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Personal Data:

Born: 01.04.1971 (Long Island, New York, USA, as Clifford Smith)
METHOD MAN (photo)


1993-cca 3/07 Wu-Tang Clan

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Tical02.01.1995Def Jam/Island 4
2.Tical 2000: Judgement Day16.11.1998Def Jam49 2
& Redman
11.10.1999Def Jam45 3
4.How High
& Redman
11.12.2001Def Jam
5.Tical 0: The Prequel18.05.2004Def Jam29 2
6.Street Education
presents Street Life
7.4:21 ... The Day After29.08.2006Def Jam 8
8.Taste Of Tical Zero Vol 308.10.2007Nocturne
9.Back to Back: Raw & Uncut
& Streetlife
10.Ticallion22.12.2008J Love
11.Blackout!: 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition
& Redman
19.05.2009Def Jam 90
12.Blackout! 2
& Redman
19.05.2009Def Jam 7
& Raekwon & Ghostface Killah
30.03.2010Def Jam 12
14.Best of27.05.2014Def Jam
15.5 Classic Albums14.10.2014Def Jam
16.The Johnny Blaze Chronicles21.11.2014RGS
17.Straight Gutta17.07.2015Tommy Boy
18.The Meth Lab21.08.2015Tommy Boy 57
19.New Yorks Realest
& Redman
29.04.2016LMGR Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Bring The Pain11/1994 Def Jam 45
2.Release Yo'Self
(v GB 17.4.95)
2/1995 Def Jam46 98
3.I'll Be There For You / You're All I Need To Get By
12",CD + Bring The Pain (remix) / Release Yo Delf
& Mary J Blige,
(v GB 17.7.95)
4/1995 Def Jam10 3
4.How High
& Redman
8/1995 Def Jam 13
5.The Riddler10/1995 56
6.Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance / Get Down For Mine
& RZA & Real Live & Cappadonna
12.08.1996Big Beat 60
7.All Night EP
& Kenny Glasgow
produced by: Mario J
& LL Cool J & Redman & DMX & Canibus & Master P
09.12.1997 75
9.Slam EP
(To The Beat / Electric Flow / Shadow)
& Kenny Glasgow
produced by: Mario J
10.Judgement Day (Remixes)08.02.1999Def Jam
11.Break Ups & Make Ups / Dangerous Grounds
feat. D'Angelo,
(v USA 2/99)
10.05.1999Def Jam33 98
12.Sympathy 2000 / Right Now
& EPMD & Redman
13.Tear It Off
& Redman
8/1999 Def Jam
14.Left & Right
& D'Angelo & Redman
9/1999 Virgin
15.N 2 Gether Now
& Limp Bizkit
11/1999 Flip 73
& Redman
1/2000 Def Jam
17.Disco Biscuit (remixes)02.05.2000Camouflage
18.Round And Round
& Jonell
10/2001 Def Soul/Def Jam 62
19.Part II
& Redman
12/2001 Def Jam 72
20.Def Jam Vendetta
(Stompdas Toutu (Vendetta) (clean mix, dirty mix, instrumental, acappella) / Uh Huh)
& CNN feat MOP
17.03.2003Def Jam
21.Love At First Sight
& Mary J. Blige
21.07.2003Geffen18 22
22.What's Happenin' / Bring The Pain (album version) / The Motto (album version)
feat. Busta Rhymes
19.04.2004Def Jam17
23.The Show / The Prequel13.09.2004Def Jam
24.Rap Legends EP
(I Will Not Lose (dirty) / I Will Not Lose (clean) / I Will Not Lose (instrumental))
& Redman & Lil Easy & 2 Pac
25.Say03.07.2006Def Jam
26.All I Need04.09.2006
27.Release Yo Delf04.06.2007Def Jam
28.Scalp Dem / Tricks Kill People (remix)
& Buju Banton & Supercat
10.11.2008Budget Mix
29.A Yo / City Lights
& Redman
24.04.2009Def Jam
30.Mrs International / How Bout Dat
& Redman
22.07.2009Def Jam
31.Wu Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol 2: Enter The Dubstep EP
(Love Don't Cost (A Thing) / Still Grimey (Nebulla & Dore extended remix) / New Year Banga (Rogue Star remix) / Iconoclasts (Syndasia & Aks extended remix) / Alphabets (Dakimh instrumental remix))
& U God & Bronze Nazareth
17.02.2010Code Of Arms
32.Da Deckwrecka / Test The Meths
& Hellfish
33.The One
& Triggerfinger
1/2016 Sony
& The Knocks


1. Live From The Sunset Strip - 05.11.2007, MVD, live
2. Live In Paris - 09.06.2008, ZYX, live, & Redman


appeared on the LP:

Run D.M.C.: Crown Royal (16.11.99, Arista)
D'Angelo: Voodoo (11.1.00, Virgin)
DJ Clue: The Professional, Part 2 (27.2.01, Def Jam)
Cypress Hill: Stoned Raiders (13.11.01)
Ol' Dirty Bastard: The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones (3/02)
Naughty By Nature: iicons (23.4.02, TVT)
Ginuwine: The Senior (8.4.03, Epic)
Raekwon: The Lex Diamond Story (16.12.03, Ice Water Entertainment)
Tony Touch: The Piece Maker 2 (24.2.04, Koch)
Ol' Dirty Bastard: A Son Unique (21.6.05, Def Jam)
Proof: Searching for Jerry Garcia (9.8.05, Iron Fist)
Tyrese: Alter Ego (19.12.06, J)
DJ Jazzy Jeff: The Return Of The Magnificent (2007, Rapster)
N.A.S.A.: The Spirit Of Apollo (17.2.09, Anti-)

Compilation Appearances:
"Party ..." on compilation "Rush Hour 2" (31.7.01, Def Jam, & Teddy Riley)
"Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Mix)" on OST "Resident Evil" (12.3.02, Roadrunner)
"N 2 Gether Now" on compilation "Live and Unreleased from" (26.2.02, Interscope, & Limp Bizkit)
"You're All I Need' na OST "More Music From '8 Mile'" (3.12.02, Interscope, & Mary J. Blige)
"How High (remix)" on compilation "The Hip Hop Box Set" (20.4.04, Hip-O, & Redman)
"I'll Be There for You / You're All I Need To Get By (Puff Daddy mix)" on compilation "The Hip Hop Box Set" (20.4.04, Hip-O, feat. Mary J. Blige)

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