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Personal Data:

Born: 25.03.1942 (Memphis, Tennessee, USA, as Aretha Louise Franklin)
Died: 16.08.2018 (pancreatic cancer)
FRANKLIN Aretha (photo)

Former Members:

Cornell Dupree (g, cca 1970)
Jerry Jemmott (bg, cca 1970)
Bernard Purdie (ds, cca 1970)
Richard Tee (p, cca 1970)
King Curtis (sax, cca 1970)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Gospel Soul Of Aretha Franklin1958 Chess
2.The Great Aretha Franklin10/1960 Columbia
3.Aretha1/1962 Columbia
4.The Electrifying Aretha Franklin3/1962 Columbia
5.The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin8/1962 Columbia 69
6.Laughing On The Outside1/1963 Columbia
7.Unforgettable: A Tribute To Dinah Washington8/1964 Columbia
8.Running Out Of Fools12/1964 Columbia 84
9.Once In A Lifetime1965
10.Yeah!!! Aretha Franklin In Person7/1965 Columbia
11.Soul Sister6/1966 Columbia
12.Queen Of Soul1967 Columbia
13.Take It Like You Give It1967 Columbia
14.Lee Cross1967 CBS
15.Songs Of Faith1967 Checker
16.Soul Soul Soul1967
17.Take A Look1967 Columbia
18.I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You10.03.1967Atlantic36 2
19.Greatest Hits: Aretha Franklin 1960/656/1967 Columbia 94
20.Aretha Arrives04.08.1967Atlantic 5
21.Aretha: Lady Soul22.01.1968Atlantic25 2
22.Greatest Hits Vol. 21968 Columbia
23.Soft And Beautiful1968 Columbia
24.The Best Of Aretha Franklin1968 Atlantic
25.Aretha Now14.06.1968Atlantic6 3
26.Live At The Paris Olympia11/1968 Atlantic 13
28.Soul 19692/1969 Atlantic 15
29.Aretha's Gold7/1969 Atlantic
30.Today I Sing The Blues12/1969 Columbia
31.This Girl's In Love With You
produced by: Jerry Wexler/Tom Dowd/Arif Mardin
15.01.1970Rhino 17
32.I Say A Little Prayer1970 Atlantic
33.Sweet Bitter Love1970
34.Spirit In The Dark
produced by: Jerry Wexler/Tom Dowd/Arif Mardin
1970 Rhino
35.Don't Play That Song9/1970 Atlantic 25
36.Aretha's Jazz1971 Atlantic
37.Live At Fillmore West3/1971 Atlantic 7
38.Aretha's Greatest Hits9/1971 Atlantic 19
39.In The Beginning / The World Of Aretha Franklin 1960-19671972
40.Young, Gifted And Black2/1972 Atlantic 11
41.Amazing Grace
6/1972 Atlantic 7
42.The Collection1973 Atlantic
43.Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)
produced by: Quincy Jones
7/1973 Atlantic 23
44.Great Aretha Franklin: The First 12 Sides
2/1974 Embassy
45.Let Me In Your Life3/1974 Atlantic 14
46.With Everything I Feel In Me11/1974 Atlantic 57
47.Two Originals Of Aretha Franklin
1975 Atlantic
48.You / Aretha Arrives
produced by: Aretha Franklin/Jerry Wexler
31.10.1975Atlantic 83
49.Aretha After Hours1976
50.Sparkle6/1976 Atlantic 18
51.Ten Years Of Gold12/1976 Atlantic
52.Aretha's Most Beautiful Songs
1977 Atlantic
53.Greatest Hits1977
54.Sweet Passion10.06.1977Atlantic 49
55.Star Collection1978 Atlantic
56.Star Collection 21978 Atlantic
57.Almighty Fire5/1978 Atlantic 63
58.La Diva10/1979 Atlantic
59.Aretha10.10.1980Arista 47
60.Love All The Hurt Away9/1981 Arista 36
61.Greatest Hits1982
62.Jump To It8/1982 Arista 12
63.The Legendary Queen Of Soul
4/1983 Columbia
64.Get It Right01.07.1983Arista 36
65.That's Soul1984
66.Aretha's Jazz1984
67.Aretha Sings The Blues1985 CBS
68.Best Of Aretha1985
69.30 Greatest Hits
produced by: Aretha Franklin/Tom Dowd/Arif Mardin/Quincy Jones/Jerry Wexler
1985 Rhino
70.Who's Zooming Who
produced by: Aretha Franklin/Narada Michael Walden/Dave Stewart
7/1985 Arista49 13
71.Soul Survivor1986
72.The First Lady Of Soul5/1986 Stylus89
73.The Collection Vol. 1 & 2
9/1986 Castle
74.Aretha Franklin10/1986 Arista51 32
75.Aretha After Hours1987
76.Greatest Hits 1960/651987
77.Never Grow Old1/1987 Chess
78.20 Greatest Hits7/1987 WEA
79.One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism11/1987 Arista 106
80.Soul Sensation
& Percy Sledge
12/1987 Blue Moon
81.So Swell5/1988 Streetlife
82.Through The Storm4/1989 Arista46 55
83.The Great Aretha Franklin3/1990 Collector's
84.Aretha Gospel1991
85.Queen Of Soul - The Atlantic Recordings11.06.1991Atlantic
86.Precious Lord01.07.1991Black Label
87.What You See Is What You Sweat8/1991 Arista 153
88.Jazz To Soul14.07.1992Legacy
89.Aretha Greatest Hits1993 Arista
90.30 Greatest Hits
6/1993 Atlantic
91.Chain Of Fools21.09.1993JDC
92.Greatest Hits 1980-199407.03.1994Arista27 85
93.Very Best Of Aretha Franklin, Vol. 1 & 222.03.19942CD
94.Respect4/1994 That's Soul
95.Gospel Roots7/1994 Charly
96.Queen Of Soul - The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin10/1994 Atlantic20
98.Collection Gold01.09.1995Versailles
100.Early Years11.02.1997
101.Respect & Other Hits10.06.1997
102.Natural Woman & Other Hits10.06.1997
103.Love Songs14.01.1997Rhino
104.Aretha Franklin29.09.1997Arista
105.Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues13.01.1998
106.Think & Other Hits17.03.1998
107.Spanish Harlem17.03.1998
108.A Rose Is Still A Rose23.03.1998Arista 30
109.This Is Jazz #3428.04.1998Columbia
110.Aretha Franklin Sings Standards28.04.1998
111.Divas Live
& Celine Dion & Mariah Carey & Gloria Estefan
06.10.1998Epic 21
112.You Grow Closer20.10.1998
113.Greatest Hits09.11.1998Global38
114.Touch My Soul Presents: Aretha Franklin01.02.1999BMG
115.Amazing Grace: Complete Recordings04.05.1999
116.The Best Of Aretha29.10.1999
117.Greatest Hits07.12.1999Global TV
119.Free Soul: The Classics Of Aretha Franklin30.05.2000
121.Gospel Greats2001
122.Love Songs09.01.2001Legacy
123.What You See Is What You Sweat08.05.2001
124.Aretha's Best15.05.2001Rhino 49
125.Love Songs19.12.2001BMG
126.Best Of Aretha Franklin01.01.2002BMG
127.Precious Lord29.01.2002Delta
128.Indispensables de Aretha Franklin16.04.2002
129.Respect - The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin6/2002 BMG TV/WSM15
130.Aretha And Otis11.06.2002
131.The Queen In Waiting (The Columbia Years 1960-1965)24.09.2002Legacy
132.Best Of Aretha Franklin2003 Paradiso
133.Platinum & Gold Collection17.06.2003Arista
134.Hall of Fame08.07.2003Delta
135.So Damn Happy16.09.2003Arista 33
137.Lady Soul07.09.2004Brentwood
138.Jazz Moods: 'Round Midnight19.04.2005Sony
139.Natural Woman13.06.2005Brentwood
140.Don't Fight The Feeling21.06.2005
141.Legends Of Soul: Very Best Of Aretha Franklin15.08.2005
143.Precious Lord24.01.2006Passport
144.Aretha Franklin Collection14.03.2006Madacy
145.Joy to the World13.06.2006BMG Special Products
146.30 Greatest Hits10.07.2006Atlantic16 6
147.Live at Fillmore West
148.Collections03.10.2006Sony BMG
149.Aretha Sings Gospel Greats
& Reverend C.L. Franklin
28.11.2006Direct Source
150.Platinum Collection: Love Songs
& Otis Redding
151.Best of Aretha Franklin27.02.2007Sony
152.Aretha: A Woman Falling Out Of Love
produced by: Aretha Franklin/Michael Powell
2007 Aretha's
153.Queen Of Soul - The Best Of Aretha Franklin09.04.2007WMTV
154.The Platinum Collection30.07.2007Warner Platinum
155.Forever Aretha Franklin18.09.2007Madacy Special Mkts
156.Rare and Unreleased Recordings from the Golden Reign of the Queen of Soul
157.Jewels in the Crown: All-Star Duets With the Queen13.11.2007Arista 54
158.Oh Me Oh My: Aretha Franklin Live in Philly, 197211/2007 Rhino
159.Beautiful Ballads15.01.2008RCA
160.Love Songs25.03.2008Sbme Special Mkts
161.Precious Lord: 19 Gospel Recordings13.05.2008Remember
162.From the Heart13.01.2009Sony Legacy
163.Sunday Morning Classics24.02.2009Sony/BMG
164.Super Hits26.05.2009Sony/BMG
165.A Deeper Love: The Best Of Aretha Franklin
166.Just A Matter Of Time: Classic Columbia Recordings 1962-196629.09.2009Kent Soul
167.This Christmas13.10.2009Rhino 199
168.Original Album Series
(5CD box set)
169.The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin08.03.2010Sony59
170.Music of Aretha Franklin25.05.2010Arista
171.Essential Aretha Franklin: The Columbia Years26.10.2010Sony
172.Original Album Classics02.11.2010Sony
174.More Gospel Greats22.02.2011Rhino Flashback
175.Take a Look: Aretha Franklin Complete on Columbia
(12CD box set)
176.Aretha Franklin: The Great American Songbook22.03.2011Columbia/Legacy
177.Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love03.05.2011Walmart 54
178.Knew You Were Waiting: The Best of Aretha Franklin 1980-199831.01.2012
179.The Very Best Of
& Otis Redding
7/2012 Rhino78
180.Aretha with the Ray Bryant Combo16.10.2012
181.Try a Little Tenderness15.01.2013Performance
183.Princess of Soul26.03.2013Jasmine
184.The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin, The '60s3/2013 Rhino67 105
185.Original Album Series Vol 2
186.Just for You: Early Hits15.07.2014zyx
187.Early Years: The Absolutely Essential 3CD Collection
22.08.2014Big 3
188.The Real... Aretha Franklin09.09.2014Columbia
189.The Queen: Greatest Hits07.10.2014
190.Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics
21.10.2014RCA32 13
191.Sings The Greatest Diva Classics19.12.2014Sony BMG
192.The Atlantic Albums Collection06.11.2015Rhino
193.A Brand New Me
with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
11/2017 Rhino45
194.Soul Queen8/2018 Rhino15
195.The Definitive Soul Collection8/2018
196.The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-19709/2018 Atlantic 65
197.Soul Sisters
& Ruth Brown & Etta James & Lavern Baker
11.11.2016One Louder
198.Aretha24.02.2017Funky Town Grooves
199.The Queen Of Soul11/2018 Rhino45
200.Aretha 20217/2021 Rhino

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Never Grow Old / You Grow Closer1960 Chedar
2.Precious Lord / Precious Lord (part 2)1960 Chedar
3.Today I Sing The Blues / Love Is The Only Thing10/1960 Columbia
4.Won't Be Long / Right Now2/1961 Columbia 76
5.Maybe I'm A Fool / Are You Sure7/1961 Columbia
6.Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody / Operation Heartbreak9/1961 Columbia 37
7.Love Is The Only Thing / Today I Sing The Blues
(v GB)
1/1962 CBS
8.I Surrender, Dear / Rough Rider1/1962 Columbia 87
9.Don't Cry, Baby / Without The One You Love6/1962 Columbia 92
10.Try A Little Tenderness / Just For A Thrill9/1962 Columbia 100
11.Trouble In Mind / God Bless The Child12/1962 Columbia 86
12.Say It Isn't So / Here's Where I Came In (Here's Where I Walk Out)6/1963 Columbia 113
13.Skylark / You've Got Her1963 Columbia
14.Johnny / Kissin' By The Mistletoe1963 Columbia
15.Soulville / Evil Gal Blues4/1964 Columbia 121
16.Runnin' Out Of Fools / It's Just A Matter Of Time9/1964 Columbia 57
17.Winter Wonderland / The Christmas Song11/1964 Columbia
18.Can't You Just See Me / Little Miss Raggedy Anne1/1965 Columbia 96
19.I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face / One Step Ahead5/1965 Columbia 119
20.Sweet Bitter Love / I'm Losing You7/1965 Columbia 114
21.There Is No Greater Love / You Made Me Love You12/1965 Columbia 109
22.Hands Off / Tighten Up Your Tie, Button Up Your Jacket1966 Columbia
23.Cry Like A Baby / Swanee11/1966 Columbia 113
24.Until You Were Gone / Swanee1967 Columbia
25.Lee Cross / Until You Were Gone
(v USA)
1967 Columbia
26.Lee Cross / Take A Look1967 Columbia
27.I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) / Do Right Woman, Do Right Man2/1967 Atlantic 1
28.Respect / Dr. Feelgood
produced by: Jerry Waxler
4/1967 Atlantic 1
29.Respect / Save Me5/1967 Atlantic10
30.Baby I Love You / Going Down Slow7/1967 Atlantic39 4
31.Take A Look / Follow Your Heart8/1967 Columbia 56
32.A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like) / Baby Baby Baby9/1967 Atlantic 8
33.Chain Of Fools / Prove It11/1967 Atlantic 2
34.Chain Of Fools / Satisfaction12/1967 Atlantic37
35.Mockingbird / A Mother's Love12/1967 Columbia 94
36.Soulville / Evil Gal Blues
2/1968 Columbia 83
37.(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone / Ain't No Way2/1968 Atlantic47 5
38.Think / You Send Me5/1968 Atlantic26 7
39.I Say A Little Prayer / See-Saw7/1968 Atlantic4
40.The House That Jack Built / I Say A Little Prayer8/1968 Atlantic 6
41.The House That Jack Built / Don't Let Me Lose This Dream
(v GB)
9/1968 Atlantic
42.See Saw / My Song11/1968 Atlantic 14
43.Friendly Persuasion / Jim1969 Columbia
44.The Weight / The Tracks Of My Tears2/1969 Atlantic 19
45.I Can't See Myself Leaving You / Gentle On My Mind4/1969 Atlantic 28
46.Share Your Love With Me / Pledging My Love / The Clock7/1969 Atlantic 13
47.Today I Sing The Blues / Can't You Just See Me10/1969 Columbia 101
48.Eleanor Rigby / It Ain't Fair10/1969 Atlantic 17
49.Call Me / Son Of A Preacher Man1/1970 Atlantic 13
50.Let It Be / My Song
(v GB)
5/1970 Atlantic
51.Spirit In The Dark / The Thrill Is Gone
with The Dixie Flyers
5/1970 Atlantic 23
52.Don't Play That Song / The Thrill Is Gone
with The Dixie Flyers
7/1970 Atlantic13 11
53.Let It Be / Don't Play That Song
(v USA)
10/1970 Atlantic
54.Border Song (Holy Moses) / You And Me
with The Dixie Flyers
11/1970 Atlantic 37
55.Oh No Not My Baby / You And Me
(v GB)
12/1970 Atlantic
56.You're All I Need To Get By / Pullin'2/1971 Atlantic 19
57.You're All I Need To Get By / Border Song
(v GB)
3/1971 Atlantic
58.Bridge Over Troubled Water / A Brand New Me4/1971 Atlantic 6
59.Spanish Harlem / Lean On Me6/1971 Atlantic14 1
60.I Say A Little Prayer / Think / (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
7/1971 Atlantic
61.A Brand New Me / Spirit In The Dark
(v GB)
8/1971 Atlantic
62.Rock Steady / Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)10/1971 Atlantic 9
63.Day Dreaming / I've Been Loving You Too Long3/1972 Atlantic 5
64.All The King's Horses / April Fools5/1972 Atlantic 26
65.Wholy Holy / Give Yourself To Jesus
with James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir
8/1972 Atlantic 81
66.All The King's Horses / Rock Steady9/1972 Atlantic
67.Master Of Eyes (The Deepness Of Your Eyes) / Moody's Mood For Love2/1973 Atlantic 33
68.Angel / Sister From Texas7/1973 Atlantic37 17
69.Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) / If You Don't Think11/1973 Atlantic25 3
70.Respect / I Say A Little Prayer / Rock Steady15.02.1974Atlantic
71.I'm In Love / Oh Baby3/1974 Atlantic 16
72.Hello Sunshine5/1974 Atlantic
73.Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing / Eight Days A Week8/1974 Atlantic 47
74.Without Love / Don't Go Breaking My Heart11/1974 Atlantic 45
75.When You Get Right Down To It / Sing It Again - Say It Again28.02.1975Atlantic
76.Mr. D.J. (5 For The D.J.) / As Long As You Are There26.09.1975Atlantic 53
77.You / Without You12/1975 Atlantic
78.Something He Can Feel / Loving You Baby
produced by: Curtis Mayfield
5/1976 Atlantic 28
79.Jump / Hooked On Your Love9/1976 Atlantic 72
80.Look Into Your Heart / Rock With Me1/1977 Atlantic 82
81.Break It To Me Gently / Meadows Of Springtime20.05.1977Atlantic 85
82.When I Think About You / Touch Me16.09.1977Atlantic
83.Touch Me Up21.10.1977Atlantic
84.Almighty Fire (Woman Of The Future) / I'm Your Speed5/1978 Atlantic 103
85.This You Can Believe / More Than Just A Joy11/1978 Atlantic
86.Ladies Only / What If I Should Ever Need You26.10.1979Atlantic
87.Half A Love / Only Star
(v USA)
1/1980 Atlantic
88.Think / Respect4/1980 Atlantic
89.What A Fool Believes / Schooldays10/1980 Arista46
90.United Together / I Can't Turn You Loose12/1980 Arista 56
91.Come To Me / Schooldays5/1981 Arista 84
92.I Say A Little Prayer / Respect7/1981 Old Gold
93.Love All The Hurt Away / Hold On I'm Coming
& George Benson
8/1981 Arista25 46
94.Hold On I'm Coming / Kind Of Man22.01.1982Arista
95.Jump To It / Just My Daydream7/1982 Arista28 24
96.Love Me Right / (It's Just) Your Love1/1983 Arista
97.Get It Right / Giving In
12" + Jump To It
produced by: Luther Vandross
22.07.1983Arista74 61
98.I Say A Little Prayer / Rock Steady06.04.1984Atlantic
99.Freeway Of Love / Until You Say Love Me
12" + Jump To It
MC + Get It Right
6/1985 Arista68 3
100.Who's Zoomin' Who / Sweet Bitter Love9/1985 Arista11 7
101.Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves / I Love You Like A Ball And Chain
& Eurythmics
10/1985 RCA5 18
102.Another Night / Kind Of Man1/1986 Arista54 22
103.Freeway Of Love / Until You Say Love Me
12" + Jump To It
4/1986 Arista51
104.(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman / Do Right Woman, Do Right Man / Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)5/1986 Atlantic
105.Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You / Integrity7/1986 Arista94
106.Jumpin' Jack Flash / Integrity
12" + Who's Zoomin' Who / Sweet Bitter Love
9/1986 Arista58 21
107.Jimmy Lee / An Angel Cries
12" + Aretha Megamix
11/1986 Arista46 28
108.I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
& George Michael
1/1987 Arista1 1
109.Rock-A-Lott / Look To The Rainbow6/1987 Arista84 82
110.Respect / Do Right Woman - Do Right Man
12" + Rock Steady
6/1987 Atlantic
111.If You Need My Love Tonight / He'll Come Along
(v USA)
10/1987 Arista
112.Jump To It / Get It Right1988 Old Gold
113.Oh Happy Day / The Lord's Prayer2/1988 Arista
114.Gimme Your Love11/1988
115.If Ever A Love There Was / Let's Jam
& Four Tops,
(v USA)
2/1989 Arista
116.Through The Storm / Come To Me
12",CD + Oh Happy Day
& Elton John
4/1989 Arista41 16
117.It's Just Your Love / Love Me Right4/1989 Old Gold
118.It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be / Think '89
& Whitney Houston
6/1989 Arista29 41
119.Respect / Do Right Woman - Do Right Man
7/1989 Atlantic
120.Gimme Your Love / He's The Boy
& James Brown
121.Think3/1990 east west
122.Everyday People / You Can't Take Me For Granted24.05.1991Arista69
123.Someone Else's Eyes / What Did You Give
(v USA)
124.What You See Is What You Sweat
(v USA)
11/1991 Arista
125.You Can't Take Me For Granted / Everchanging Times
(v USA)
126.Someday We'll All Be Free25.11.1992
127.Respect / Chain Of Fools27.05.1993
128.Who's Zooming Who22.11.1993
129.Freeway Of Love22.11.1993
130.Pride - A Deeper Love31.01.1994Arista3 63
131.Willing To Forgive / Jump To It (mixes)04.04.1994Arista14 26
133.It Hurts Like Hell1996
134.A Rose Is Still A Rose06.04.1998Arista22 26
135.Here We Go Again (The Remixes)16.06.1998Arista68 76
& Unknown
29.03.1999white label
137.Rock Steady / Sultana (Danny Krivit re-edit)
& Titanic
138.The Only Thing Missing6/2003 Arista
The Only Thing Missin' (Furilla full vocal mix & "Late Night" dub, Blaze vocal mix, Giorgio Moroder mix)08.09.2003Arista
139.Rock Steady / Respect / I Say A Little Prayer
09.08.2004Warner Bros
140.Put You Up On Game10/2007 Arista
141.One Step Ahead / Ms Fat Booty
& Mos Def
142.Rolling In The Deep10/2014
144.(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman8/2018 Atlantic79
145.Respect8/2018 Atlantic62
146.I Say A Little Prayer8/2018 WEA51


1. Live At Park West - 06.04.1999, DVD
2. Aretha '64! Live on The Steve Allen Show - 22.03.2011, Columbia, live


1. The Blues Brothers (1980, starring, directed by John Landis)
2. Blues Brothers 2000 (1998, starring directed by John Landis)


Jioí Eerný: Hvězdy tehdejších hitparád


1967 Grammy Awards

- Best Rhythm & Blues Recording (SP "Respect")
- Best Rhythm & Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Respect")
1968 Grammy Awards - Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Chain Of Fools")
1969 Grammy Awards - Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Share Your Love With Me")
1970 Grammy Awards - Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Don't Play That Song")
1971 Grammy Awards - Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Bridge Over Troubled Water")
1972 Grammy Awards
- Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (LP "Young, Gifted & Black")
- Best Soul Gospel Performance (LP "Amazing Grace")
1973 Grammy Awards - Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Master Of Eyes")
1974 Grammy Awards - Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing")
1981 Grammy Awards - Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female (track "Hold On I'm Coming")
1985 Grammy Awards
- Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female (SP "Freeway Of Love")
- Best Rhythm & Blues Song ("Freeway Of Love")
1987 Grammy Awards
- Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female (LP "Aretha")
- Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (track "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)", & George Michael)
1987 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1988 Grammy Awards
- Best Soul Gospel Performance, Female (LP "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism")
- Best Spoken Word Or Non-Musical Recording (track "Speech By Rev. Jesse Jackson (July 27)")
1991 Grammy Legend Award
1992 Grammy Awards - Best Album Notes ("Queen Of Soul - The Atlantic Recordings")
1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
1998 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Respect", 1967)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Amazing Grace", 1972)
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("A Natural Woman (You Make Me Like)", 1967)
1999 HMV Music Of The Millenium Poll - Best Female Singer No. 2
1999 National Medal of Arts (USA)
2000 Rolling Stone Pop 100 All-Time #7 ("Respect")
2001 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Chain Of Fools")
2003 Grammy Awards - Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance (track "Wonderful")
2005 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards - Lena Horne Award
2005 Grammy Awards - Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance (track "A House Is Not A Home")
2006 United Negro College Fund Award of Excellence
2008 MusiCares Person of the Year
2007 Grammy Awards - Best Gospel Performance (track "Never Gonna Break My Faith", & Mary J. Blige & The Harlem Boys Choir)
2009 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You", 1967)
2014 Billboard Women In Music Awards - Icon Award


* Memphis, Tennessee, USA

appeared on the LP:

Frank Sinatra: Duets (2.11.93, Capitol, track "What Now My Love")
Sam Moore: Plenty Good Lovin' (28.1.02, Swing Cafe)

Compilation Appearances:
"Respect" on compilation "More American Graffiti" (19.10.79, MCA)
"Ain't No Way" on OST "Ali" (11/01)
"Angel" on AIDS benefit album "Songs For Life" (24.6.03, Capitol)
"Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves" on OST "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde" (1.7.03, Curb, & Eurythmics)

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