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Personal Data:

Born: 08.05.1911 (Hazelhurst, Mississippi, USA, as Robert Leroy Johnson)
Died: 16.08.1938 (pneumonia)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Country Blues?
2.Blues Roots?
3.The Rural Blues?
4.Mississippi Blues?
5.King of the Delta Blues Singers1961
6.King Of The Delta Blues Singers, Vol 210/1970 CBS
8.The Complete Recordings
29.10.1990Columbia 80
9.Steady Rollin' Man
10.Genius of the Blues18.07.2000Pan Am
11.San Antonio to Dallas: 1936-193730.07.2002Fremeaux & Associes
12.Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Robert Johnson09.09.2003Sony
13.From Four Till Late09.03.2004Snapper Music Group
14.Me and the Devil Blues16.11.2004Synergy
15.Guitar & Bass30.11.2004Sony International
16.Complete Collection01.02.2005Prism Leisure
17.Up Jumped the Devil25.10.2005Pazzazz
18.Me and the Devil
& Peter Green
19.Love in Vain / I'm a Steady Rollin Man25.07.2006Direct Source
20.Hellhound on My Trail08.08.2006Pazzazz
21.High Price of Soul17.04.2007Primo
22.Road to Robert Johnson17.07.2007JSP
23.Last of the Great Mississippi Blues Singers04.09.2007Complete
24.Mississippi Blues, Vol. 409.10.2007Document
25.Blues Biography15.01.2008United Multi Consign
26.They're Red Hot2/2008 Rockwell
27.Centennial Collection26.04.2011Sony Legacy
28.Blues Masterworks28.05.2013Delta Blues
29.The Blues12.08.2014One & Only Blues
30.Drunken Hearted Man14.04.2015Jambalaya
31.Genius of the Blues: The Complete Recordings18.09.2015Soul Jam
32.Crossroads Blues30.10.2015Le Chant du Monde

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sweet Home Chicago1937 Vocalion

Press References:

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