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Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1996

Line-Up (2003):


Chester Bennington - voc
Mike Shinoda - voc,rap
Brad Delson - g
Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - bg
Rob Bourdon - ds
Joseph Hahn - DJ

Former Members:

Scott Koziol (bg, cca 9/01 g.a.)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Hybrid Theory
produced by: Don Gilmore
24.10.2000Warner Bros4 6
2.Reanimation31.07.2002Warner Bros3 2
produced by: Don Gilmore
25.03.2003Warner Bros1 1
4.Live In Texas18.11.2003Warner Bros23 23
5.MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents: Collision Course
& Jay-Z
29.11.2004Warner Bros15 1
6.Maximum Linkin Park14.12.2004Orchard
7.Minutes To Midnight
produced by: Mike Shinoda/Rick Rubin
15.05.2007Warner Bros1 1
8.Road To Revolution - Live At Milton Keynes25.11.2008Machine Shop/Warner Bros58 41
9.A Thousand Suns
produced by: Mike Shinoda/Rick Rubin
14.09.2010Machine Shop/Warner Bros2 1
10.Living Things
produced by: Mike Shinoda/Rick Rubin
25.06.2012Warner Bros1 1
11.Shadow of the Dark: Live 201003.07.2012IDS
12.Burning Live in Lisbon 201226.02.2013Access All Areas
13.Recharged28.10.2013Warner Bros12 10
14.The Hunting Party10.06.2014Warner Bros2 3
15.One More Light19.05.2017Warner Bros4 1
16.One More Light Live15.12.2017Warner Bros32 28

Mike Shinoda:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Rising Tied / Fort Minor12/2005 Warner Music
2.The Raid: Redemption
& Joseph Trapanese
11.12.2015Relativity Entertainment
3.Post Traumatic15.06.2018Warner Bros20 16
4.Dropped Frames, Vol. 110.07.2020Kenji Kobayashi Productions
5.Dropped Frames, Vol. 230.07.2020

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.One Step Closer9/2000 Warner Bros24 75
2.Crawling02.04.2001Warner Bros16 79
3.Papercut18.06.2001Warner Bros14
4.In The End / In The End (live) / Points Of Authority (live)
CD2 + A Place for my Head (live) / Step Up
01.10.2001Warner Bros8 2
5.High Voltage / Points Of Authority29.07.2002Warner Bros9
6.Somewhere I Belong / Shut Up (live)
CD + My December (live)
17.03.2003Warner Bros10 32
7.Faint / Lying From You (live)
CD1 + Somewhere I Belong
CD2 + One Step Closer (Reanimated live) / Faint (live)
09.06.2003Warner Bros15 48
8.Numb9/2003 Warner Bros14 11
9.Lying For You3/2004 58
10.Breaking The Habit17.07.2004Warner Bros39 20
11.Numb / Encore
& Jay-Z
22.11.2004Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam14 20
12.Breaking The Jungle / Pardon My Jungle
& Incubus
13.Numb / Encore
& Jay-Z
4/2007 Warner Bros41
14.What I've Done / Faint (live)
CD2 + From The Inside (live)
07.05.2007Machine Shop/Warner Bros6 7
15.Given Up5/2007 Machine Shop/Warner Bros 99
16.Bleed It Out
(v GB 20.8.07)
5/2007 Machine Shop/Warner Bros29 52
17.Shadow Of The Day / No More Sorrow (Third Encore session)
CD + Bleed It Out (live from Projekt Revolution)
12.11.2007Warner Bros46 15
18.Given Up10.03.2008Warner Bros
19.We Made It
& Busta Rhymes
5/2008 Aftermath/Interscope10 65
20.Faint5/2008 Warner Bros
21.Leave Out All The Rest7/2008 Warner Bros90 94
22.Songs From The Underground EP11/2008 Machine Shop 96
23.New Divide5/2009 Machine Shop19 6
24.The Catalyst02.08.2010Machine Shop40 27
25.Waiting For The End9/2010 Warner Bros90 42
26.Blackout10/2010 Warner Bros
27.A Thousand Suns: Puerta De Alcala EP2/2011 122
28.Burning In The Skies3/2011
29.Iridescent30.05.2011Warner Bros93 81
30.Rolling In The Deep7/2011 Warner Bros42
31.Crawling7/2011 Warner Bros
32.Burn It Down4/2012 Warner Bros27 30
33.Lost In The Echo7/2012 95
34.Castle Of Glass11/2012
35.A Light That Never Comes
& Steve Aoki
9/2013 Warner Bros34 65
36.Guilty All The Same
featuring Rakim
37.Until It's Gone06.05.2014Warner Bros78
38.Final Masquerade6/2014 Warner Bros
& Daron Malakian
03.06.2014Warner Bros
41.All For Nothing
feat. Page Hamilton
6/2014 Warner Bros
42.Keys To The Kingdom6/2014 Warner Bros
feat. Kiiara
18.02.2017Warner Bros43 45
44.Battle Symphony17.03.2017Warner Bros
45.Good Goodbye
& Stormzy
(feat Pusha T)
46.Points Of Authority7/2017
48.A Place For My Head7/2017
49.With You7/2017
50.From The Inside7/2017
51.Lying From You7/2017
52.Be Myself7/2017
53.Pushing Me Away7/2017
55.Don't Stay7/2017
56.My December7/2017
57.Cure For The Itch7/2017
58.In The End7/2017 37
59.Numb7/2017 34
61.She Couldn't8/2020 Warner

Mike Shinoda:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Post Traumatic EP
(Place To Start / Over Again / Watching As I Fall)
2.Crossing A Line29.03.2018
3.Nothing Makes Sense Anymore29.03.2018
4.About You26.04.2018
5.Open Door10.07.2020
6.Happy Endings
& Upsahl
(feat. Iann Dior)
7.It's Going Down / X-Ecution Of A Bum Rush
& Mr Hahn & X-Ecutioners
01.04.2002Epic7 85


1. Frat Party At The Pankake Festival - 21.01.2002, Warner Music Vision
2. Linkin Park Live in Texas - 18.11.2003, Warner Bros, live
3. Road To Revolution - 25.11.2008, Machine Shop/Warner Bros, live, 90 min


1. Crank (9/2006, starring Chester Bennington)


2001 Billboard Music Awards - Modern rock artist of the year
2001 Big Beng! Čtenářská Awards - International Best New Artist
2001 Grammy Awards - Best Hard Rock Performance (track "Crawling")
2002 MTV Video Music Awards - Best rock video ("In The End")
2002 MTV Europe Awards

- Best Group
- Best Hard Rock Act
2003 MTV Asia Awards
- Favourite Rock Act
- Favourite Video ("Pts of Authority (Remix)")
2003 MTV Video Music Awards - Best rock video ("Somewhere I Belong")
2003 World Music Awards - Best rock group
2003 American Music Awards - Favorite Alternative Music Artist
2004 MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Rock
2005 Grammy Awards - Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (track "Numb/Encore", & Jay-Z)
2007 MTV Europe Music Awards - Band of 2007
2007 American Music Awards - Favourite Alternative Rock Band
2008 MTV Video Awards - Best Rock Video ("Shadow Of The Day")
2009 MTV Europe Music Awards - Best World Stage Performer
2010 MTV European Music Awards - Best Live Act
2011 MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Rock
2012 MTV EMA Awards - Best Rock
2012 American Music Awards - Artist - Alternative Rock
2013 MTV Europe Music Awards - Best World Stage
2014 MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Rock
2017 American Music Awards - Favorite Artist - Alternative Rock

WWW Links:


original name Xero; Hybrid Theory

Compilation Appearances:

"Runaway" / "One Step Closer" on live CD "Family Values Tour 2001" (7.5.02, Elektra)
"Session" on OST "Matrix Reloaded: The Album" (6.5.03, Maverick)
"Iridescent" on OST "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" (13.6.11)
"Blackout (Renholder Remix)" on OST "Underworld: Awakening" (17.1.12)

2.7.2005 appeared at Live 8 (Philadelphia, USA)

Chester Bennington:

appeared on the LP:

Handsome Boy Modeling School: White People (9.11.04, Atlantic)
DJ Z-Trip: Shifting Gears (26.4.05, Hollywood)
Travis Barker: Give The Drummer Some (22.2.11)
Mark Morton: Anesthetic (1.3.19)

Mike Shinoda:

appeared on the LP:

Handsome Boy Modeling School: White People (9.11.04, Atlantic)

produced by LP:
Lupe Fiasco: Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (29.8.06, Atlantic)

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