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Personal Data:

Born: 15.10.1975 (as Elgin Lumpkin)
GINUWINE (photo)


2007-12/15 TGT

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ginuwine - The Bachelor02.12.1996550/Epic74 26
2.100% Ginuwine15.03.1999550 Music/Epic42 5
3.The Life03.04.2001Epic 3
4.The Senior08.04.2003Epic 6
5.Back II Da Basics21.11.2005Epic 12
6.Greatest Hits21.11.2006Sony
7.I Apologize13.02.2007Siccness
9.X213.05.2008Sony Legacy
10.Super Hits27.05.2008Sbme Special Mkts.
11.A Man's Thoughts23.06.2009Notifi/Asylum 9
12.Elgin15.02.2011Notifi 30

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Pony8/1996 550 Music/Epic 6
2.When Doves Cry02.12.1996550 Music/Epic
3.Pony13.01.1997550 Music/Epic16
4.Tell Me Do U Wanna?12.05.1997Epic16
5.When Doves Cry04.08.1997Music/Epic10
7.What's So Different01.03.1999550 Music/Epic10 49
8.So Anxious5/1999 550 Music 16
9.Same Ol' G09.08.1999
10.None Of Ur Friends Business11/1999 60
11.The Best Man I Can Be
& Tyrese & Case
12/1999 77
12.You Owe Me
& Nas
08.05.2000Columbia 59
13.There It Is3/2001 Epic 66
14.Differences23.10.2001Epic 4
15.Take Away / Get UR Freak On (Superfreakon remix)
& Tweet & Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott
03.12.2001east west 45
16.I Need A Girl (Part Two)
& Loon & Mario Winans & Tammy Ruggieri & P. Diddy
5/2002 Bad Boy 4
17.Crush Tonight
& Fat Joe
9/2002 Terror Squad/Atlantic42 77
18.Stingy (E's "Bootleg Big Room" remix, K's "Bootleg" house dub edit, remix)16.12.2002Epic 33
19.Hell Yeah / Pony ("Ride It" mix)
feat Baby
26.05.2003Epic27 17
20.Love You More / Sex (album version, instrumental acappella) / In Those Jeans13.10.2003Epic 78
21.When We Make Love10/2005 Epic
22.Back II Da Basics Sampler (Want U To Be (album version) / The Club / Glaze In My Eye / Secrets)01.05.2006Sony BMG
23.Pressure / Stomp On 'Em
& Belly
& Shayal
8/2008 Utopia
25.Last Chance6/2009 63
26.Get Involved
feat Timbaland & Missy Elliott
27.Pony7/2015 Epic62
28.Pony (Jump On It)
& Tough Love


1. The Videos - 6/2004, Epic, DVD, 48 min

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