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Personal Data:

Born: 16.08.1968 (New York City, USA, as James Todd Smith)
LL COOL J (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Radio1/1986 Def Jam71 46
2.Bigger And Deffer6/1987 Def Jam54 3
3.Walking With A Panter6/1989 Def Jam/Columbia43 6
4.Mama Said Knock You Out8/1990 Def Jam/Columbia49 16
5.14 Shots To The Dome4/1993 CBS74 5
6.Mr Smith21.11.1995Def Jam 20
7.All World - Greatest Hits
04.11.1996Def Jam35 29
8.Phenomenon23.09.1997Def Jam37 7
9.The Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.)12.09.2000Def Jam29 1
10.1015.10.2002Def Jam26 2
11.L.L. Cool J Taro05.08.2003P-Vine Japan
12.THE DEFinition31.08.2004Def Jam66 4
13.Todd Smith10.04.2006Def Jam 6
14.Legends Vol 508.10.2007Nocturne
15.Exit 1309.09.2008Def Jam 9
16.The Return Of The GOAT
& DJ Kayslay
17.All World 208.12.2009Def Jam
18.Icon01.05.2012Def Jam
19.Authentic26.04.2013429 23
20.5 Classic Albums14.10.2014Def Jam
21.Live in Maine, Colby College, 198524.06.2016Nightclub Series

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Need A Beat11/1985
2.I Can't Live Without My Radio1/1986 95
3.Rock The Bells3/1986 98
4.I'm Bad5/1987 71 84
5.I Need Love7/1987 Def Jam/Columbia6 14
6.Go Cut Creator Go11/1987 66
7.Going Back To Cali / Jack The Ripper2/1988 Def Jam/Columbia37 31
8.I'm That Type Of Guy5/1989 Def Jam/Columbia43 15
9.I'm Gonna Knock You Out1990 Def Jam
10.Jingling Baby08.01.1990
11.To Da Break Of Dawn01.06.1990
12.The Booming System02.08.1990Def Jam/Columbia83 48
13.One Shot Of Love?
14.Around The Way Girl / Mama Said Knock You Out19.11.1990Def Jam/Columbia11 9
15.Mama Said Knock You Out07.03.1991Def Jam/Columbia 17
16.6 Minutes Of Pleasure9/1991 95
17.Strictly Business12.11.1991
18.Buckin' Em Down1993
19.How I'm Comin'29.03.1993Columbia37 57
20.Back Seat (Of My Jeep)6/1993 Def Jam 42
21.Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag / Back Seat Of My Jeep08.06.1993 96
22.Stand By Your Man05.10.1993
23.Hey Lover
feat. Boyz II Men
31.10.1995Def Jam17 3
24.Doing It
(v GB 27.5.96)
20.02.1996Def Jam15 9
25.Loungin'26.08.1996Def Jam7 3
26.This Is For The Lover In You
& Babyface & Howard Hewett & Jody Watley & Jef
21.10.1996Epic12 6
27.Ain't Nobody09.12.1996Geffen1 46
28.Hot Hot Hot06.10.1997Def Jam
29.Phenomenon20.10.1997Def Jam9 55
& Redman & DMX & Canibus & Master P
(featuring Method Man)
09.12.1997 75
31.Father1/1998 Def Jam10 18
32.Dear Mallika
& The Rapsody
& Dr Dre
& Keith Murray
19.10.1998Jive/Rough Trade52
36.Say What03.08.1999
37.Stand By Your Man31.12.1999
38.Rippers Strike Back31.12.1999
39.Hot Hot Hot31.12.1999
40.Ill Bomb
& Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap
3/2000 Def Jam
41.Shut 'Em Down
& Hole
03.04.2000Atlantic/east west
42.Imagine That27.06.2000Def Jam 98
43.Take It Off19.09.2000
44.You & Me17.10.2000Def Jam
45.Fatty Girl
& Ludacris & Keith Murray
25.09.2001FB 87
46.Blink Blink
& Spax
47.Luv U Better
feat. Marc Dorsey
8/2002 Def Jam7 4
Luv You Better / Fa Ha (radio edit, LP version, instrumental)02.09.2002Def Jam
48.Paradise / After School (radio mix, LP version, instrumental)
feat Amerie
02.12.2002Def Jam18 36
49.Focus (remix)
& Joe Budden
30.12.2002Def Jam
50.All I Have
& Jennifer Lopez
3/2003 Epic2 1
51.Born To Love You / Amazin' (radio mix with rap), instrumental, acappella)
(introducing Kandice Love)
14.04.2004Def Jam
52.Headsprung / Feel The Beat
produced by: Timbaland
22.06.2004Def Jam25 16
53.Hush / Rub My Back
feat. 7 Aurelius
13.09.2004Def Jam 26
54.Hush / The Truth / Luv U Better / Hey Lover
feat. 7 Aurelius
14.02.2005Def Jam3
55.It's LL & Santana / What You Want09.01.2006Def Jam
56.Control Myself
feat. Jennifer Lopez
13.02.2006Def Jam2 4
57.DMC Club Cuts 281 EP
(Say Say Say (DMC remix) / Lose Control vs Looking For The Perfect Beat (Guy Garrett remix) / America (I Love America) (Zest remix) / Jerk It Out vs Wild Thing (Cheekyboy remix))
& Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force & Full Intention & Caesars & Tone Loc & Hi Tack
58.No Letting Go Remix
& Dutchess & Wayne Wonder
59.Walking In My Shoes / I Refuse / Flip It / Favourit Flavor / High & Dry
& Bilal & Emily King & Big & Urban Mystic & Rick Ross & Rampage & Sean Paul
(feat Mary J Blige)
02.10.2006Bacon & Eggs
60.I Can't Live Without My Radio / I Give You More / I Can't Live Without My Radio (instrumental)
21.05.2007Def Jam
61.I Need A Beat
21.05.2007Def Jam
62.I Want You / Dangerous21.05.2007Def Jam
63.New York Gangstas14.01.2008Violator
64.I Cry5/2008 Def Jam
featuring The-Dream
7/2008 Def Jam56 52
66.Fresh R & B Volume 1
(Fresh (Cover remix 2007) / Love Somebody / City Of Angels / A Public Affair (Scooter remix) / Cruel / Favorite Flavor)
& Jean & Sean Paul & Jessica Simpson & Mary J Blige & Hani & Mandisa & Velvet
09.06.2008Fresh Rare R&B
67.Ultimate Remixes Collection
(Rampage / Listen Up / Run It (Duke Dumont mix) / Mama Said Knock You Out (12" remix) / Rock The Bells / Pink Cookies In A PLastic Bag (remix))
09.03.2009Hip Hop Classic
68.Accidental Racist
& Brad Paisley
4/2013 77
69.Trip To Your Heart / Mama Said Knock You Out
& Sly And The Family Stone


1. The Hard Way (1990, starring)
2. Jimi (1994, starring)
3. Toys (starring)
4. In Too Deep (starring)
5. In The House (starring, TV sitcom)
6. Halloween H20 (1998, starring, directed by S. Miner)
7. Deep Blue Sea (1999, starring)
8. Deliver Us From Eva (2001, starring)
9. S.W.A.T. (2003, starring, directed by Clark Johnson)
10. Edison (2004, starring, directed by David J. Burke)
11. Mindhunters (2004, starring, directed by Reny Harlin)
12. Last Holiday (2006, starring, directed by W. Wang)


1991 Grammy Awards - Best Rap Solo Performance (SP "Mama Said Knock You Out")
1996 Grammy Awards - Best Rap Solo Performance (track "Hey Lover")
2001 NAACP Image Awards - Outstanding Hip Hop/Rap Artist ("G.O.A.T.")
2002 Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame
2021 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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LL Cool J = Ladies Love Cool James

3/1991 - MTV Unplugged

appeared on the LP:

KRS-ONE: Civilization Versus Technology (11/1991, Elektra)
Quincy Jones: Q: Soul Bossa Nostra (11/10)

Compilation Appearances:
"I Make My Own Rules" on OST "Private Parts" (2/97, & Flea & Dave Navarro & Chad Smith)
"Crazy Girl" on compilation "Rush Hour 2" (31.7.01, Def Jam)
"We're Gonna Make It" on OST "Madea's Family Reunion" (21.2.06, Motown, feat. Mary Mary)

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