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Personal Data:

Born: 13.10.1947 (Monterey, California, USA, as Samuel Roy Hagar)
HAGAR Sammy (photo)


? Justice Brothers
1973-75 Montrose
1975-80 Sam Hagar
1984 HSAS
9/85-7/96 Van Halen
cca 5/02 Project Us
cca 5/04 Van Halen
cca 7/05 Los Tres Guzanos
cca 2/08-cca 6/11 Chickenfoot
cca 3/15-cca 1/20 Sammy Hagar & The Circle


Sammy Hagar - voc
Neal Schon - g
Eddie Van Halen - bg,voc
David Lauser - ds
Jesse Harms - kb,voc

Former Members:

Gary Pihl (g, 1976-85); David Lewark (g, 1977-78)
Bill Church (bg, 1976-85)
Alan Fitzgerald (kb, 1976-79); Geoff Workman (kb, 1980-?)
Scott Matthews (ds, 1977); Denny Carmassi (ds, 1977-79); Chuck Raff (ds, 1979-cca 1980)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Nine On Ten Scale5/1976 Capitol
2.Sammy Hagar25.03.1977Capitol
3.Musical Chairs04.11.1977Capitol 100
4.All Night Long8/1978 Capitol 89
5.Street Machine14.09.1979Capitol38 71
6.Loud And Clear14.03.1980Capitol12
7.Danger Zone5/1980 Capitol25 85
8.Heavy Metal1981
9.Standing Hampton1/1982 Geffen84 28
10.Red Alert - Dial Nine (The Very Best Of Sammy Hagar)10/1982 Capitol
11.Three-Lock Box12/1982 Geffen 17
12.Live 19801983 Capitol
14.Rematch1/1983 Capitol+
15.Through The Fire
credited to: Hagar
5/1984 92
16.Voice Of America8/1984 Geffen 32
17.Looking Back1/1987 Geffen
18.I Never Said Goodbye7/1987 Geffen86 14
19.The Best Of Sammy Hagar8/1989 Warner Bros
produced by: Michael Clink
3/1994 Geffen 51
21.The Anthology11/1994 Connoisseur
22.Marching To Mars
produced by: Michael Clink
featuring: John Pierce (bg), Denny Carmassi (ds), Jesse Harms (kb), Bootsy Collins (bg), Huey Lewis, Matt Sorum (ds), Slash (g), Damon Johnson (g), Mickey Hart (ds)
19.05.1997The Track Factory/MCA 18
23.Red Voodoo
& The Waboritas
23.03.1999MCA 22
24.Ten 1324.10.2000Cabo Wabo/Beyond Music 52
25.Not 4 Sale
& The Waboritas
08.10.200233rd Street
26.Classic Masters08.10.2002Capitol
27.Live - Hallelujah
credited to: Sammy And The Wabo's
20.05.2003Sanctuary 152
28.The Essential Red Collection10.08.2004Hip-O 75
29.Livin' It Up
credited to: Sammy And The Wabos
25.07.2006Cabo Wabo/Rhino 50
30.Cosmic Universal Fashion18.11.2008Loud & Proud/Roadrunner 95
31.Sammy Hagar & Friends24.09.2013Frontiers92 23
32.Lite Roast
with Vic Johnson
14.10.2014E1 Music 188
33.Live from Motor City 198407.08.2015FM Concert Broadcasts
35.Cruisin' & Boozin': Austin, Texas 197713.11.2015Echoes

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Flamingo's Fly / Urban Guerilla25.06.1976Capitol
2.Catch The Wind / Rock'n'Roll Weekend
(v GB)
3.Catch The Wind / Red
(v USA)
3/1977 Capitol
4.You Make Me Crazy / Reckless12/1977 Capitol 62
5.Turn Up The Music / Straight From The Hip Kid5/1978 Capitol
6.Someone Out There / I've Done Everything For You5/1978 Capitol
7.I've Done Everything For You (live) / Bad Motor Scooter (live)22.09.1978Capitol
8.Turn Up The Music / Red / Bad Motor Scooter1979 Capitol
9.(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay / I've Done Everything For You3/1979 Capitol 65
10.Plain Jane / Wounded In Love8/1979 Capitol 77
11.Grooving Pains / Straight To The Top11/1979 Capitol
12.This Planet's On Fire (Burn In Hell) / Space Station No. 511/1979 Capitol52
13.I've Done Everything For You / Red15.02.1980Capitol36
14.Heartbeat / Love Or Money5/1980 Capitol67
15.Heartbeat / Miles From Boredom
(v USA)
5/1980 Capitol
16.Heavy Metal / Satisfied9/1981 Epic
17.Piece Of My Heart / Baby's On Fire12/1981 Geffen67
18.I'll Fall In Love Again / Satisfied12/1981 Geffen 43
19.Piece Of My Heart / Sweet Hitchhiker5/1982 Geffen 73
20.Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy / I Don't Need Love12/1982 Geffen 13
21.Never Give Up / Fast Times At Ridgemont High3/1983 Geffen 46
22.A Whiter Shade Of Pale
& Friends
5/1984 95
23.Two Sides Of Love / Burning Down The City7/1984 Geffen 38
24.I Can't Drive 55 / Pick In The Dirt9/1984 Geffen 26
25.Winner Takes It All / The Fight2/1987 Columbia 54
26.Give To Live / When The Hammer Falls
12" + Standing At The Same Old Crossroads
6/1987 Geffen78 23
27.Eagles Fly / Hands And Knees10/1987 Geffen 82
28.Salvation On Sand Hill11/1996
29.Mas Tequila01.06.1999
30.Serious JUJU10/2000 Cabo Wabo/Beyond Music
31.Things Have Changed9/2002 33rd Street


1. Nash Bridges (starring, 1998)


1978 Bay Area Music Awards - Musician of The Year


appeared on the LP:

Jeff Watson: Lone Ranger (6.4.92, Roadrunner)
Meat Loaf: Welcome To The Neighbourhood (30.10.95, Virgin)
Alice Cooper: Greatest Hits (9/96)
Alice Cooper: A Fistful Of Alice (16.6.97, Angel)
Ted Nugent: ShutUp&Jam! (8.7.14)
Nancy Wilson: You And Me (7.5.21, Carry On Music)

on the LP "Sammy Hagar & Friends (2013) appeared:
Taj Mahal, Bill Church, Denny Carmassi, Neal Schon, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith, Aaron Hagar, Kid Rock, Joe Satriani, David Lauser, Mona Gnader, Vic Johnson, Ronnie Dunn, Toby Keith, Nancy Wilson, Mickey Hart)

Compilation Appearances:
"Birthday" on compilation "The Art Of McCartney" (17.11.14)

Press References:

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