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Sydney, Australia
*  1981+  1990


ICEHOUSE (photo)

Iva Davies - voc,g
Robert Kretschmer - g,voc
Stephen Morgan - bg
Simon Lloyd - kb,voc,tr
Paul Wheeler - ds

Former Members:

Guy Pratt (bg, 1982-cca 1984)
Michael Hoste (kb, 1982-cca 1984); Andy Qunta (kb,voc, 1982-89)
John Lloyd (ds, 1981, 1982-cca 1984)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
(reissue of LP The Flowers: Icehouse, 9/80)
6/1981 Chrysalis 82
2.Icehouse: In Concert6/1981
3.Primitive Man5/1982 Chrysalis
4.Love In Motion
(reissue of "Primitive Man")
2/1983 Chrysalis64
6.Sidewalk5/1984 Chrysalis
7.Measure For Measure3/1986 Chrysalis 55
8.Man Of Colours9/1987 Chrysalis93 43
9.Great Southern Land2/1990 Chrysalis
12.Heroes07.09.2004WEA International
13.12"" Versions & Remixes, Vol. 206.08.2013Repertoire
14.Razorback / Boxes01.04.2014
15.Icehouse: 40th Anniversary24.02.2017

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.We Can Get Together / Paradise Lost
12" + Send Somebody
10.07.1981Chrysalis 62
2.Can't Help Myself / Fat Man9/1981 Chrysalis
3.Love In Motion11/1981 Chrysalis
4.Icehouse / All The Way
12" + Cold Turkey
5.Great Southern Land5/1982 Chrysalis
6.Hey Little Girl / Mysterious Thing
12" + Can't help Myself (US mix)
1/1983 Chrysalis12
7.Street Cafe / Walls
12" + Over The Line
8.Uniform / Great Southern Land
7"(2) + Can't Help Myself / We Can Be Together (live)
9.Taking The Town / Java4/1984 Chrysalis
10.Don't Believe Anymore / Dance On
12" + The Mountain
6/1984 Chrysalis
11.No Promises / The Pefect Crime11/1985 Chrysalis72 79
12.Baby You're So Strange4/1986
13.Mr Big7/1986
14.Paradise / Baby You're So Strange
12" + Hey Little Girl
8/1986 Chrysalis
15.Crazy / Completely Gone
12" + Hey Little Girl
7/1987 Chrysalis38 14
16.My Obsession11/1987
17.Electric Blue / Over My Head
CD + Crazy (manic mix)
2/1988 Chrysalis53 7
18.Man Of Colours2/1988
19.Nothing Too Serious5/1988
20.My Obsession6/1988 Chrysalis 88
21.Touch The Fire / The Last Out
12",CD + Hey Little Girl
9/1989 Chrysalis 84
22.Jimmy Dean2/1990
23.Big Fun7/1990
24.Miss Divine9/1990
25.Anything Is Possible12/1990
26.Hey Little Girl09.06.1997Control/edel


Box (1985, balet)
Sharp (1986)


1980-81 The Flowers

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