, Vol. 17/1972 RCA Camden
66.He Touched Me8/1972 RCA38 79
67.Burning Love And Hits From His Movies Vol. 211/1972 RCA Camden 17
68.Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite
2/1973 RCA11 1
69.Greatest Hits Volume 2? RCA
70.Separate Ways1973 RCA Camden 46
71.Elvis8/1973 RCA16 25
72.Raised On Rock11/1973 RCA
73.Graceland Live In Memphis1974
74.A Legendary Performer Vol. 12/1974 RCA20
75.Good Times4/1974 RCA42 90
76.Live On Stage In Memphis7/1974 RCA44 33
77.Elvis' 40 Greatest Hits
10/1974 Arcade1
78.Hits Of The Seventies06.12.1974RCA30
79.Easy Come Easy Go1975 RCA Camden
80.Lid Rocks1975
81.Gold Thirty1975
82.Double Dynamite1975
83.Promised Land07.02.1975RCA21 47
84.Having Fun With Elvis On Stage14.03.1975RCA
85.Worldwide 25 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 43/1975 RCA
86.Pure Gold4/1975 RCA
87.Today23.05.1975RCA48 57
88.US Male6/1975 RCA Camden
89.The Elvis Presley Sun Collection22.08.1975Starcall/RCA16
90.Pictures Of Elvis11/1975 RCA Starcall
91.Greatest Hits Set1976 3LP
92.Great Hits1976
93.Legendary Performer Vol. 223.01.1976RCA
94.Welcome To My World15.07.1977RCA7
95.From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee21.05.1976RCA29 41
96.Elvis Presley Collection
6/1976 Pickwick
97.Golden Boy1977
98.Rockin' On Vol. 11977
99.Rockin' On Vol. 21977
100.Elvis In Demand1/1977 RCA12
101.The Elvis Tapes4/1977 Redwood
102.Moody Blue
produced by: Elvis Presley/Felton Jarvis
8/1977 RCA3 3
103.Pictures Of Elvis9/1977 RCA52
104.Loving You10/1977 RCA24
105.The Sun Years10/1977 Charly31
106.Elvis Presley In Concert
21.10.1977RCA13 3
107.Songs For Children1978
108.Panel Deluxe1978
109.Blue Christmas1978
110.Magical Rockin' Sound1978
111.He Walks Beside Me10.03.1978RCA37
112.The '56 Sessions Vol. 15/1978 RCA47
113.Elvis Presley Collection Vol 2
6/1978 Pickwick
114.Elvis TV Special
produced by: Norman Morrell
8/1978 RCA50
115.Elvis' 40 Greatest
116.Elvis - A Canadian Tribute11/1978 RCA
117.Legendary Performer Vol. 31/1979 RCA43
118.Elvis Presley Collection Vol 3
4/1979 Pickwick
119.Please Don't Stop Loving Me4/1979 RCA Camden
120.Our Memories Of Elvis4/1979 RCA72
121.The '56 Sessions Vol. 27/1979 RCA
122.Our Memories Of Elvis Vol. 29/1979 RCA
123.Elvis Presley
10/1979 RCA
124.The King Speaks
10/1979 Hammer
125.Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas11/1979 RCA
126.Love Songs11/1979 K-Tel4
127.Elvis, Scotty And Bill - The First Year11/1979 Virgin King
128.Burbank Sessions1980
129.Double Dynamite Vol. 11/1980 RCA Camden
130.Double Dynamite Vol. 21/1980 RCA Camden
131.The King ... Elvis1/1980 RCA Camden
132.Elvis Presley Sings Leiber And Stoller6/1980 RCA32
133.Elvis Aaron Presley
8/1980 RCA21 27
134.Inspiration11/1980 K-Tel6
135.Elvis Presley1/1981 RCA Camden
136.The Wonderful World Of Elvis1/1981 RCA Camden
137.Return To Sender1/1981 RCA Camden
138.Guitar Man3/1981 RCA33 49
139.Elvis Answers Back3/1981 Buttons
140.This Is Elvis
5/1981 RCA47
141.Elvis's Golden Records Vol. 1-5
9/1981 RCA
142.It's Now Or Never9/1981 RCA Camden
143.Heartbreak Hotel9/1981 RCA Camden
144.The Million Dollar Quartet
& Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins
9/1981 Charly
145.20 Greatest Hits Vol. 110/1981 RCA
146.The Ultimate Performance11/1981 RCA45
147.The Sound Of Your Cry2/1982 RCA31
148.20 Greatest Hits Vol. 23/1982 RCA98
149.Elvis Presley EP Pack3/1982 RCA97
150.Are You Lonesome Tonight3/1982 RCA Camden
151.Suspicious Minds3/1982 RCA Camden
152.Personally Elvis3/1982 Audio Fidelity
153.Rock & Roll Rebel (20 Rock'n'Roll Originals)6/1982 K-Tel
154.Elvis In Hollywood7/1982 Everest
155.Romantic Elvis 20 Love Songs - Rockin' Elvis 60's
8/1982 RCA62
156.The EP Collection Vol. 3
(11x7" box set)
10/1982 RCA
157.The Elvis Medley12/1982 RCA
158.It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You12/1982 RCA80
159.Elvis In Person Las Vegas1983
160.South Africa1983
161.Para Los Espagnoles1983
162.By Request Of Japan Fans1983
163.Pictures Of Elvis II2/1983 RCA
164.Jailhouse Rock / Love In Las Vegas4/1983 RCA40
165.Can't Help Falling In Love And Other Great Movie Hits4/1983 RCA Camden
166.Love Songs8/1983 RCA Camden
167.I Was The One8/1983 RCA83
168.The First Year8/1983 Charly
169.A Legendary Performer Vol. 411/1983 RCA91
170.The Legend11/1983 RCA Camden
171.Blue Rhythms12/1983 Everest
172.I Can Help And Other Great Hits3/1984 RCA71
173.An Historical Documentary3/1984 Audio Fidelity
174.Elvis - The First Live Recordings4/1984 RCA69 163
175.Magic Moments6/1984 RCA
176.The Complete Songs
8/1984 RCA
177.Elvis In Germany8/1984 RCA
178.32 Film Hits
8/1984 RCA
179.The First 10 Years9/1984 RCA Camden
180.Elvis - A Golden Celebration
(6LP box set)
11/1984 RCA 80
181.In The Beginning11/1984 Topline
182.The Last Farewell11/1984 RCA
183.The Rocker11/1984 RCA 154
184.Elvis The Pelvis1985
185.Elvis Sings The Blues1985
186.1935-19771/1985 V.F.M.
187.Golden Records Vol. 51/1985 RCA
188.A Valentine Gift For You2/1985 RCA 154
189.Rare Elvis Vol. 1-3
3/1985 RCA
3/1985 Cambra
191.Reconsider Baby5/1985 RCA92
192.Elvis, Scotty & Bill6/1985 Topline
193.32 Film Hits Vol. 2
7/1985 RCA
194.Always On My Mind7/1985 RCA
195.Ballads10/1985 Telstar23
196.The Christmas Album12/1985 BMG 178
198.Elvis: The Collection Vol. 1-4
2/1986 RCA
199.The Rock Hits4/1986 RCA Camden
200.Rare Elvis7/1986 RCA
201.Forever7/1986 RCA
202.Essential Elvis12/1986 RCA
203.The Number One Hits7/1987 143
204.Presley - The All Time Greatest Hits
8/1987 RCA4
205.The Top 10 Hits
8/1987 RCA 117
206.The Complete Sun Sessions8/1987 RCA
207.The Memphis Record8/1987 RCA
208.I Wish You A Merry Christmas12/1987 RCA
209.Elvis Gospel 1957-19711988 2LP
210.The Complete Million Dollar Sessions1/1988 Charly
211.Diamond Series - Elvis Presley4/1988 RCA Diamond
212.The Alternative Aloha8/1988 RCA
213.Known Only To Him1989
214.Essential Elvis Volume 2: Stereo '571/1989 RCA60
215.Essential Elvis Volume 3: Hits Like Never Before7/1990 RCA71
216.The Great Performances8/1990 RCA62
217.For The Asking11/1990 RCA
218.The Legend Lives On
(5CD box set)
11/1990 Reader's Digest
219.Collector's Gold
8/1991 RCA57
220.From The Heart - His Greatest Love Songs2/1992 RCA4
221.King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50's Masters
(5CD box set)
7/1992 RCA 159
222.From Nashville To Memphis: The Essential Sixties Masters
10/1993 RCA
223.The Definitive R'n'R Album11/1993 RCA
224.The Definitive Gospel Album11/1993 RCA
225.The Definitive Country Album11/1993 RCA
226.The Definitive Film Album11/1993 RCA
227.The Definitive Love Album11/1993 RCA
228.Known Only To Him: Elvis Gospel 1957-19713/1994 RCA
229.The Memphis Record3/1994 RCA
230.The One And Only6/1994 Javelin
231.The Essential Collection8/1994 RCA6
232.Amazing Grace9/1994 RCA
233.If Every Day Was Like Christmas12/1994 RCA 94
234.From Calypso To Callapso1/1995 Thunderbolt
235.Elvis: An Audio Scrapbook1/1995 Simon & Schuster
236.The Legend Begins - Live 1954-565/1995 Pickwick
237.The Essential 60's Masters Volume 27/1995 RCA
238.The Collection 110/1995 RCA
239.Seventies Box Set
(box set)
240.Elvis '5605.03.1996RCA42
241.The All Time Greatest Hits10/1996 RCA32
242.Always On My Mind - Ultimate Love Songs5/1997 RCA3
243.An Afternoon In The Garden6/1997 RCA 85
244.Platinum: A Life In Music7/1997 RCA 80
245.Blue Suede Shoes2/1998 39
247.Essential Elvis Vol. 2 - Stereo 5718.01.1999
248.The Concert - 1999 World Tour25.01.1999RCA
250.Home Recordings - Private Elvis08.03.1999
251.Elvis Shaped CD Box09.03.1999
252.All The Best 1 & 2
(in Australia)
253.Tomorrow Is a Long Time18.05.1999
254.Artist Of The Century Box Set
16.08.1999RCA 163
258.Can't Help Falling In Love13.09.1999
259.Movie Classics14.09.1999RCA
260.Such a Night: Essential Elvis Volume 608.02.2000RCA
261.The Best Of The Box: Artist Of The Century04.04.2000RCA
262.That's The Way It Is
263.The King Of Rock'n'Roll
(5CD box set)
264.White Christmas22.08.2000RCA
265.Peace In The Valley - The Complete Gospel Recordings
266.The Elvis Presley Collection - Country9/2000 RCA 159
267.The 50 Greatest Hits11/2000 RCA2
268.He Is My Everything13.03.2001RCA
269.Nearer My God to Thee13.03.2001RCA
270.The Live Greatest Hits3/2001 RCA50
271.Live In Las Vegas10.07.2001RCA
272.The Blue Suede Shoes Collection10.07.2001RCA
273.Hit Singles Collection31.07.2001Collectables
274.The Best Of Elvis Presley07.08.2001RCA
275.The Country Side Of Elvis Presley
276.The 50 Greatest Love Songs11/2001 RCA21 150
277.Elvis: The Very Best Of Love18.12.2001Madacy 81
278.Elvis Sings For Kids15.01.2002BMG
279.Elvis Broadcasts On Air19.03.2002Cleopatra
280.Elvis: Today, Tomorrow and Forever
(box set)
04.06.2002RCA 180
281.Roots Revolution: The Louisiana Hayride Recordings23.07.2002Tomato
282.Legendary13.08.2002404 Music Group
283.Nashville Marathon20.08.2002Follow Dream
284.Elv1s - Elvis 30 Number 1 Hits24.09.2002RCA1 1
285.Heart And Soul07.01.2003RCA 166
286.Great Country Songs07.01.2003RCA
287.Can't Help Falling in Love: The Hollywood Hits07.01.2003RCA
288.Elvis Golden Records, Vol. 116.06.2003Speakers Corner
289.Elvis: Close Up
(4CD box set)
01.07.2003BMG Heritage
290.Elvis: 2nd To None07.10.2003RCA4 3
291.Christmas Peace04.11.2003BMG Heritage41 175
292.Louisiana Hayride and Interviews With Elvis25.11.2003Dynamic
293.Ultimate Gospel23.03.2004BMG Heritage
294.Maximum Elvis13.04.2004Orchard
295.Elvis At Sun22.06.2004BMG Heritage
296.Artist Collection: Elvis Presley12.10.2004BMG
297.Love, Elvis25.01.2005BMG Heritage8 120
298.Rehearsals29.03.2005BMG International
299.Crying in the Chapel04.04.2005Spring House
300.Elvis By The Presleys03.05.2005RCA13 15
301.Live from Las Vegas10.05.2005Capitol
302.All Shook Up17.05.2005BMG
303.Concert Anthology 1954-195623.08.2005Master Classics
304.Tickle Me23.08.2005BMG International
306.My Christmas Number Ones12/2005
307.Loving You31.01.2006Follow That Dream
309.Southern Nights31.01.2006Follow That Dream
310.Elvis Inspirational28.02.2006Strategic Marketing
311.Dove Collection18.04.2006Prism Platinum
312.Legendary09.05.2006Sony International
313.Made in Memphis16.05.2006Sony
314.Interviews and Music27.06.2006United States Dist
315.Elvis Live01.08.2006Strategic Marketing
316.Elvis Movies01.08.2006Strategic Marketing
317.Elvis R&B01.08.2006Strategic Marketing
318.Clambake22.08.2006Follow That Dream
319.Elvis Presley
(box set)
22.08.2006Follow That Dream
321.Elvis Christmas03.10.2006RCA 68
322.Let Yourself Go: The Making of Elvis the Comeback14.11.2006Follow That Dream
323.Complete Million Dollar Quartet
& Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash
20.11.2006Sony BMG
324.Elvis at the Hayride21.11.2006Cbuj Ent
325.The Essential Elvis Presley02.01.2007Legacy/RCA 45
326.Elvis: Ultimate Gospel06.03.2007RCA
327.Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 322.05.2007RCA
328.Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 422.05.2007RCA
329.Elvis at the Movies05.06.2007RCA
330.Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Vol. 119.06.2007Sbme Special Mkts
331.That's Alright26.06.2007Snapper
332.Elvis: Viva Las Vegas31.07.2007RCA 54
333.Elvis The King
334.Home for the Holidays21.08.2007Madacy 81
335.At the Hayride18.09.2007Cbuj Ent.
336.You Don't Have to Say You Love Me13.11.2007Sony BMG
337.Any Way You Want Me03.12.2007Rockwell
338.Elvis the King: Complete Singles11.12.2007Sony BMG
340.Super Hits26.02.2008Sbme Special Mkts
341.X226.02.2008Sony Legacy
342.Golden Records10.03.2008RCA
343.The Incomparable4/2008 87
344.Elvis: The Early Recordings07.04.2008SIS
345.Elvis Presley Re Versions Spankox02.06.2008Pony Canyon
346.Hit Collection17.06.2008Sony/BMG
347.Complete '68 Comeback Special: 40th Anniversary Edition05.08.2008RCA
348.Original Album Classics
& Spankox
08.09.2008Sony BMG
350.Christmas Duets14.10.2008RCA Nashville 17
351.Icons11/2008 Icons
352.Icons 211/2008 Icons
353.Elvis Presley11/2008 Ringo
354.Sings Hits from the Movies18.11.2008Sbme Special Mkts
355.Early Years12/2008 Hallmark
356.Classic Billboard Hits 1956-195806.02.2009Rattle & Roll
357.Karaoke Station03.03.2009
358.I Believe: The Gospel Masters10.03.2009Sony Legacy
359.From Elvis In Memphis: 40th Anniversary Legacy Edition
360.Music of Elvis Presley: The 1950s29.09.2009RCA
361.It's Christmas Time11/2009 BMG 25
362.Triple Feature17.11.2009Sony/BMG
363.Elvis 75: Good Rockin' Tonight
(4CD box set)
364.A Boy From Tupelo12/2009 Sony Music 92
365.An Evening Prayer22.12.2009Sony/BMG
366.Elvis 75
04.01.2010Legacy8 43
367.The Best Of Elvis Presley1/2010 TBC Limited
368.Off Duty With Private Presley2/2010 Memphis
369.Complete Rock'N'Roll
& Bill Haley & Gene Vincent
04.02.2010Complete Rock & Roll
370.On Stage
371.The Rock'N'Roll Years
21.04.2010Music & Melody
372.Elvis Presley Sings The Great British Songbook
373.Playlist: The Very Best Gospel of Elvis Presley12.10.2010Playlist
374.The Gospel Collection02.11.2010Camden International
375.Viva Elvis - The Album08.11.2010Sony Legacy19 48
376.Double Play: Elvis Presley16.11.2010Sony Legacy
377.Walk A Mile In My Shoes: The Essential 70's Masters Box Set
(5CD box set)
378.Setlist: The Very Best of Elvis Presley Live12.07.2011RCA
379.Young Man with the Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley Masters27.09.2011Sony Legacy
380.Elvis: Best Of Love10/2011 139
381.The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-195621.11.2011Memphis Recording Service
382.Such A Night In Pearl Harbor02.04.2012Memphis
383.Jailhouse Rock: The Alternate Album30.04.2012Mr. Suit
384.The Platinum Collection
17.05.2012Not Now Music75
385.Loving You (Alternate Album)21.05.2012Wax Time
386.The Very Best Of Elvis24.07.2012Wagram
387.I Am An Elvis Fan: A Collection31.07.2012Legacy 137
388.8 Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles
11.08.2012Real Gun
389.Elvis by Request: The Australian Edition28.08.2012Sony Music
390.Celluloid Rock: Young and Beautiful04.09.2012Flashlight
391.Celluloid Rock: Sound Advice04.09.2012Flashlight
392.Celluloid Rock: Love Me Tender04.09.2012Flashlight
393.We Just Stumbled Upon It18.09.2012Ultimate Hayride
394.The Classic Christmas Album02.10.2012Legacy 28
395.Elvis: The King and His Music02.10.2012Hurricane International
396.Elvis For Christmas16.10.2012Vinyl Passion
397.Flashback International23.10.2012Columbia
398.Prince From Another Planet: As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
08.11.2012Sony74 187
399.Greatest Live Hits of the 50's13.11.2012Ais
400.Merry Christmas04.12.2012Y Select
401.Songs For Christmas14.12.2012Vinyl Passion
402.Threads and Grooves12.02.2013Sony Music Entertainment
403.Music & Photos19.02.2013RCA
404.Heart And Soul4/2013 110
405.Uncovered5/2013 192
406.The Essential Elvis Presley7/2013 RCA 42
407.Merry Christmas: Love Elvis30.07.2013BMG 101
408.Un'ora Con30.07.2013Columbia
409.Elvis at Stax: Deluxe Edition
(3CD box set)
06.08.2013RCA Legacy70
410.Elvis Unplugged: Versions You Have Never Heard!09.09.2013Redeye Music Distribution
411.The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs11/2013 RCA5
412.Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis
18.03.2014RCA74 185
413.Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 215.04.2014Friday Music
414.Playlist: The Very Best Elvis Presley Movie Songs20.05.2014Legacy
415.Elvis Sings...26.05.2014
416.Bossa Nova Baby - The Ultimate Elvis Party Album03.06.2014Legacy
417.The Box Set Series03.06.2014
418.Elvis' Golden Records Vol 3
23.06.2014ORG Music
420.Elvis' Gold Records Volume 518.07.2014Friday Music
421.That's The Way It Is8/2014 Sony Music75
422.Young Man With The Big Beat9/2014 RCA
423.60s: Elvis Presley09.09.2014BMG
424.The 70s: Elvis Presley03.10.2014BMG
425.Elvis Presley Now & Forever07.10.2014
426.Winds Of Change07.10.2014Sexy Intellectual
427.Live at the Louisiana Hayride 195528.10.2014Mr. Suit
428.The Real Elvis 60's Collection
05.01.2015Sony BMG
430.The Number One Hits 1956-196216.02.2015Wax Time
431.California Fall 1960/61: Outtakes and Studio Rarities24.02.2015Mr. Suit
432.Showroom Internationale: Live At the International Hotel, Dinner Show, August 110.03.2015Legacy
433.Return To Sender3/2015 Music Digital66
434.Birthday Celebration 80th17.04.2015zyx
435.Love Me: The British HMV Singles '56-'5721.04.2015Vee-Tone
436.Elvis Presley 195629.05.2015The Art Of Music
437.Loving You: 80th Anniversary Of Elvis Birth09.07.2015Wax Time
438.All You Need Is Elvis Presley10.07.2015Wagram
439.Elvis Forever8/2015 11
440.Sings the Hits of Sun Records14.08.2015El Toro
441.Elvis Presley14.08.2015Sony Music
442.Sings the Hits of Atlantic Records21.08.2015El Toro
443.Jailhouse Rock18.09.2015Wax Time
444.If I Can Dream
& The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
30.10.2015RCA1 21
445.It's A Sin15.10.2015Rockwell
446.Sings the Hits of Doo Wop23.10.2015El Toro
447.Elvis: Ultimate Christmas11/2015 107
448.Too Much: The British HMV Singles, 1957-5818.12.2015Veetone
449.Live in the 50’s: The Complete Concert Recordings19.02.2016Memphis
450.The RCA Albums Collection18.03.2016Sony Music
451.Le Retour D’Elvis / His Hand in Mine15.04.2016L.M.L.R.
452.Milestones of a Legend10.06.2016Documents
453.Elvis on Television 1956-1960: The Complete Sound Recordings24.06.2016Memphis Recording Service
454.Way Down In The Jungle Room05.08.2016RCA/Legacy16 79
455.The Profile12.08.2016Profile Collection
456.Teenage Heartthrobs
& Bobby Rydell & Pat Boone & Bobby Darin
02.09.2016One Louder
457.Teen Idols
& Frankie Avalon & Ricky Nelson & Paul Anka
02.09.2016One Louder
458.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 123.09.2016WaterTower Music
459.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 223.09.2016WaterTower Music
460.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 323.09.2016WaterTower Music
461.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 423.09.2016WaterTower Music
462.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 523.09.2016WaterTower Music
463.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 623.09.2016WaterTower Music
464.Elvis Raw Live, Vol. 723.09.2016WaterTower Music
465.Merry Christmas Baby07.10.2016RCA
466.Number One U.S. Singles 1956-196214.10.2016Pan Am
467.The Wonder Of You
& The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
21.10.2016Legacy/RCA1 47
468.Christmas & Gospel Greats04.11.2016Not Now Music
469.Memphis Recording Service: The Complete Works 1953-195525.11.2016Memphis Recording Service
470.At Christmas02.12.2016Labelle
471.Films09.12.2016The Signature Collection
472.Noel09.12.2016The Signature Collection
473.Classique09.12.2016The Signature Collection
474.Ballades09.12.2016The Signature Collection
475.Rock & Roll09.12.2016The Signature Collection
476.Live09.12.2016The Signature Collection
477.Sun09.12.2016The Signature Collection
478.Blues09.12.2016The Signature Collection
479.Country09.12.2016The Signature Collection
480.Gospel09.12.2016The Signature Collection
481.Memphis Recording Service: Masters & Sessions 1953-195516.12.2016Memphis Recording Service
482.Playlist: Best If Gospel31.03.2017BMG
483.A Boy From Tupelo - The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings7/2017 RCA82
484.Christmas With Elvis And The RPO10/2017 Sony Music6 73
485.The Searcher4/2018 Sony Music32 145
486.Where No One Stands Alone8/2018 RCA9 22
487.The Complete '68 Comeback Special - 50th Anniversary Edition11/2018 RCA
488.Elvis: The '68 Comeback Special: The Best Of2/2019 89
489.Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, August 26, 19698/2019 RCA
490.De Elvis 1009/2019 RCA
491.Bravo Elvis 851/2020
492.From Elvis In Nashville11/2020 Sony Music70
493.His Ultimate Collection2/2021 RCA
494.Elvis Back In Nashville11/2021 Sony Music63
495.Like A Black Tornado - Live At Boston Garden 19711/2022
496.Elvis6/2022 26
497.The Real Elvis8/2022 Sony Music78

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.That's All Right (Mama) / Blue Moon Of Kentucky19.07.1954Sun
2.Good Rockin' Tonight / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine25.09.1954Sun
3.Milk Cow Blues Boogie / You're A Heartbreaker1/1955 Sun
4.I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone / Baby Let's Play House5/1955 Sun
5.Mystery Train / I Forgot To Remember To Forget8/1955 Sun
6.TV Guide Presents
1956 RCA
7.Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One27.01.1956RCA2 1
8.Elvis Presley EP (Blue Suede Shoes)3/1956 RCA 20
9.Heartbreak Hotel EP
(Money Honey)
4/1956 RCA 76
10.Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti5/1956 HMV9
11.I Want You, I Need You, I Love You / My Baby Left Me5/1956 RCA14 1
12.Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel7/1956 HMV2 1
13.Love Me Tender / Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)9/1956 RCA11 1
14.Elvis Presley (Shake, Rattle And Roll) EP9/1956 RCA
15.The Real Elvis EP
(Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog / My Baby Left Me / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You)
9/1956 RCA
16.Anyway You Want Me EP
(Blue Moon / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine)
9/1956 RCA Victor 27
17.Blue Moon / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine10/1956 HMV9
18.Elvis, Volume 1 EP
(Love Me No. 2 / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again No. 19 / Paralyzed)
10/1956 RCA 6
19.Elvis, Volume 2 EP
(Old Shep)
12/1956 RCA Victor 47
20.Love Me Tender EP
(Love Me Tender / Let Me / Poor Boy No. 24 / We're Gonna Move)
12/1956 RCA Victor 54
21.Strictly Elvis EP
(Old Shep / Any Place Is Paradise / Paralysed / It Is So Strange)
1/1957 RCA
22.Too Much / Playing For Keeps1/1957 RCA Victor6 1
23.Mystery Train / Love Me2/1957 RCA25
24.All Shook Up3/1957 RCA Victor 1
25.Rip It Up / Baby Let's Play House3/1957 RCA27
26.That's When Your Heartaches Begin3/1957 RCA Victor 59
27.Peace In The Valley EP
((There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) No. 25 / It Is No Secret / I Believe / Take My Hand Precious Lord)
3/1957 RCA Victor 3
28.(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You5/1957 RCA3 1
29.All Shook Up / That's When Your Heartaches Begin6/1957 HMV1
30.Loving You EP
(Loving You / Let's Have A Party / Teddy Bear / Gotta Lotta Lovin' To Do)
6/1957 RCA24
31.Loving You, Volume 2 EP6/1957 RCA 18
32.Paralysed8/1957 8
33.Just For You EP8/1957 RCA
34.Good Rocking Tonight EP
(Good Rocking Tonight / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Milkcow Blues Boogie / Just Because)
9/1957 RCA
35.Let's Have A Party / Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do9/1957 RCA2 17
36.Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice9/1957 RCA1 1
37.Elvis Presley EP
(I Need You So / Have I Told You Lately That I Love You / Blueberry Hill / Don't Leave Me Now)
10/1957 RCA
38.Trying To Get To You10/1957 17
39.Lawdy Miss Clawdy10/1957 15
40.Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town11/1957 RCA7
41.Elvis Sings Christmas Songs EP
(Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me / Blue Christmas / Santa Claus Is Back In Town / I'll Be Home For Christmas)
11/1957 RCA
42.Jailhouse Rock EP
(Jailhouse Rock / Young And Beautiful / Don't Leave Me Now / Baby I Don't Care / I Want To Be Free)
11/1957 RCA18
43.I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone1/1958 21
44.Don't / I Beg Of You1/1958 RCA2 1
45.Wear My Ring Round Your Neck / Don't Cha Think It's Time3/1958 RCA3 2
46.Hard Headed Woman / Don't Ask Me Why6/1958 RCA2 1
47.King Creole / Dixieland Rock9/1958 RCA2
48.King Creole Volume 1 EP
(King Creole / New Orleans / As Long As I Have You / Lover Doll)
9/1958 RCA
49.King Creole Volume 2 EP
(Trouble / Young Dreams / Crawfish / Dixieland Rock)
9/1958 RCA
50.One Night / I Got Stung10/1958 RCA1 4
51.Elvis Sails EP11/1958 RCA
52.Christmas With Elvis EP12/1958 RCA
53.Elvis In Tender Mood EP
(Young And Beautiful / True Love / Lover Doll / Love Me Tender)
2/1959 RCA
54.(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight3/1959 RCA1 2
55.Big Hunk O'Love / My Wish Came True6/1959 RCA4 1
56.A Touch Of Gold, Volume 1 EP
(Hard Headed Woman / Good Rockin' Tonight / Don't / Teddy Bear)
12/1959 RCA
57.Dirty Dirty Feeling1960 RCA
58.Strictly Elvis EP1/1960 26
59.A Touch Of Gold, Volume 2 EP
(Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Treat Me Nice / One Night / That's All Right Mama)
2/1960 RCA
60.Stuck On You / Fame And Fortune24.03.1960RCA2 1
61.Love Me Tender EP
(Love Me Tender / Let Me / Poor Boy No. 24 / We're Gonna Move)
3/1960 RCA
62.Peace In The Valley EP
((There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) No. 25 / It Is No Secret / I Believe / Take My Hand Precious Lord)
3/1960 RCA
63.A Mess Of Blues / The Girl Of My Best Friend7/1960 RCA2 32
64.It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues7/1960 RCA 1
65.Girl Of My Best Friend8/1960 RCA7
66.It's Now Or Never / Make Me Know It10/1960 RCA1
67.Are You Lonesome Tonight / I Got To Know01.11.1960RCA1 1
68.Such A Night EP
(Such A Night / It Feels So Right / Like A Baby / Make Me Know It)
11/1960 RCA
69.Wooden Heart / Tonight Is So Right For Love2/1961 RCA1
70.Surrender (Torna A Surriento) / Lonely Man2/1961 RCA1 1
71.The Real Elvis EP
(Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog / My Baby Left Me / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You)
4/1961 RCA Gold
72.Elvis By Request EP (Flaming Star)4/1961 RCA 14
73.Ich such' dich auf allen wegen5/1961
74.Wild In The Country / I Feel So Bad
(v GB 8/61)
5/1961 RCA1 5
75.(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister8/1961 RCA1 4
76.Das Lied von der Liebe / Wild In The Country8/1961
77.Can't Help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby11/1961 RCA1 2
78.Good Luck Charm / Anything That's Part Of You3/1962 RCA1 1
79.Follow That Dream EP
(Follow That Dream No. 15 / Angel / What A Wonderful World / I'm Not The Marrying Kind)
5/1962 RCA34 15
80.No More / Sentimental Me6/1962
81.She's Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello7/1962 RCA1 5
82.Kid Galahad EP
(King Of The Whole Wide World No. 30 / This Is Living / Riding The Rainbow / Home Is Where The Heart Is / I Got Lucky / Whistling Tune)
9/1962 RCA16 30
83.Return To Sender / Where Do You Come From10/1962 RCA1 2
84.One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind To Much Of You
with The Mellow Men
2/1963 RCA12 11
85.(You're The) Devil In Disguise / Please Don't Drag That String Around6/1963 RCA1 3
86.Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft10/1963 RCA13 8
87.Kiss Me Quick / Something Blue12/1963 RCA12 34
88.Kissin' Cousins / It Hurts Me1/1964 RCA10 12
89.Do The Clam / You'll Be Gone2/1964 RCA19 21
91.Viva Las Vegas / What'd I Say3/1964 RCA17 21
92.Love In Las Vegas EP
(If You Think I Don't Need You / I Need Somebody To Lean On / C'mon Everybody / Today Tomorrow And Forever)
4/1964 RCA 92
93.Suspicion4/1964 RCA 103
94.Elvis For You Volume 1 EP
(Rip It Up / Love Me / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold / Paralysed)
5/1964 RCA
95.Elvis For You Volume 2 EP
(Long Tall Sally / First In Line / How Do You Think I Feel / How's The World Treating You)
5/1964 RCA
96.Such A Night / Never Ending7/1964 RCA13 16
97.Ain't That Lovin' You Baby / Ask Me10/1964 RCA15 12
98.Blue Christmas / White Christmas11/1964 RCA11
99.Wooden Heart11/1964 RCA 107
100.Night Rider1965
101.Do The Clam2/1965 RCA19 21
102.You'll Be Gone2/1965 RCA 121
103.Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky4/1965 RCA1 3
104.(Such An) Easy Question / It Feels So Right6/1965 RCA 11
105.Tickle Me Volume 1 EP
(I Feel That I've Known You Forever / Night Rider / Slowly But Surely / Dirty Dirty Feeling / Put The Blame On Me)
7/1965 RCA 70
106.Tickle Me Volume 2 EP
(I'm Yours / Long Lonely Highway / It Feels So Right / Such An Easy Question)
7/1965 RCA
107.I'm Yours / (It's A) Long Lonely Highway8/1965 RCA 11
108.Tell Me Why / Puppet On A String05.11.1965RCA15 14
109.Wooden Heart11/1965 RCA 110
110.Tell Me Why / Blue River12/1965 RCA 33
111.Blue River / Do Not Disturb18.02.1966RCA22
112.Frankie And Johnny / Please Don't Stop Loving Me01.04.1966RCA21 25
113.Love Letters / Come What May01.07.1966RCA6 19
114.All That I Am / Spinout07.10.1966RCA17 40
115.If Every Day Was Like Christmas / How Would You Like To Be03.12.1966RCA13
116.Indescribably Blue / Fools Fall In Love1/1967 RCA21 33
117.Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) / That's Someone You'll Never Forget5/1967 RCA49 63
118.You Gotta Stop / Love Machine5/1967 RCA38
119.Easy Come Easy Go EP
(Easy Come Easy Go / Yoga Is As Yoga Does / Sing Your Children / I'll Take Love)
6/1967 RCA
120.There's Always Me / Judy8/1967 RCA 56
121.Big Boss Man / You Don't Know Me10/1967 RCA 38
122.Guitar Man / Hi-Heel Sneakers1/1968 RCA19 43
123.U.S. Male / Stay Away3/1968 RCA15 28
124.You'll Never Walk Alone / We Call On Him4/1968 RCA44 90
125.Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby / Let Yourself Go5/1968 RCA22 71
126.A Little Less Conversation / Almost In Love9/1968 RCA 69
127.If I Can Dream / Memories11/1968 RCA11 12
128.Edge Of Reality11/1968 RCA 112
129.In The Ghetto / Any Day Now4/1969 RCA1 3
130.How Great Thou Art4/1969 RCA 101
131.Clean Up Your Own Back Yard / The Fair's Moving On6/1969 RCA21 35
132.Suspicious Minds / You'll Think Of Me9/1969 RCA2 1
133.Don't Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin'11/1969 RCA7 6
134.Kentucky Rain / My Little Friend2/1970 RCA21 16
135.The Wonder Of You (live) / Mama Like Roses5/1970 RCA1 9
136.I've Lost You / The Next Step Is Love
(v GB 6.11.70)
7/1970 RCA6 32
137.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Patch It Up
(v GB 25.12.70)
10/1970 RCA9 11
138.There Goes My Everything / I Really Don't Want To Know12/1970 RCA6 21
139.Rags To Riches / Where Did They Go, Lord3/1971 RCA9 33
140.Life / Only Believe5/1971 RCA 53
141.I'm Leaving / Heart Of Rome
(v GB 17.9.71)
6/1971 RCA23 36
142.Heartbreak Hotel / Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel16.07.1971RCA10
143.It's Only Love / The Sound Of Your Cry9/1971 RCA 51
144.Jailhouse Rock / Are You Lonesome Tonight? / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Steadfast, Loyal And True11/1971 RCA42
145.I Just Can't Help Believing / How The Web Was Woven26.11.1971RCA6
146.Until It's Time For You To Go / We Can Make The Morning1/1972 RCA5 40
147.An American Trilogy (Dixie/Battle Hymn Of the Republic/All My Trials) / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face4/1972 RCA8 66
148.Burning Love / It's A Matter Of Time8/1972 RCA5 1
149.Always On My Mind / Separate Ways24.11.1972RCA7 20
150.Steamroller Blues4/1973 RCA 14
151.Polk Salad Annie / C. C. Rider11.05.1973RCA23
152.Fool / Steamroller Blues03.08.1973RCA14 17
153.Raised On Rock / For Ol' Times Sake9/1973 RCA36 41
154.Take Good Care Of Her / I've Got A Thing About You Baby
(v GB 8.3.74)
1/1974 RCA33 39
155.If You Talk In Your Sleep / Help Me5/1974 RCA40 17
156.Promised Land / It's Midnight10/1974 RCA5 14
157.My Boy / Loving Arms01.11.1974RCA4 17
158.T-R-O-U-B-L-E / Mr. Songman16.05.1975RCA31 35
159.Blue Moon / You're A Heartbreaker / I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone26.09.1975RCA
160.Bringing It Back / Pieces Of My Life10/1975 RCA 65
161.The Green Green Grass Of Home / Thinking About You14.11.1975RCA24
162.Hurt / For The Heart
(v GB 23.4.76)
3/1976 RCA37 14
163.The Girl Of My Best Friend / A Mess Of Blues20.08.1976RCA7
164.Suspicion / (It's A) Long Lonely Highway19.11.1976RCA8
165.Moody Blue / She Thinks I Still Care
produced by: Felton Jarvis
12/1976 RCA6 31
166.Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice
167.I Got Stung / One Night
168.(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight
169.It's Now Or Never / Make Me Know It
170.Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know
171.Wooden Heart / Tonight Is So Right For Love
172.Surrender (Torna A Surriento) / Lonely Man
173.(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister
174.Rock-A-Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love
175.Good Luck Charm / Anything That's Part Of You
176.She's Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
177.Return To Sender / Where Do You Come From
178.(You're The) Devil In Disguise / Please Don't Drag That String Around
179.Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky
180.The Wonder Of You (live) / Mama Like Roses
5/1977 RCA48
181.All Shook Up / Heartbreak Hotel5/1977 RCA41
182.Way Down / Pledging My Love
produced by: Elvis Presley
22.07.1977RCA1 18
183.Jailhouse Rock8/1977 RCA27
184.Loving You EP
(Loving You / Let's Have A Party / Teddy Bear / Gotta Lotta Lovin' To Do)
10/1977 RCA
185.My Way (live) / America, The Beautiful (live)
produced by: Elvis Presley
11/1977 RCA9 22
186.Unchained Melody / Softly As I Leave You4/1978 RCA 109
187.Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel
6/1978 RCA24
188.(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Puppet On A String8/1978 RCA 105
189.Old Shep / Paralyzed17.11.1978RCA
190.Are You Sincere / Solitaire5/1979 RCA
191.There's A Honky Tonk Angel8/1979 . RCA
192.It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You) / Merry Christmas Baby12/1979 RCA13
193.It's Only Love / Beyond The Reef8/1980 RCA3
194.Santa Claus Is Back In Town / I Believe11/1980 RCA41
195.Guitar Man (remix) / Faded Love1/1981 RCA21 28
196.Lovin' Arms / You Asked Me To4/1981 RCA47
197.I Just Can't Help Believin' / Bridge Over Troubled Water (live)7/1981 RCA Golden Grooves
198.An American Trilogy / Suspicious Minds (live)7/1981 RCA Golden Grooves
199.The Girl Of My Best Friend / Suspicion7/1981 RCA Golden Grooves
200.That's All Right (Mama) / Harbour Lights8/1981 RCA Golden Grooves
201.Good Rockin' Tonight / Mystery Train10/1981 RCA Golden Grooves
202.If Every Day Was Like Christmas / Blue Christmas11/1981 RCA Golden Grooves
203.Are You Lonesome Tonight (live) / From A Jack To A King (live)2/1982 RCA19
204.Way Down / Moody Blue5/1982 RCA Golden Grooves
205.The Sound Of Your Cry / I'll Never Know
with The Imperials Quartet
206.G.I. Blues - The Alternative Takes EP
(Shoppin' Around / Big Boots / Frankfurt Special / Tonight's All Right For Love)
1982 RCA
207.Peace In The Valley EP
((There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) No. 25 / It Is No Secret / I Believe / Take My Hand Precious Lord)
10/1982 RCA
208.A Touch Of Gold, Volume 1 EP
(Hard Headed Woman / Good Rockin' Tonight / Don't / Teddy Bear)
10/1982 RCA
209.The Elvis Medley / Jailhouse Rock11/1982 RCA 71
210.Jailhouse Rock / The Elvis Medley
1/1983 RCA20
211.(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care / True Love
12" + One-Side Love Affair / Tutti Frutti
4/1983 RCA61
212.Casette EP
(I Just Can't Help Believin' / Always On My Mind / Separate Ways / I've Lost You)
5/1983 RCA
213.Flip Hits EP
(It's Now Or Never / The Girl Of My Best Friend / Are You Lonesome Tonight? / Surrender)
7/1983 RCA
214.I Can Help / The Lady Loves Me
10" + If Every Day Was Like Christmas
215.Green Green Grass Of Home / Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) (live) / Solitaire (live)5/1984 RCA76
216.The Last Farewell / It's Easy For You
12" + Shake, Rattle And Roll / Flip, Flop And Fly / That's All Right (Mama) / My Heart Cries For You
10/1984 RCA48
217.The Elvis Medley / Blue Suede Shoes1/1985 RCA51
218.Always On My Mind / Tomorrow Night
12" + Ain't That Loving You Baby / Dark Moon
7/1985 RCA59
219.In The Ghetto / Suspicious Minds10/1986 Old Gold
220.Party / A Lot O' Livin' To Do10/1986 Old Gold
221.Blue Moon / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine10/1986 Old Gold
222.His Latest Flame / Girl Of My Best Friend10/1986 Old Gold
223.An American Trilogy / Until It's Time For You To Go (live)10/1986 Old Gold
224.Bossa Nova Baby (remix) / Ain't That Loving You Baby
12" + I'm Coming Home / Rock-A-Hula Baby
3/1987 RCA47
225.Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel4/1987 Old Gold
226.Are You Lonesome Tonight? / Wooden Heart4/1987 Old Gold
227.Heartbreak Hotel / All Shook Up4/1987 Old Gold
228.Wild In The Country / I Feel So Bad4/1987 Old Gold
229.Love Me Tender / Teddy Bear
12" + If I Can Dream / Bossa Nova Baby (extended)
8/1987 RCA56
230.Stuck On You / Anyway You Want Me1/1988 RCA58
231.Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice1/1988 Old Gold
232.It's Now Or Never / Surrender1/1988 Old Gold
233.Always On My Mind / Burning Love1/1988 Old Gold
234.Loving You / Paralysed1/1988 Old Gold
235.King Creole / Hard Headed Woman1/1988 Old Gold
236.Don't / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck1/1988 Old Gold
237.Can't Help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby1/1988 Old Gold
238.My Boy / My Way (live)1/1988 Old Gold
239.Way Down / Moody Blue1/1988 Old Gold
240.The Wonder Of You / If I Can Dream1/1988 Old Gold
241.Mean Woman Blues / I Beg Of You
12",CD + Party
1/1989 RCA83
242.Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One / Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog2/1989 RCA
243.Are You Lonesome Tonight? (live '69) / Runaway (live)
12",CD + Baby, What You Want Me To Do (live) / Reconsider Baby (live)
7/1991 RCA68
244.Don't Be Cruel / All Shook Up
CD + Jailhouse Rock / I Need Your Love Tonight
8/1992 RCA42
245.The Twelfth Of Never / Burning Love / Walk A Mile In My Shoes10/1995 RCA21
246.Always On My Mind12.05.1997RCA13
247.Suspicious Minds (live)26.03.2001RCA15
248.America The Beautiful / Amazing Grace / If I Can Dream16.10.2001RCA69
249.A Little Less Conversation
vs JXL
10.06.2002BMG1 50
250.Burning Love9/2002 86
251.Rubberneckin'09.09.2003RCA5 94
252.That's All Right7/2004 3
253.All Shook Up / Jailhouse Rock03.01.2005RCA1
254.One Night / I Got Stung10.01.2005RCA1
255.A Fool Such As I17.01.2005RCA2
256.Follow That Dream EP25.01.2005BMG
257.Kid Galahad EP25.01.2005BMG
258.It's Now Or Never24.01.2005RCA1
259.Are You Lonesome Tonight31.01.2005RCA2
260.Wooden Heart07.02.2005RCA2
262.(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame21.02.2005RCA3
263.Rock-A-Hula Baby28.02.2005RCA3
264.Good Luck Charm07.03.2005RCA2
265.She's Not You14.03.2005RCA3
266.Return To Sender21.03.2005RCA5
267.(You're The) Devil In Disguise28.03.2005RCA2
268.Crying In The Chapel04.04.2005RCA2
269.The Wonder Of You11.04.2005RCA4
270.Way Down18.04.2005RCA2
271.A Little Less Conversation
vs JXL
272.Heartbreak Hotel13.08.2007
273.Suspicious Minds13.08.2007RCA Victor11
274.My Baby Left Me8/2007 Memphis19
275.Blue Suede Shoes20.08.2007RCA13
276.Hound Dog27.08.2007RCA Victor14
277.(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear03.09.2007RCA Victor14
278.Party10.09.2007RCA Victor14
279.Don't17.09.2007RCA Victor14
280.Hard Headed Woman24.09.2007RCA Victor15
281.King Creole01.10.2007RCA Victor15
282.A Big Hunk O' Love08.10.2007RCA12
283.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck15.10.2007RCA16
284.If I Can Dream22.10.2007RCA17
285.Viva Las Vegas29.10.2007RCA15
286.In The Ghetto05.11.2007RCA13
287.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me12.11.2007RCA16
288.Always On My Mind19.11.2007RCA17
289.An American Trilogy26.11.2007RCA12
290.Burning Love03.12.2007RCA13
291.Baby Let's Play House
vs Spankox
292.That's All Right / Blue Moon Of Kentucky16.04.2010Legacy
293.Love Me Tender 2010
& Lisa Lois
10/2010 Sony
294.Pocketful Of Rainbows10/2011 Berk
295.Ain't That Loving You Baby / Ask Me17.08.2012RCA
296.Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti17.08.2012RCA
297.Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft17.08.2012RCA
298.Burning Love / It's A Matter Of Time17.08.2012RCA
299.Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky17.08.2012RCA
300.Devil In Disguise / Please Don't Drag That String Around17.08.2012RCA
301.Don't Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin'17.08.2012RCA
302.I Feel So Bad / Wild In The Country17.08.2012RCA
303.If I Can Dream / Edge Of Reality17.08.2012RCA
304.I'm Yours / (It's A)17.08.2012RCA
305.Kentucky Rain / My Little Friend17.08.2012RCA
306.Mama Liked The Roses / The Wonder Of You17.08.2012Collectables
307.One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind Me Too Much Of You17.08.2012RCA
308.One Night / I Got Stung17.08.2012RCA
309.She's Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello17.08.2012RCA
310.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Doncha' Think It's Time17.08.2012RCA
311.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Patch It Up17.08.2012RCA
312.Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog12.02.2013Legacy
313.Pocketful Of Rainbows / Crawfish11.07.2013Fryers
314.Blue Moon / Blue Suede Shoes / Blue Hawaii
315.It's Now Or Never / Surrender / Loving You / I Need Your Love Tonight
316.Love Me Tender / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Can't Help Falling In Love / Wooden Heart
317.O Come All Ye Faithful
& Susan Boyle
12/2013 Syco Music
318.Bossa Nova Baby15.08.2014Music On Vinyl
319.Such A Night Rockin In The Early 60s EP
(Make Me Know It/I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell / Shoppin' Around / Such A Night / Slicin' Sand / Follow That Dream / Little Sister / Put The Blame On Me / Steppin' Out Of Line / I Want You With Me / What A Wonderful Life / Gonna Get Back Home Somehow)
with The Jordanaires
320.All Shook Up / That's When Your Heartaches Begin
321.Don't / I Beg Of You
322.Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice
323.Love Me Tender / Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)
324.Playing For Keeps / Too Much
325.Teddy Bear / Loving You
326.Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know
327.I Feel So Bad / Wild In The Country
328.It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues
329.Surrender / Lonely Man
330.Elvis Sings The Hits Of Sun Records: 80th Anniversary Edition EP
(Blue Suede Shoes / I'm Comin' Home / Mystery Train / When It Rains It Really Pours)
12.08.2015El Toro
331.Elvis Sings The Hits Of Atlantic Records: 80th Anniversary Edition EP
(Such A Night / Judy / I Got A Woman (live Houston Texas March 19 1955) / Shake, Rattle & Roll (live Shreveport Louisiana March 5 1955))
19.08.2015El Toro
332.Sings The Hits Of Doo Wop EP
(Soldier Boy / Money Honey / Little Mama (live - Shreveport Louisiana March 5, 1955) / Fool, Fool, Fool (radio demo - KDAV radio Lubbock Texas January 6, 1955))
21.10.2015El Toro
333.If I Can Dream / Bridge Over Troubled Water30.10.2015Sony Music
334.Blue Christmas12/2015 RCA75
335.Blue Christmas12/2017 RCA75
336.Blue Christmas12/2018 RCA63 40
337.Blue Christmas12/2019 RCA68 40
338.Blue Christmas12/2020 RCA77 33
339.Blue Christmas12/2021 RCA74
340.Burning Love6/2022 RCA


1. Elvis In Hollywood - 8/1993
2. This Is Elvis - 7/1994
3. The Lost Performances - 1/1995
4. Elvis 56 - 1996, BMG Video
5. Great Performances - 6/2002, Direct Video
6. Elvis In The 50's - 8/2002, BMG Video
7. Definitive Elvis - 8/2002, Universal Pictures
8. The Great Performances, Vol. 3 - 8/2002, Direct Video
9. Elvis Presley: The Sullivan Shows - 21.11.2006, Image Entertainment, 3DVD
10. Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert - 05.03.2007, EMI, live


1. Love Me Tender (1956, directed by R.D. Webb/R. Egan)
2. Loving You (1957)
3. Jailhouse Rock (1958, directed by Richard Thorpe)
4. King Creole (1958, directed by Michael Curtiz)
5. G.I. Blues (1960)
6. Flaming Star (1961, directed by Don Siegel)
7. Wild In The Country (1961, directed by Philip Dunne)
8. Blue Hawaii (11/1961)
9. Follow That Dream (1962)
10. Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)
11. Kid Galahad (7/1962)
12. It Happened At The World's Fair (1963)
13. Fun In Acapulco (11/1963)
14. Kissin' Cousins (1964)
15. Love In Las Vegas (1964, directed by George Sidney)
16. Roustabout (1964)
17. Happy Girl (1965)
18. Tickle Me (1965)
19. Harum Scarum (1965)
20. Frankie And Johnny (1966)
21. Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966)
22. California Holiday (1966)
23. Spinout (12/1966)
24. Double Trouble (1967, directed by N. Taurog)
25. Clambake (1968)
26. Stay Away Joe (1968)
27. Speedway (1968)
28. Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)
29. Charro! (1969, directed by Ch.M. Warren)
30. The Trouble With Girls (1969, directed by P. Tewksbury)
31. Change Of Habit (1970)
32. Elvis: That's The Way It Is (1970)
33. Elvis On Tour (1972)
34. Elvis In Hollywood (documentary)


Wolfgang Tilgner: Elvis Presley
Todd Slaughter: Elvis Presley (1977)
Alfred Wertheimer: Elvis '56 In The Beginning (2/1980, photos)
Dee Presley: Elvis: We Love You Tender (8/1981, New English Library)
Albert Goldman: Elvis (11/1981, Allen Lane)
Dave Marsh: Elvis (1982, Rolling Stone Books)
Graceland: The Living Legacy Of Elvis Presley (11/93)
Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley: Elvis By The Presleys (3.5.2005, Crown)


1967 Grammy Awards - Best Sacred Performance ("How Great Thou Art")
1970 Melody Maker Best Selling Artist
1971 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
1972 Grammy Awards - Best Inspirational Performance ("He Touched Me")
1974 Grammy Awards - Best Inspirational Performance ("How Great Thou Art")
1988 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Hound Dog", 1956)
1995 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Heartbreak Hotel", 1956)
1998 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("That's All Right", 1954)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Suspicious Minds", 1969)
1999 HMV Music Of The Millenium Poll

- Most Influential Musician No. 2
- Best Male Singer
2000 American Music Awards - Artist Of the '50s
2001 Gospel Music Hall of Fame
2002 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Don't Be Cruel")
2004 UK Music Hall Of Fame
2005 Most Successful Act Of All Time
2007 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", 1960)
2017 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Jailhouse Rock", 1957)

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† 16.8.1977

v 50. a 60. letech backedná skupina The Jordanaires: Gordon Stoker, Hoyt Hawkins, Neal Matthews, Hugh Jarrett

26.6.1977 poslední gig (Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, USA)

Compilation Appearances:

"Stuck on You" / "Suspicious Minds" / "Heartbreak Hotel" / "Devil In Disguise" / "Hound Dog" on OST "Lilo & Stitch" (11.6.02, Walt Disney)
"It's Now Or Never" on OST "The In-Laws: Music from the Motion Picture" (20.5.03, Bulletproof Entertainment)
"Kentucky Rain" on compilation "Songs From the Brown Hotel" (16.8.05, Junket Boy)
"Crawfish" on OST "The Future Is Unwritten" (3.4.07, Legacy)

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