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GUY Buddy

Personal Data:

Born: 30.07.1936 (Lettsworth, Louisiana, USA, as George Guy)
GUY Buddy (photo)


1963-? Sonny Boy Williamson

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Crazy Music1965
2.With The Blues1965
3.In The Beginning1965
4.Hoodoo Man Blues1966 Vanguard
5.It's My Life Baby
& Junior Wells
6.Electric Sleep1967
7.Chess Masters1967
8.First Time I Met The Blues1967
9.I Left My Blues In San Francisco1967 Chess
10.Coming At You
& Junior Wells
11.Blues Today1968
12.This Is Buddy Guy1968 Vanguard
13.A Man And His Blues2/1968 Vanguard
14.Buddy And The Juniors
& Junior Mance & Junior Wells
3/1970 Harvest
15.Stone Crazy1971
16.Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues
& Junior Wells
1972 Atlantic
17.South Side Reunion
& Memphis Slim
18.Hold That Plane6/1973 Vanguard
19.I Was Walking Through The Woods1974
20.Drinkin' TNT And Smokin' Dynamite
& Junior Wells
produced by: Bill Wyman
1974 Blind Pig
21.Hot And Cool
produced by: Sam Charters / Buddy Guy / Michal Cuscuna
4/1978 Vanguard
22.Got To Use Your Head9/1979 Blues Ball
23.Pleading the Blues
& Junior Wells
31.10.1979Pure Pleasure
24.The Dollar Done Fell (Live At The Checkboard 1979)1/1982 JSP
25.Breakin' Out3/1982 JSP
26.D.J. Play My Blues8/1982 JSP
27.In The Beginning
& Junior Wells
9/1982 Red Lightning
28.Buddy Guy4/1983 Sugarhill
29.The Original Blues Brothers - Live
& Junior Wells
9/1983 Blue Moon
30.Ten Blue Fingers2/1985 JSP
31.I Was Walking Through The Woods10/1986 Charly
32.Chess Masters1/1987 Charly
33.Buddy Guy On Chess Vol. 11988 Vogue
34.Live at the Checkerboard Lounge1988 Rockbeat
35.Stone Crazy9/1988 Alligator
36.The Chicago Golden Years
10/1988 Vogue
37.I Ain't Got No Money
& Blue Charlie & Joe Johnson
3/1989 Flyright
38.Blues Giant1/1990 Alligator
39.Damn Right, I Got The Blues6/1991 Silvertone43 136
40.First Time I Met The Blues1992 Blues Encore
41.The Complete Chess Studio Recordings
3/1992 MCA
42.The Treasure Untold4/1992 Charly
43.I Cry And Sing The Blues: Master-Works Vol. 2711/1992 Charly
44.Feels Like Rain
produced by: R.S. Field/Dave McNair/John Porter
featuring: Tony Braunagle (perc), Tom Canning (kb), Rick Cortes (bg), Mike Finnegan (voc), Renee Geyer (voc), Martin Grebb (kb,sax,voc), David Grissom (g), Richard Hayward (ds), Darrell Leonard (tr), John Mayall (g), Ian McLagan (p), Bill Payne (kb), John Porter (g), Jimmy Powers (harp), Bonnie Raitt (voc, slide g), Paul Rodgers (voc), Greg Rzab (bg), Phil Shenale (kb), Johnny Lee Schell (g), Joe Sublett (sax), Travis Tritt (voc), Mick Weaver (kb), Joe Yuele (ds)
2/1993 Silvertone36 145
45.Alone & Acoustic
& Junior Wells
3/1993 Black & Blue
46.American Bandstand6/1993 Roots
47.Slippin' In11/1994 Silvertone 180
48.Live / The Real Deal
with GE Smith And The SNL Band
8/1996 Silvertone 186
49.Heavy Love6/1998 Silvertone 163
50.Last Time Around: Live at Legends
& Junior Wells
51.Buddy's Baddest: The Best Of Buddy Guy15.06.1999
52.Vanguard Sessions: The Complete Recordings31.10.2000Vanguard
54.Sweet Tea15.05.2001Silvertone 162
55.Essential Collection22.08.2001Universal
56.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection20.11.2001Chronicles
57.Blue On Blues
& Otis Rush
58.Blues Singer
produced by: Dennis Herring
featuring: B.B. King, Eric Clapton (g), Jim Keltner (ds), Anthony Garnier (bg), James Mathus (g)
03.06.2003Silvertone 188
59.Chicago Blues Festival 1964
& Junior Wells
60.Damn Right, I've Got the Blues15.03.2005Jive
61.Night of the Blues
& Junior Wells
31.05.2005Master Classics
62.Bring 'Em In
produced by: Steve Jordan
featuring: Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Keb' Mo', Steve Jordan (ds), Willie Weeks (bg), Bernie Worrell (kb), Dannie Kortchmar (g)
27.09.2005Jive 152
63.Everyday We Have the Blues
& Junior Wells
08.08.2006Music Avenue
64.Can't Quit the Blues31.10.2006Sony
65.Vanguard Visionaries12.06.2007Vanguard
66.Breaking Out27.05.2008JSP
67.Skin Deep22.07.2008Silvertone/Zomba 68
68.Definitive Buddy14.04.2009Shout! Factory
& Otis Rush & Magic Sam
26.05.2009Floating World
70.Playlist: The Very Best of Buddy Guy30.06.2009Playlist
71.Broken Hearted Blues11.05.2010Blues Boulevard
72.DJ Play My Blues18.05.2010JSP
73.Blues Biography10.08.2010AAO
74.Living Proof30.09.2010Silvertone 46
76.This Is Guy Buddy25.04.2012Vanguard Masters
77.So Many Years Ago13.11.2012Blues Boulevard
78.Live at Legends18.12.2012RCA
79.Listen to This: A Musical Documentary02.07.2013Blueline
80.Rhythm & Blues30.07.2013RCA 27
81.The Blues12.08.2014One & Only Blues
82.Pure Raw Blues
& Junior Wells
20.01.2015Not Now Music
83.Born to Play Guitar31.07.2015Silvertone10060
84.I'll Play the Blues for You...22.01.2016Klondike
85.Live In Chicago '88
& Otis Rush
29.04.2016Forced Exposure
86.The New Generation of Chicago Blues: Singles As & Bs 1958-1962
& Magic Sam
87.The Blues Is Alive And Well6/2018 Sony Music65 69

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Try To Quit You Baby / Sit And Cry (The Blues)1958 Artistic
2.This Is The End / You Sure Can't Do1959 Artistic
3.I Got My Eyes On You / First Time I Met The Blues5/1960 Chess
4.Slop Around / Broken Hearted Blues7/1960 Chess
5.Let Me Love You Baby / Ten Years Ago2/1961 Chess
6.Stone Crazy / Skippin' (Scrapin')2/1962 Chess
7.When My Left Eye Jumps / The Treasure Untold11/1962 Chess
8.Hard But It's Fair / No Lie5/1963 Chess
9.Let Me Love You Baby / Ten Years Ago1964 Chess
10.My Time After Awhile / I Dig Your Wig7/1964 Chess
11.Leave My Girl Alone / Crazy Lover (Crazy Music)7/1965 Chess
12.My Mother / Mother-In-Law Blues10/1966 Chess
13.I Suffer With The Blues / Keep It To Yourself8/1967 Chess
14.She Suits Me To A Tee (I Didn't Know My Mother) / Buddy's Groove11/1967 Chess
15.Mary Had A Little Lamb / Sweet Little Angel1/1968 Vanguard
16.Fever / I'm Not The Best1968 Vanguard
17.Honeydripper / Man Of Many Words
& Dr John & Eric Clapton
8/1972 Atlantic
18.Mustang Sally / Trouble Don't Last
& Jeff Beck
9/1991 Silvertone
19.Where Is The Next One Coming From? / Mustang Sally
CD + Let Me Love You Baby
7/1992 Silvertone
20.I Go Crazy / She's A Superstar2/1993 Silvertone
21.Some Kind Of Wonderful / Too Broke To Spend A Night
CD + I Go Crazy
6/1993 Silvertone
22.The Way You Been Treating Me / This Is The End19.06.2012Jewel
23.This Is The End / I Hope You Come Back Home19.06.2012Jewel
24.Try To Quit You Baby / Sit & Cry19.06.2012Jewel
25.You Sure Can't Do / Sit & Cry19.06.2012Jewel


1. Carlos Santana Presents Blues At Montreux 2004 - 2/2007, Eagle, live, 238 min, & Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown & Bobby Parker


1. The Blues Is Alive And Well In Chicago (1970)
2. Chicago Blues (1970)
3. Out Of The Blacks And Into The Blues (1972)


1991 Grammy Awards - Best Contemporary Blues Album ("Damn Right, I've Got The Blues")
1993 Grammy Awards - Best Contemporary Blues Album ("Feels Like Rain")
1993 The Billboard Century Award
1995 Grammy Awards - Best Contemporary Blues Album ("Slippin' In")
1996 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Instrumental Performance (track "SRV Shuffle", & Eric Clapton & Bonnie Raitt & Robert Cray & B.B. King & Jimmy Vaughan & Dr John & Art Neville)
2001 Blues Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award
2002 W.C. Handy Blues Awards

- Contemporary album of the year ("Sweet Tea")
- Contemporary male artist of the year
- Instrumentalist of the year - guitar
2003 Grammy Awards - Best Traditional Blues Album ("Blues Singer")
2004 W.C. Handy Blues Awards
- Contemporary blues male artist of the year
- Blues album of the year ("Blues Singer")
- Acoustic blues album of the year ("Blues Singer")
2005 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2010 Grammy Awards - Best Contemporary Blues Album ("Living Proof")
2014 Musicians Hall Of Fame
2014 Grammy Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award
2015 Grammy Awards - Best Blues Album ("Born To Play Guitar")
2018 Grammy Awards - Best Traditional Blues Album ("The Blues Is Alive And Well")

WWW Links:


appeared on the LP:

Bill Wyman: Drinkin' TNT And Smokin' Dynamite (24.4.81, Red Lightnin')
Phil Guy: The Red Hot Blues (1982, JSP)
Phil Guy: Bad Luck Boy (8/83, JSP)
John Mayall: Wake Up Call (31.5.93, Silvertone)
Splinter Group: Hot Foot Powder (17.4.00, Artisan)
Jools Holland: Jack O The Green O Friends, Vol. 3 (20.7.04, WEA)
Les Paul & Friends: American Made, World Played (30.8.05, Capitol)

Compilation Appearances:
"I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" (27.11.01, Columbia, & Eric Clapton)
"Feels Like Rain" on John Hiatt tribute LP "It'll Come to You - The Songs of John Hiatt" (13.5.03, Vanguard)
"I Can't Be Satisfied" / "First Time I Met The Blues" on live CD "Lightning in a Bottle" (21.9.04, Columbia/Legacy)
"Voodoo Chile" on live CD "Lightning in a Bottle" (21.9.04, Columbia/Legacy, & Angelique Kidjo & Vernon Reid)
"You Can Make It If You Try" on compilation "Different Strokes for Different Folks" (27.9.05, Epic/Legacy, & John Mayer)

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