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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Refers
Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1995

Line-Up (2017):


John Feldmann - voc
Phillip Sneed - g
Mike Herrera - bg
Travis Barker - ds

Former Members:

Charlie Paulson (g, 1995-cca 3/2000)
Kelly Lemieux (bg, cca 3/2000)
Darrin Pfeiffer (ds, 1995-cca 3/2000)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Goldfinger27.02.1996Urp Music Distribution 110
2.Songs For Nightclubs04.03.1996SMIS/Sony
3.Hang-Ups08.09.1997Mojo/Universal 85
4.Darrin's Coconut Ass - Live09.11.1999Universal
5.Stomping Ground28.03.2000Mojo/Universal 109
6.Open Your Eyes21.05.2002Mojo/Jive 136
7.Disconnection Notice15.02.2005Maverick
8.Best of Goldfinger19.04.2005Mojo/Jive
9.Hello Destiny...22.04.2008Side One Dummy
10.I Reload24.06.2014Universal
11.The Knife21.07.2017Rise

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Here in Your Bedroom1996 Mojo
2.How Long Can U Go29.07.1996Strictly Rhythm
3.The Lover09.09.1996Sugarcube
4.Gimme Sum Head / Is Brooklyn In The House
& Mister Lee
28.07.1997Mr Lee
5.8.5% / Free Sticky Mechanism
vs. Lochi
produced by: Chris Liberator
(Dave The Drummer & Lawrie Immersi)
6.99 Red Balloons10.04.2000Universal
7.Counting The Days24.07.2000Mojo/Universal
8.Open Your Eyes6/2002 Jive75
9.Spokesman11/2002 81
10.The Skisong
& DJ Daroon
1/2008 Berk Music
(The MT's / Housemate / The MT's (Toby Tobias remix) / Horizon)
10.12.2014What Ever Not
12.House Culture EP
(Night Streets / Love Me Love Me Not / Slow Days / 49th Vatican Avenue / Lonely / Tape #1)
& Nasty Boy & Deep88 & Rhythm 2 Soul & Paul Deepnlow Moore & Reekee

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