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Sydney, Australia
*  1963+  1970



Stevie Wright - voc
Harry Vanda - g
George Young - g
Dick Diamonde - bg
Tony Cahill - ds

Former Members:

Gordon "Snowy" Fleet (ds, 1963-3/67); Freddie Smith (ds, 3/67-1968)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
(in Australia)
6/1965 Parlophone
2.It's 2 Easy
(in Australia)
1/1966 Parlophone
3.Volume 3
(in Australia)
6/1966 Parlophone
4.The Best Of The Easybeats, Plus Pretty Girl
(in Australia)
1966 Parlophone
5.Good Friday4/1967 United Artists
6.Vigil5/1968 United Artists
7.Falling Off The Edge Of The World1969 United Artists
8.Friends11/1969 Polydor
9.Let's Dance With Easybeats1972
10.Holding On1973
11.The Shame Just Drained
(in Australia)
1978 Albert
12.Absolute Anthology
(2LP, in Australia)
1980 Albert
13.The Best Of The Easybeats1/1986 Rhino
14.Easy As Can Be - The Best Of The Easybeats Volume 21/1987 Fan Club
15.The Collection12/1989 Impact
16.Gonna Have A Good Time20.04.1999
17.Friday On My Mind10.09.2002Collectables
18.Very Best Of The Easybeats18.03.2003Varese
19.Singles A's & B's05.07.2005Repertoire
20.Complete Easybeats
(box set)

Stevie Wright:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Black Eyed Bruiser1975 Albert/EMI
2.Hard Road4/1975 Polydor
3.Definitive Collection07.09.2004Festival

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.For My Woman / Say That You're Mine
(v Austrálii)
3/1965 Parlophone
2.She's So Fine / The Old Oak Tree
(v Austrálii)
5/1965 Parlophone
3.Wedding Ring / Me Or You
(v Austrálii)
7/1965 Parlophone
4.Easy As Can Be / Sad & Lonely & Blue
(v Austrálii)
9/1965 Parlophone
5.She's So Fine EP
(v Austrálii)
1965 Parlophone
6.Easy As Can Be EP
(v Austrálii)
1965 Parlophone
7.Easy Fever EP
(v Austrálii)
1965 Parlophone
8.Women / In My Book
(v Austrálii)
1/1966 Parlophone
9.Sorry / Funny Feeling
(v Austrálii)
8/1966 Parlophone
10.Come And See Her / Women22.07.1966United Artists
12.Friday On My Mind / Made My Bed, Gonna Lie On It14.10.1966United Artists6 16
13.Friday On My Mind EP
(v Austrálii)
1966 Parlophone
14.Who'll Be The One? / Saturday Night3/1967 United Artists
15.Heaven And Hell / Pretty Girl6/1967 United Artists
16.Falling Off The Edge Of The World / Remember Sam11/1967 United Artists
17.Heaven And Hell EP
(v Austrálii)
1967 Parlophone
18.Easy Fever Volume 2 EP
(v Austrálii)
1967 Parlophone
19.Music Goes Round My Head / Come In You'll Get Pneumonia1/1968 United Artists
20.Hello, How Are You? / Falling Off The Edge Of The World3/1968 United Artists20
21.Hello, How Are You? / Come In You'll Get Pneumonia
(v USA)
3/1968 United Artists
22.The Land Of Make Believe / We All Live Happily Together6/1968 United Artists
23.Good Times / Lay Me Down And Die8/1968 United Artists
24.Lay Me Down And Die / See Line Woman12/1968 United Artists
25.St. Louis / Can't Find Love10/1969 Rare Earth 100
26.I Love Marie / Gonna Make It1/1970 Polydor
27.Friends / Rock'n'Roll Boogie4/1970 Polydor
28.Peculiar Hole In The Sky
(v Austrálii)
1970 Parlophone
29.Mean Old Lovin' EP
(v Austrálii)
? Raven
30.Son Of Easy Fever EP
(v Austrálii)
? Raven
31.Friday On My Mind / Hello, How Are You1985 New Rose
32.Friday On My Mind / Hello, How Are You2/1985 EMI Gold

Stevie Wright:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Black Eyed Bruiser / Hard Road1974 Albert
2.Evie6/1974 Polydor
3.Guitar Band12/1974

Press References:

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