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Personal Data:

Born: 31.08.1945 (Belfast, Ireland, as George Ivan Morrison)
MORRISON Van (photo)


1957 Deanie Sands & The Javelins (g,sax)
1961 The Monarchs
1961-66 Them

Former Members:

John Platania (g, cca 4/77, cca 6/80, cca 2008); Bobby Tench (g, cca 1/79); Herbie Armstrong (g, cca 1/79-cca 9/79); Chris Michie (g, cca 3/82)

David Hayes (bg, 1973-74, cca 9/79-cca 3/82, cca 2008); Jerome Rimson (bg, cca 7/74-1974); Anthony Jackson (bg, cca 4/77); Mick Feat (bg, cca 1/79)

Pete Wingfield (kb, cca 7/74, cca 9/79-cca 3/82); Jeff Labes (kb, 1970-73, cca 4/77-cca 6/80); Dr John (kb, cca 4/77); Peter Bardens (kb, cca 1/79); John Allair (kb, cca 6/80, cca 2008)

David Shaw (ds, 1973-74); Peter Van Hooke (ds, ?-1974, 1979-84); Dallas Taylor (ds, cca 7/74); Ollie Brown (perc, cca 4/77); Peter Van Hooke (ds, cca 1/79); Tom Donlinger (ds, cca 1982-1985)

John Altman (sax, cca 1/79-cca 9/79); Mark Isham (tr,sax, 1979-84); Pee Wee Ellis (sax, 1979-85)

Toni Marcus (viol, cca 1/79-cca 9/79)

Katie Kissoon (voc, cca 1/79-cca 9/79); Anna Peacock (voc, cca 1/79)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Blowin' Your Mind9/1967 Bang
2.Astral Weeks
produced by: Lewis Merenstein
featuring: Jay Berliner (g), Richard Davis (bg), Connie Kay (ds), John Payne (fl,sax), Warren Smith Jr. (perc)
11/1968 Warner Bros55
featuring: John Platania (g), Jeff Labes (g), Jack Shroer (sax), Gary Mallaber (ds), John Klingberg (ds)
3/1970 Warner Bros32 29
4.His Band & The Street Choir11/1970 Warner Bros 32
5.The Best Of Van Morrison3/1971 President
6.Tupelo Honey
featuring: Jack Shroer (sax), Gary Mallaber (ds), Bill Church (bg), Ronnie Montrose (g), Rick Schlosser (ds), Connie Kay (ds)
10/1971 Warner Bros 27
7.Saint Dominic's Preview
featuring: Jack Shroer (sax), Leroy Vinnegar (bg), Ronnie Montrose (g), Connie Kay (ds), Roy Elliot (g), Mark Naftalin (p)
8/1972 Warner Bros 15
8.Hard Nose The Highway
produced by: Van Morrison
7/1973 Warner Bros22 27
9.It's Too Late To Stop Now
04.03.1974Warner Bros 53
10.T. B. Sheets
11.Veedon Fleece
produced by: Van Morrison
10/1974 Warner Bros41 53
12.Stiff Upper Lip4/1975 Warner Bros
13.A Period Of Transition
produced by: Van Morrison/Dr John
22.04.1977Warner Bros23 43
14.This Is Where I Came In09.09.1977Bang
15.Wavelength10/1978 Warner Bros27 28
16.Into The Music
produced by: Van Morrison/Mick Glossop
featuring: Peter Van Hooke (ds), Herbie Armstrong (g), David Hayes (bg), Mark Jordan (kb), Mark Isham (tr), Pee Wee Ellis (sax)
24.08.1979Warner Bros21 43
17.Common One05.09.1980Mercury53 73
18.The Haunts Of Ancient Peace1980
19.Beautiful Vision19.02.1982Mercury31 44
20.Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart3/1983 Mercury14
21.Live At The Grand Opera House, Belfast02.03.1984Mercury47
22.A Sense Of Wonder2/1985 Mercury25 61
23.No Guru, No Method, No Teacher18.07.1986Mercury26 70
24.The Collection1986 2LP
25.Poetic Champions Compose9/1987 Mercury26 90
26.Irish Heartbeat
& The Chieftains
13.06.1988Mercury18 102
27.Avalon Sunset5/1989 Polydor13 91
28.The Best Of Van Morrison2/1990 Polydor4 41
29.Enlightenment15.10.1990Polydor5 62
30.Pagan Streams1991 2LP
31.Hymns To The Silence
9/1991 Polydor5 99
32.Cuchulainn1/1992 Moles
33.Bang Masters
3/1992 Sony
34.The Lost Tapes Volume I1/1993 Movieplay Gold
35.The Lost Tapes Volume II1/1993 Movieplay Gold
36.The Best Of Van Morrison Volume 215.02.1993Polydor31 176
37.Too Long In Exile31.05.1993Polydor4 29
38.A Night In San Francisco
25.04.1994Polydor8 125
39.Payin' Dues5/1994 Charly
40.Days Like This19.06.1995Exile5 33
41.How Long Has This Been Going On?
& Georgie Fame & Friends
04.12.1995Verve 55
42.The Healing Game2/1997 Exile14 32
43.The Philosopher's Stone
15.06.1998Exile/Polydor20 87
44.Back On Top08.03.1999Pointblank/Virgin11 28
46.Super Hits04.05.1999Legacy/Columbia
47.Bang Demos08.06.1999
48.Back Room13.09.1999
49.The Bang Records Sessions: Midnight Special20.12.1999The Store For Music
50.The Skiffle Sessions - Live In Belfast
& Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber
51.You Win Again
& Linda Gail Lewis
03.10.2000Point Blank/Virgin34 161
52.Down The Road14.05.2002Universal6 25
53.The Complete Bang Sessions
54.Brown Eyed Girl10.06.2003Collectables
55.What's Wrong With This Picture?
produced by: Van Morrison
21.10.2003Blue Note43 32
56.Live In Hamburg
2/2004 Blue Note
57.Music Legends - Van Morrison: The Early Years23.03.2004Brentwood
58.Timeless Classics31.08.2004St. Clair
59.Greatest Collection
& Ted Nugent & Meat Loaf & Lynyrd Skynyrd
07.12.2004Platinum Disc
60.Best of Van Morrison14.12.2004St. Clair
61.Magic Time17.05.2005Exile/Polydor3 25
62.Madame George31.05.2005Pazzazz
63.Here Comes Van Morrison23.08.2005Pazzazz
64.Pay The Devil07.03.2006Exile8 26
65.Superstar Series28.11.2006Pel
66.Director's Cut: Greatest Hits30.01.2007
67.Van Morrison At The Movies12.02.2007EMI17 35
68.Forever Gold: Van Morrison15.05.2007St. Clair
69.The Best Of Van Morrison Volume 311.06.2007EMI23
70.Still On Top: The Greatest Hits22.10.2007Exile2 48
71.Greatest Hits27.11.2007Universal
72.Keep It Simple
produced by: Van Morrison
11.03.2008Exile10 10
73.Van Morrison Collection
(3CD, LP 2+3+4)
74.Tell Me Something: The Songs of Mose Allison18.11.2008Universal
75.Playlist: The Very Best of Van Morrison06.01.2009Playlist
76.Astral Weeks: Live At The Hollywood Bowl09.02.2009EMI61 33
77.The Bang Sessions03.03.2011Purple Pyramid
78.Live on Air10.01.2012IMV/Blueline
79.The Best08.05.2012IMV/Blueline
80.Born to Sing: No Plan B
produced by: Van Morrison
02.10.2012Blue Note15 10
81.Live at the Capitol Theatre Passaic NJ 197906.11.2012Immortal
82.The Complete New York Sessions, ‘6715.10.2013Vinyl Lovers
83.Let's Talk About Us
& Linda Gail Lewis
84.A Glorious Decade12.08.2014Pride
85.The 60s09.09.2014BMG
86.Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue
produced by: Van Morrison/Don Was/Bob Rock
featuring: Bobby Womack, Mavis Staples, George Benson, Joss Stone, P.J. Proby, Clare Teal, Gregory Porter, Mick Hucknall, Natalie Cole, Georgie Fame, Shana Morrison, Steve Winwood, Chris Farlowe, Mark Knopfler, Michael Bublé, Taj Mahal
24.03.2015RCA5 23
87.The Essential Van Morrison
25.08.2015Sony Legacy33 101
88.It's Too Late To Stop Now - Vols 2 3 & 410.06.2016Legacy47 118
89.Keep Me Singing30.09.2016Caroline/Exile4 9
90.The Authorized Bang Collection4/2017 Legacy
91.Roll With The Punches9/2017 Exile4 23
92.Versatile11/2017 Exile38 119
93.You're Driving Me Crazy
& Joey DeFrancesco
27.04.2018Legacy/Sony 76
94.The Prophet Speaks12/2018 Exile40 110
95.Three Chords And The Truth25.10.2019Exile13 57
96.Latest Record Project - Vol 15/2021 BMG5 182
97.What's It Gonna Take?20.05.2022Exile Productions/Virgin62

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Brown Eyed Girl / Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)5/1967 Bang 10
2.Ro Ro Rosey / Chick-A-Boo9/1967 Bang 107
3.Spanish Rose / Midnight Rose11/1967 Bang
4.Come Running / Crazy Love3/1970 Warner Bros 39
5.Domino / Sweet Janine10/1970 Warner Bros 9
6.Blue Money / Sweet Thing1/1971 Warner Bros 23
7.Brown Eyed Girl / Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
8.Call Me Up In Dreamland / Street Choir4/1971 Warner Bros 95
9.Domino / Sweet Janine7/1971 Warner Bros
10.Wild Night / When That Evening Sun Goes Down
(v GB 26.11.71)
9/1971 Warner Bros 28
11.Tupelo Honey / Starting A New Life12/1971 Warner Bros 47
12.(Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball / Old Old Woodstock3/1972 Warner Bros
13.Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) / You've Got The Power7/1972 Warner Bros 61
14.Redwood Tree / Saint Dominic's Preview10/1972 Warner Bros 98
15.Warm Love / I Will Be There27.07.1973Warner Bros
16.Green / Wild Children9/1973 Warner Bros
17.Ain't Nothing You Can Do / Wild Children2/1974 Warner Bros
18.Brown Eyed Girl / Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
19.Caledonia (What Makes Your Big Head Hard?) / What's Up, Crazy Pup
& The Caledonia Soul Express
31.05.1974Warner Bros
20.Bulbs / Cul De Sac
(v USA)
7/1974 Warner Bros
21.Bulbs / Who Was That Masked Man
(v GB)
06.12.1974Warner Bros
22.Kansas City / Joyous Sound22.04.1977Warner Bros
23.Joyous Sound / Mechanical Bliss08.07.1977Warner Bros
24.Cold Wind In August / Moondance10/1977 Warner Bros 92
25.Wavelength / Checkin' It Out9/1978 Warner Bros 42
26.Natalia / Lifetimes23.02.1979Warner Bros
27.Checkin' It Out4/1979 Warner Bros
28.Bright Side Of The Road / Rolling Hills05.10.1979Vertigo63 110
29.Full Force Gale / You Make Me Feel So Free12/1979 Warner Bros
30.Cleaning Windows / Scandinavia
(v USA)
3/1982 Warner Bros
31.Cleaning Windows / It's All In The Game
(v GB)
3/1982 Mercury
32.Scandinavia / Dweller On The Threshold02.07.1982Mercury
33.Cry For Home / Summertime In England (live)
12" + All Saint's Day
34.Celtic Swing / Mr. Thomas
12" + Rave On, John Donne
35.Dweller On The Threshold (live) / Northern Muse (Solid Ground)3/1984 Mercury
36.A Sense Of Wonder / Haunts Of Ancient Peace05.10.1984Mercury
37.Got To Go Back / In The Garden8/1986 Mercury
38.Did Ye Get Healed? / Alan Watts Blues9/1987 Mercury
39.Queen Of The Slipstream / Spanish Steps4/1988 Mercury
40.I'll Tell Me Ma / Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
12",CD + Carrickfergus
6/1988 Mercury
41.Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You) / Contacting My Angel
12" + Listen To The Lion
CD + Irish Heartbeat
6/1989 Polydor74
42.Orangefield / These Are The Days
CD + And The Healing Has Begun
9/1989 Polydor
43.Whenever God Shines His Light / I'd Love To Write Another Love Song
12" + Cry For Home
& Cliff Richard
11/1989 Polydor20
44.Coney Island / Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You)
12" + A Sense Of Wonder
CD + Spirit
2/1990 Polydor76
45.Gloria / Rave On7/1990 Polydor
46.Real Real Gone / Start All Over Again
12",CD + Cleaning Windows
9/1990 Polydor79
47.In The Days Before Rock'n'Roll / I'd Love To Write Another Love Song
12",CD + Coney Island
11/1990 Polydor94
48.Enlightenment / Avalon Of The Heart
12",CD + Jackie Wilson Said
1/1991 Polydor
49.Carrying A Torch
& Tom Jones
3/1991 57
50.I Can't Stop Loving You / All Saints Day
12",CD + Carrying A Torch
& The Chieftains
5/1991 Polydor
51.Why Must I Always Explain? / So Complicated
12",CD + Enlightenment
8/1991 Polydor
52.Gloria / It Must Be You (live)
CD1 + The Healing Has Begun (live) / See Me Through (live)
CD2 + Whenever God Shines His Light / It Fills You Up / The Star Of County Down (all live)
& John Lee Hooker
53.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
& The Chieftains
54.Days Like This / Yo
CD + I Don't Want To Go On Without You / That Old Black Magic
55.Perfect Fit / Raincheck
CD + Cleaning Windows
9/1995 Polydor
56.No Religion / Have I Told You Lately
CD1 + Whenever God Shines His Light / Gloria
CD2 + Days Like This / Raincheck
11/1995 Polydor54
57.That's Life12.02.1996Verve
58.The Healing Game2/1997 Exile46
59.Precious Time22.02.199936
Precious Time Part 225.05.1999
60.Back On Top10.05.199969
61.Philosophers Stone06.09.1999
62.Hey Mr DJ4/2002 Exile58
63.Cry For Home04.06.2007
64.Brown Eyed Girl5/2013 Sony Music60
65.Give Me a Kiss09.10.2015Rhino
66.Dark Night Of The Soul9/2019 Caroline


1. Live At Montreux 1980/1974 - 2/2007, Eagle, live, 150 min
2. Another Glorious Decade - 18.9.2015, Chrome Dreams


1. Van Morrison In Ireland (11/80, documentary)


Ritchie Yorke: Van Morrison: Into The Music (1975)
Steve Turner: Too Late To Stop Now (11/93)


1994 Brit Awards - Outstanding Contribution
1995 Q Awards - Best Author
1995 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals ("Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?", & The Chieftains)
1997 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals (track "Don't Look Back", & John Lee Hooker)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Astral Weeks", 1968)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Moondance", 1970)
2007 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Brown Eyed Girl", 1967)

WWW Links:


21.7.1990 appeared at gigu Roger Waters: The Wall (Berlin)

produced by LP:

No Prima Donna - The Songs Of Van Morrison (1.8.94,Exile/Polydor)
John Lee Hooker: Don't Look Back (3/97, Virgin)

produced by SP:
Dolores O'Riordan & Marianne Faithfull: Dreamin' My Dreams (1996)

appeared on the LP:
John Lee Hooker: Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive (3/72, ABC)
Bill Wyman: Stone Alone (9.2.76, RSR/WEA)
The Band: The Last Waltz (7.4.78, Warner Bros)
The Chieftains: A Chieftains Celebration (4/89, RCA)
Roger Waters: The Wall (Live In Berlin) (9/90, EMI)
John Lee Hooker: Mr. Lucky (4/91, Charisma)
The Chieftains: The Long Black Veil (1/95, RCA)
John Lee Hooker: Chill Out (2/95, Pointblank)
Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison with Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, Mose Allison, Ben Sidran (3/97, Exile/PolyGram)
John Lee Hooker: Best Friends (89-98) (10/98)
Tom Jones: Reload (6.9.99, Gut)
Mark Knopfler: Sailing To Philadelphia (26.9.00, Warner Bros)
Jools Holland: Small World Big Band (19.11.01, WSM)
The Chieftains: The Wide World Over (4.3.02, RCA Victor)
B.B. King: B.B. King & Friends - 80 (13.9.05, Geffen)

Compilation Appearances:
"The Healing Game" on compilation "Across The Bridge Of Hope" (30.11.98)
"TB Sheets" on OST "Bringing Out The Dead" (19.10.99)
"Philosopher's Stone" on OST "Wonder Boys" (15.2.00, Columbia)
"Gloria" on OST "The Sopranos - Music From The HBO Original Series - Peppers & Eggs" (8.5.01, Columbia)
"I'll Be Your Lover Too" on OST "Moonlight Mile" (10.9.02, Hollywood)
"Sweet Thing" on compilation "John Peel - A Tribute" (17.10.05)

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