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Personal Data:

Born: 18.01.1941 (Marianna, Florida, USA)
GOLDSBORO Bobby (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Hello Summertime27.09.1974United Artists
2.I Believe In Music9/1975 Sunset
3.A Butterfly For Bucky03.09.1976United Artists
6.Hello Summertime - Best Of Bobby Goldsboro14.06.1999
7.It's Too Late / Today03.12.2002Beat Goes On
8.Original Artist Hit List18.02.2003Intersound
9.Absolutely the Best15.04.2003Varese
10.Best of, Vol. 129.03.2005Curb
11.Best of, Vol. 229.03.2005Curb
12.Country Legends26.07.2005Brentwood
13.Rock Breakout Years: 196811.10.2005Madacy
14.Country: Bobby Goldsboro28.04.2015BMG

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Molly11/1962 Laurie 70
2.See The Funny Little Clown12/1963 United Artists 9
3.Whenever He Holds You4/1964 United Artists 39
4.Me Japanese Boy I Love You7/1964 United Artists 74
5.I Don't Know You Anymore10/1964 United Artists 105
6.Little Things1/1965 United Artists 13
7.Voodoo Woman4/1965 United Artists 27
8.If You Wait For Love8/1965 United Artists 75
9.If You've Got A Heart9/1965 United Artists 60
10.Broomstick Cowboy12/1965 United Artists 53
11.It's Too Late2/1966 United Artists 23
12.I Know You Better Than That4/1966 United Artists 56
13.Take Your Love7/1966 United Artists 114
14.It Hurts Me8/1966 United Artists 70
15.Blue Autumn11/1966 United Artists 35
16.Goodbye To All You Women3/1967 United Artists 102
17.Jo-Jo Place11/1967 United Artists 111
18.Pledge Of Love12/1967 United Artists 118
19.Honey2/1968 United Artists1 1
20.Autumn Of My Life6/1968 United Artists 19
21.The Straight Life10/1968 United Artists 36
22.Glad She's A Woman1/1969 United Artists 61
23.I'm A Drifter4/1969 United Artists 46
24.Muddy Mississippi Line7/1969 United Artists 53
25.Mornin' Mornin'11/1969 United Artists 78
26.Can You Feel It3/1970 United Artists 75
27.It's Gonna Change7/1970 United Artists 108
28.Watching Scotty Grow12/1970 United Artists 11
29.And I Love You So4/1971 United Artists 83
30.Come Back Home7/1971 United Artists 69
31.With Pen In Hand9/1972 United Artists 94
32.Summer (The First Time)
produced by: Bob Montgomery/Bobby Goldsboro
7/1973 United Artists9 21
33.Hello Summertime
produced by: Bob Montgomery/Bobby Goldsboro
7/1974 United Artists12
produced by: Bobby Goldsboro
14.03.1975United Artists1
35.I Wrote A Song15.08.1975United Artists
36.A Butterfly For Bucky25.06.1976United Artists 101
37.Me And The Elephants3/1977 Epic 104

Press References:

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New Musical Express
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1976026.06.197617Plattersalbum review, single review