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Personal Data:

Born: 16.08.1928 (New York City, USA, as Edith Gormezano)
Died: 10.08.2013
GORME Eydie (photo)


cca 1963 Steve And Eydie

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Gorme Country Style1/1964 Gl Music Co.
1.The Wonderful Eydie Gormé2011 Digimode Entertainment
2.Navidad Means Christmas
& El Trio Los Panchos
11/1966 GL Music Co.
2.Don't Go to Strangers / Softly As I Leave You31.07.2012Razor & Tie
3.We Can Make It Together
& Steve Lawrence
9/1975 Ember
3.The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
& Steve Lawrence
31.07.2012Razor & Tie
4.Since I Fell for You1981 Real Gone
4.That Holiday Feeling!
& Steve Lawrence
30.10.2012Real Gone
5.Blame It On the Bossa Nova3/1983 GL Music Co. (Gorme
5.The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
& Steve Lawrence
30.10.2012Real Gone
6.Cozy / Two on the Aisle
& Steve Lawrence
6.Velvet Voice11.05.1999
7.Amor / More Amor
& Trio Los Panchos
02.04.2013Real Gone
7.Two on the Aisle / Together on Broadway
& Steve Lawrence
23.07.2002GL Music Co.
8.Personalidad: 20 Exitos03.09.2002Sony
8.Tonight I'll Say a Prayer / It Was a Good Time07.10.2014GL Music Co.
9.An American Treasure04.09.2015Real Gone Music
9.Panchos y Eydie Gorme
& Los Panchos
10.Side by Side
& Steve Lawrence
10.Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
& Steve Lawrence
07.12.2004GL. Music Co.
11.Originales: 20 Exitos05.07.2005Sony International
12.Muy Amigos / La Gorme!13.09.2005GL. Music Co.
13.Silver Screen Songs13.09.2005GL. Music Co.
14.It's Us Again
& Steve Lawrence
09.01.2007GL. Music Co.
15.Eydie Gormé13.03.2007GL Music Co.
16.Eydie Swings the Blues13.03.2007GL Music Co.
17.Tesoros de Coleccion03.04.2007Sony International
18.I'll Take Romance24.06.2008Golden Stars
19.To You, From Us
& Steve Lawrence
20.Eydie in Dixieland12.05.2009GL Music Co.
21.Eydie in Love26.05.2009GL Music Co.
22.Eydie Vamps the Roaring 20's26.05.2009GL Music Co.
23.Love Is a Season26.05.2009GL Music Co.
24.Showstoppers26.05.2009GL Music Co.
25.World of Steve and Eydie
& Steve Lawrence
26.05.2009GL Music Co.

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Besame Mucho
& Stevie Lawrence
2.Too Close For Comfort4/1956 ABC-Paramount 39
3.Mama, Teach Me To Dance7/1956 ABC-Paramount 34
4.I'll Take Romance3/1957 ABC-Paramount 65
5.Your Kisses Kill Me6/1957 ABC-Paramount 54
6.Love Me Forever11/1957 ABC-Paramount18 86
7.You Need Hands5/1958 ABC-Paramount 33
8.Gotta Have Rain7/1958 ABC-Paramount 63
9.The Voice In My Heart12/1958 ABC-Paramount 88
10.Yes My Darling Daughter6/1962 10
11.Blame It On The Bossa Nova1/1963 Columbia32 7
12.Don't Try To Fight It, Baby5/1963 Columbia 53
13.I Want To Stay Here
& Stevie Lawrence
7/1963 CBS3
14.Everybody Go Home9/1963 Columbia 80
15.The Friendliest Thing2/1964 Columbia 133
16.I Want You To Meet My Baby7/1964 Columbia 43
17.Can't Get Over (The Bossa Nova)8/1964 Columbia 87
18.Do I Hear A Waltz3/1965 Columbia 122
19.Just Dance On By5/1965 Columbia 124
20.If He Walked Into My Life
6/1966 Columbia 120
21.Softly, As I Leave You1/1967 Columbia 117
22.Life Is But A Moment (Canta Ragazzina)2/1968 Columbia 115
23.Tonight I'll Say A Prayer11/1969 RCA 45