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Personal Data:

Born: 16.08.1958 (Rochester, Michigan, USA, as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone)
MADONNA (photo)


1979 The Breakfast Club
1980 Emmenon

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Reggie Lucas
7/1983 Sire6 8
2.Like A Virgin
produced by: Nile Rodgers
16.11.1984Sire1 1
3.True Blue15.06.1986Sire/WEA1 1
4.The Biggest Hits Collection1987 Sire
5.Who's That Girl7/1987 Sire 7
6.You Can Dance11/1987 Sire5 14
7.In The Beginning
& Otto Wernkerr
1989 Receiver
8.Like A Prayer
produced by: Madonna
13.03.1989Sire1 1
9.The Early Years10/1989 Receiver
10.I'm Breathless5/1990 Sire/WEA2 2
11.The Best & The Rest Of Madonna And Otto Wernkerr8/1990 Replay
12.The Immaculate Collection
12.11.1990Sire1 2
13.Give It To Me7/1991 Receiver
produced by: Shep Pettibone/Andre Bett
19.10.1992Maverick2 2
15.Best Of The Rest Volume II7/1993 Receiver
16.The Best Of Madonna7/1993 Receiver
17.Bedtime Stories
produced by: Nellee Hooper
24.10.1994Maverick/Sire2 3
18.Something To Remember07.11.1995Maverick3 6
20.Ray Of Light
produced by: Madonna/William Orbit
02.03.1998Maverick/WEA1 2
21.In The Beginning05.10.1998
produced by: Madonna/Mirwais/Mark 'Spike' Stent/William Orbit
18.09.2000Warner Bros1 1
23.The Early Years - Give It to Me09.10.2001Sanctuary
24.GHV2 (Greatest Hits Vol. 2)13.11.2001Maverick2 7
25.Complete Set25.03.2003Lake Shore
26.American Life
produced by: Madonna/Mirwais
21.04.2003Maverick1 1
27.Early Years: Give It To Me
& Otto Van Wernherr
28.Confessions On A Dancefloor14.11.2005Warner Bros1 1
29.I'm Going To Tell You A Secret13.06.2006Warner Bros18 33
30.The Confessions Tour29.01.2007Warner Bros7 15
31.Hard Candy28.04.2008Warner Bros1 1
32.Celebration: Definitive Greatest Hits Collection
29.09.2009Warner Bros1 7
33.Sticky & Sweet Tour06.04.2010Warner Bros17 10
34.The Complete Studio Albums (1983-2008)3/2012 Rhino70
produced by: Martin Solveig/William Orbit
26.03.2012Interscope1 1
36.In a League of Her Own21.08.2012Nibon Silver Fi
37.MDNA World Tour10.09.2013Interscope55 90
38.Rebel Heart06.03.2015Interscope2 2
39.Triumvirate09.06.2015Chrome Dreams
40.The Party's Right Here15.01.2016Goldfish
41.Bits n' Bobs08.04.2016Zip City
42.The Girlie Show: Live08.07.2016Left Field Media
43.The Very Best Of: Radio Waves 1984-199522.07.2016Anglo Atlantic
44.The Best: Live02.09.2016Roxvox
45.Strike the Pose: Live on Air02.09.2016Livewire
46.Blond Ambition Tour 1990: Live in Dallas FM Broadcast18.11.2016Radio Silence
47.The Story So Far31.03.2017Digital Legends
48.Rebel Heart Tour9/2017 Eagle42
49.Madame X14.06.2019Interscope2 1
50.Finally Enough Love24.06.2022Rhino3 8

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Everybody / Ain't No Big Deal14.01.1983Sire 107
2.Lucky Star / I Know It23.09.1983Sire
3.Holiday / Think Of Me
(v USA 9/83)
18.11.1983Sire6 16
4.Lucky Star / I Know It
09.03.1984Sire13 4
5.Borderline / Physical Attraction
(v USA 3/84)
5/1984 Sire56 10
6.Like A Virgin / Stay09.11.1984Sire1 1
7.Material Girl / Pretender1/1985 Sire2 2
8.Crazy For You / I'll Fall In Love Again2/1985 Sire2 1
9.Angel / Burning Up
12" + Angel (Dance Mix)
4/1985 Sire4 5
10.Into The Groove / Shoo-Be-Doo
12" + Everybody
7/1985 Sire1
11.Holiday / Think Of Me7/1985 Sire2
12.Dress You Up / Shoo-Be-Doo8/1985 Sire 5
13.Gambler / Nature Of The Beast
12" + Gambler (Extended Dance Mix) / Gambler (Instrumental)
10/1985 Geffen2
14.Dress You Up / I Know It11/1985 Sire3
15.Borderline / Physical Attraction1/1986 Sire2
16.Live To Tell / Live To Tell (Instrumental)4/1986 Sire1 1
17.Papa Don't Preach / The Pretender6/1986 Sire 1
18.Papa Don't Preach / Ain't No Big Deal6/1986 Sire1
19.True Blue / Holiday9/1986 Sire1
20.True Blue / Ain't No Big Deal9/1986 Sire 3
21.Open Your Heart / White Heat11/1986 Sire 1
22.Open Your Heart / Lucky Star11/1986 Sire3
23.Wild Dancing2/1987 Replay
24.La Isla Bonita / La Isla Bonita (Instrumental)3/1987 Sire1 4
25.Who's That Girl / White Heat6/1987 Sire1 1
26.Causing A Commotion / Jimmy Jimmy8/1987 Sire2 2
27.The Look Of Love / I Know It
12" + Love Don't Live Hear Anymore
11/1987 Sire7
28.Like A Prayer / Act Of Contrition2/1989 Sire1 1
29.Cosmic Club / We Are The Gods4/1989 Replay
30.Express Yourself / The Look Of Love5/1989 Sire3 2
31.Time To Dance (extended, instrumental & radio mix)5/1989 Replay
32.Into The Groove / Who's That Girl5/1989 99
33.Cherish / Supernatural8/1989 Sire2 2
34.On The Street (edit) / On The Street (extended mix)9/1989 Replay
35.Dear Jessie / Till Death Do Us Part
12",CD + Holiday (12" mix)
11/1989 Sire3
36.Oh Father / Pray For Spanish Eyes11/1989 Sire 20
37.Keep It Together / Keep It Together (instrumental)1/1990 Sire 8
38.Vogue / Keep It Together3/1990 Sire1 1
39.Oh My!!! (edit) / Oh My!!! (disco mix)5/1990 Replay
40.Hanky Panky / More6/1990 Sire2 10
41.Shake (extended & instrumental mix)9/1990 Replay
42.Justify My Love / Express Yourself
12" + Justify My Love (extended mix)
19.11.1990Sire1 1
43.Rescue Me (remix) / Spotlight (version)11/1990 Sire2 9
44.Crazy For You (remix) / Keep It Together2/1991 Sire1
45.Holiday / True Blue
12" + Where's The Party / Everybody (remix)
CD + Causin' A Commotion / Who's That Girl
5/1991 Sire5
46.Shine A Light / On The Ground / Little Boy4/1992 Receiver
47.This Used To Be My Playground13.07.1992Sire3 1
48.Erotica / Erotica Remix05.10.1992Maverick2 3
49.Deeper And Deeper23.11.1992Maverick6 7
50.Bad Girl / Erotica (William Orbit Dub)22.02.1993Maverick7 36
52.Rain / Open Your Heart
12",CD + Up Down Suite (Dub)
19.07.1993Maverick4 14
53.Cosmic Club / We Are The Gods
1993 Replay
54.Bye Bye Baby06.12.1993
55.I'll Remember / Secret Graden
12",CD + Why Is It So Hard? (live)
21.03.1994Maverick5 2
56.Secret / Let Your Guard Down (rough mix edit)26.09.1994Maverick5 3
57.Take A Bow28.11.1994Maverick15 1
58.Bedtime Story
CD + Secret (Allstar mix) / Secret (Some Bizarre mixes)
2/1995 Maverick4 42
59.Human Nature / Human Nature (Chorus door slam mix)
CD + I'm Not Your Bitch
14.08.1995Maverick8 46
60.You'll See / You'll See (instrumental)
CD1 + Rain
CD2 + Secret (Junior Luscious club mix) / Sooner Or Later / Bad Girl
23.10.1995Maverick5 6
61.Oh Father / Live To Tell (live)
CD + Why Is It So Hard? (live)
12/1995 Maverick16
62.One More Chance18.03.1996Maverick11
63.Love Don't Live Here Anymore4/1996 78
64.You Must Love Me14.10.1996WEA10 18
65.Don't Cry For Me Argentina16.12.1996WEA3 8
66.Another Suitcase In Another Hall31.03.1997WEA7
67.Frozen23.02.1998WEA1 2
68.Ray Of Light20.04.1998WEA2 5
69.Drowned World (Substitute For Love)17.08.1998Maverick/WEA10
70.The Power Of Goodbye / Little Star23.11.1998Maverick/WEA6 11
71.Let's Get To It
& De La Soul & Unknown
72.Nothing Really Matters01.03.1999Maverick/WEA7 93
73.Beautiful Stranger (Victor Calderone mix)
produced by: William Orbit
07.06.1999Warner Bros2 19
74.Nothing Really Matters (Kruder & Dorfmeister dub)21.06.1999white label
75.Et si...?2/2000
76.American Pie28.02.2000Maverick1 29
American Pie (Victor Calderone remixes)17.04.2000WEA
77.Music21.08.2000Maverick/Warner Bros1 1
78.Don't Tell Me / Cyber-Raga20.11.2000Warner Bros4 4
Don't Tell Me (Timo Maas remix)18.12.2000WEA
79.What It Feels Like For A Girl09.04.2001Maverick/Warner Bros7 23
What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond 12" club mix, Paul Oakenfold Perfecto mix)23.04.2001Maverick
What It Feels Like For A Girl (Calderone & Quayle "Dark Side" mix, Tracy Young "Cool Out" radio mix, Richard Vission "Velvet Masta" mix)14.05.2001Warner Bros
What It Feels Like For A Girl / Lo Que Siente La Mujer17.12.2001Maverick
80.Die Another Day22.10.2002Warner Bros3 8
81.American Life
12" + American Life (radio edit) / Die Another Day (Calderone & Quayle "Afterlife" mix)
CD1 + American Life (radio edit, Missy Elliot "American Dream" remix, Peter Rauhofer's "American Anthem Part 1" mix)
CD2 + American Life (radio edit, Oakenfold downtempo remix, Felix Da Housecat's "Devin Dazzle" club mix)
14.04.2003Warner Bros2 37
82.Borderline / Lucky Star (extended mix)
83.Like A Virgin / Stay
84.Human Nature
12" Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont's "Thin White Duck" mix, radio edit, Oakenfold full mix)
CD1 Hollywood (radio edit, Oakenfold full remix, Deepsky's "Home Sweet Home" vocal remix)
CD2 Hollywood (radio edit, Jaques Lu Cont's "Thin White Duck" mix, The Micronauts remix)
Hollywood (The Micronauts remix, Oakenfold full remix & 12" dub, Calderone & Quayle "Glam" mix, Jacques Lu Cont's "Thin White Duck" mix, Deepsky's "Home Sweet Home" vocal remix)14.07.2003Maverick
86.Me Against The Music
& Britney Spears
10/2003 Jive2 35
87.Remixed & Revisited EP
(Nothing Fails (Jason Nevins Mix) / Love Profusion (Headcleaner Rock Mix) / Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Old School Mix) / American Life (Headcleanr Rock Mix) / Like a Virgin/Hollywood Medley / Into The Hollywood Groove (The Passengerz Mix) / Your Honesty)
25.11.2003Maverick 115
88.Love Profusion / Nobody Knows Me / Nothing Fails25.11.2003Maverick11
89.Nothing Fails08.12.2003Warner Bros
90.Me Against The Music (video mix, The Trak Starz remix, Gabriel & Dresden club mix, Peter Rauhofter's radio mix, The Mad Brit Mixshow mix, Bloodshy & Avant "Dubbie Style" remix, Kanye West remix)
& Britney Spears
91.Club Cuts 250
(Music (Blue Amazon remix) / My Baby Boy's A Son Of A Gun (Guy Garrett mix) / Halloween's Nightmare)
& Beyonce & Marvin Gaye & JX
92.Rauhofer Live @ The Roxy 4
(Mother & Father (Peter Rauhofer Re Invention mix) / Kinda New (Tiefschwarz dub - Peter Rauhoffer edit))
& Spektrum & Robbie Rivera & DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta
07.03.2005Star 69
93.Hung Up
produced by: Stuart Price
07.10.2005Warner Bros1 7
94.Sorry / Let It Will Be20.02.2006Warner Bros1 58
95.Confessions Remixed
(Hung Up (SDP's extended vocal) / Hung Up (SDP's extended dub) / Sorry (Man With Guitar mix) / Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont mix) / I Love New York (Thin White Duke mix) / Let It Will Be (Paper Faces mix))
10.04.2006Warner Bros
96.Get Together
12" + Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont mix) / Get Together (Tiefschwarz remix) / I Love New York (Thin White Duke mix)
10.07.2006Warner Bros7
97.Jump / History06.11.2006Warner Bros9
98.4 Minutes
feat. Justin Timberlake
21.04.2008Warner Bros1 3
99.Give It 2 Me4/2008 Warner Bros 57
Give It 2 Me14.07.2008Warner Bros7
100.4 Minutes - Give It 2 Me / Ring My Bell08.09.2008Warner Bros
101.Miles Away01.12.2008Warner Bros39
produced by: Madonna/Paul Oakenfold
03.08.2009Warner Bros3 71
103.It's So Cool9/2009
104.Revolver14.12.2009Warner Bros
Revolver (Madonna vs David Guetta One Love remix, Paul Van Dyk remix, Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill remix, Paul Van Dyk dub, Madonna vs David Guetta One Love version) / Celebration05.03.2010Warner Bros
105.Give Me All Your Luvin'
& M.I.A.
(featuring Nicki Minaj)
2/2012 Interscope37 10
106.Girls Gone Wild3/2012 Interscope73
107.Masterpiece3/2012 Interscope68
108.Turn Up The Radio06.08.2012
109.Ray of Light / Has to Be16.09.2014JDC
111.Living For Love20.12.2014Interscope26
112.Devil Pray12/2014
113.Bitch, I'm Madonna
featuring Nicki Minaj
6/2015 84
feat. Maluma
115.I Rise03.05.2019
& Quavo
117.Levitating (The Blessed Madonna remix)
& Dua Lipa & Missy Elliott
8/2020 Warner5


1. Madonna: Ciao Italia - Live - 1988, WEA Music, live
2. The Immaculate Collection (On the Road, Behind The Scenes And In The Bed With Madonna) - 1990, directed by Alek Keshishian
3. Madonna: Blonde Ambition World Tour Live - 1991, Pioneer, live
4. Exposed - 8/1993, Wienerworld
5. Madonna -- Live Down Under: The Girlie Show - 1993, live
6. The Girlie Show - 1994
7. The Video Collection - 1999, Warner Music Vision
8. Music - 8/2000, Warner Music Vision
9. Ultimate Collection - 9/2000, Warner Vision Intl.
10. What It Feels Like For A Girl - 4/2001, Warner Vision Intl.
11. The Drowned World Tour 2001 - 13.11.2001, Maverick/Warner Bros, live
12. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret - 13.06.2006, Warner Bros, live
13. The Confessions Tour - 30.01.2007, Warner Bros, live, 121 min
14. Celebration - 28.09.2009, Warner Bros, 2DVD


1. A Certain Sacrifice (1982, starring, directed by Stephen John Lewicky)
2. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985, starring + music by, directed by Susan Seidelman)
3. Vision Quest (1985, starring + music by, directed by Harold Becker)
4. Shanghai Surprise (1986, starring, directed by Jim Goddard)
5. Who's That Girl (8/1987, starring, directed by James Foley)
6. Bloodhounds Of Broadway (1989, starring, directed by Howard Brookner)
7. Dick Tracy (1990, starring + music by, directed by Warren Beatty)
8. Truth Or Dare, In Bed With Madonna (1991, starring+music by, directed by Alek Keshishian)
9. Shadows And Fog (1991, starring, directed by Woody Allen)
10. A League Of Their Own (1992, starring, directed by Penny Marshall)
11. Body Of Evidence (directed by Uli Edel, starring)
12. Snake Eyes (1993)
13. Dangerous Game (1994)
14. Four Rooms (1995)
15. Girl 6 (1996)
16. Evita (1996, starring+music by)
17. Chicago (1998, starring)
18. The Next Best Thing (2000, starring, directed by J. Schlesinger)
19. Swept Away (10/2002, starring, directed by Guy Ritchie)
20. Die Another Day (2002, starring)
21. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (6/2006, Warner Bros, 2004 Re-Invention Tour document, directed by Jonas Akerlund)
22. Filth And Wisdom (2/2008, directed by Madonna)
23. Madonna And The Breakfast Club (12.3.2019)


1. Julia Edenhofer: Madonna (Bratislava, 1991)
2. Debbi Voller: Madonna. The New Illustrated Biography (1990)
3. Madonna: Sex (10/1992)
4. Lee Randall: The Madonna Scrapbook (9/93)
5. Debbi Voller: The New Madonna Style Book (1999, Omnibus Press)
6. Madonna: Yakov and the Seven Thieves (21.6.2004, Callaway Arts & Entertainment, USA)
7. Christopher Ciccone: Life With My Sister Madonna (15.7.2008, Simon Spotlight Entertainment)


1989 Rolling Stone

- Worst Female Vocal (Readers' Vote)
- Best Video ("Like A Prayer") (Critics' Vote)
1990 Rolling Stone
- Best Single ("Vogue") (Readers' Vote)
- Best Video ("Vogue") (Readers' Vote a kritiků)
1990 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Art Direction ("Vogue")
1991 Grammy Awards - Best Music Video - Long Form ("Madonna: Blonde Ambition World Tour Live")
1993 MTV Video Music Awards
- Best Cinematography ("Rain")
- Best Art Direction ("Rain")
1995 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Female Video ("Take A Bow")
1998 MTV Video Music Awards
- Best Video Of The Year ("Ray Of Light")
- Best Female Video ("Ray Of Light")
- Best Direction ("Ray Of Light")
- Best Special Effects ("Frozen")
- Best Editing ("Ray Of Light")
- Best Choreography ("Ray Of Light")
1998 MTV Europe Music Awards
- Best Femal Act
- Best Album ("Ray Of Light")
1998 Rock & Pop Rock Awards/Readers - Female Personality of the Year
1998 Grammy Awards
- Best Dance Recording (track "Ray Of Light")
- Best Pop Album ("Ray Of Light")
- Best Recording Package ("Ray Of Light")
- Best Short Form Music Video ("Ray Of Light")
1998 Versace Award
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Like A Virgin", 10 mil. copies)
1999 MTV Music Video Awards - Best Video From A Film ("Beautiful Stranger")
1999 HMV Music Of The Millenium Poll - Best Female Singer
1999 Grammy Awards - Best Song For Motion Picture/TV ("Beautiful Stranger")
2000 Music Video Awards - Best Pop Clip Of The Year ("Music")
2000 MTV Europe Music Awards
- Best Dance
- Best Female
2000 Rolling Stone Pop 100 All-Time #4 ("Like A Virgin")
2000 Poll - Record Sleeve Of The Year ("Music")
2000 Rock & Pop Rock Awards
- Best International Video ("Music")
- Female Personality of the Year
20000 Grammy Awards - Best Recording Package ("Music")
2001 Brit Awards - Best International Female Solo Artist
2001 VH1 Top 100 Videos Ever #2 ("Like A Prayer")
2002 American Music Awards - Michael Jackson International Artist of the Year
2004 DanceStar USA - Best Chart Act
2004 Billboard Music Awards - Hot Dance sales single of the year ("Me Against the Music", & Britney Spears)
2004 UK Music Hall Of Fame
2006 Brit Awards - International Female Solo Artist
2006 NME ShockWaves Awards - Sexiest Woman
2006 World Music Awards - Best Pop Artist ("Hung Up")
2006 Grammy Awards - Best Electronic/Dance Album ("Confessions On A Dance Floor")
2007 Ivor Novello Awards - International Hit Of The Year ("Sorry")
2007 Record of the Year - Best Selling International DVD or VHS ("Confessions Tour")
2007 Grammy Awards - Best Long Form Music Video ("The Confessions Tour")
2008 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
2009 Billboard Touring Awards
- Top Tour ("Sticky & Sweet")
- To Draw
2011 Globe Awards - best original song ("Masterpiece", from "W.E.")
2013 Biggest Selling Female Singles Artist of All Time

2013 Billboard Music Awards - Top Touring Artist
- Top Dance Artist
- Top Dance Album ("MDNA")
2019 Grammy Awards - Best Remixed Recording ("I Rise (Tracy Young's Pride Intro Radio Remix)")

WWW Links:


19.7.2005 appeared at Live Aid (Philadelphia, USA)
16.8.1985 marriede Seane Pennem, rozvod 1989
1988 role v divadelní hře Speed-The Plow
1/1992 sent open letter for her fans to support anti-AIDS charity - the text can be found in Melody Maker 1.2.1992 (News)
own label Maverick Records
1997 own label A Band Apart Records
5/2002 role v stage performance "Up For Grabs" (London)
2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Hyde Park, London, tracks Ray Of Light / Music)

appeared on the LP:

Mirwais: Production (15.5.00, Epic)
Annie Lennox: Songs Of Mass Destruction (2.10.07, Arista)
Maluma: 11:11 (17.5.19)

Compilation Appearances:
"Shanti / Ashtangi" on Foundation For The Preservation Of The Mahayana Tradition benefit compilation "Mantra Mix" (24.10.00, Narada World)
"Lucky Star" on OST "Snatch" (9.1.01, TVT)
"Music" on compilation "pLATINum rhythm" (30.10.01, Maverick Musica)
"American Pie" on AIDS benefit compilation "Between The Covers" (12.9.06, Sony BMG)
"Die Another Day" on compilation "The Best Of Bond...James Bond" (28.10.08)

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