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Buffalo, New York, USA
*  23.9.1970

Personal Data:

Born: 23.09.1970 (Buffalo, New York, USA, as Angela Marie DiFranco)
DiFRANCO Ani (photo)

Line-Up (2007):

Ani DiFranco - voc,g,kb
Todd Sickafoose - bg
Allison Miller - ds

Former Members:

Sara Lee (bg, cca 1997); Jason Mercer (bg, cca 1997-cca 2/01)
Julie Wolf (kb, cca 1998-cca 2/01)
Andy Stochansky (ds, cca 1997-cca 1998); Daren Hahn (ds, cca 2/01)
Hans Teuber (sax, cca 2/01)
Shane Endsley (tr, cca 2/01)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ani DiFranco9/1990 Righteous Babe
2.Not So Soft
produced by: Ani DiFranco/Dale Anderson
1991 Righteous Babe
produced by: Ani DiFranco/Ed Stone
1992 Righteous Babe
4.Puddle Dive
produced by: Ani DiFranco/Dale Anderson/Ed Stone
7/1993 Righteous Babe
5.Like I Said: Songs 1990-9126.07.1994Righteous Babe
6.Out Of Range
produced by: Ani DiFranco/Ed Stone
26.07.1994Righteous Babe
7.Not A Pretty Girl18.07.1995Righteous Babe
8.Dilate21.05.1996Righteous Babe 87
9.The Past Didn't Go Anywhere
& Utah Phillips
31.07.1997Cooking Vinyl
10.Living In Clip
22.04.1997Righteous Babe 59
11.Little Plastic Castle
produced by: Ani DiFranco
10.02.1998Righteous Babe 22
12.Women in (E)motion30.06.1998
13.Up Up Up Up Up Up19.01.1999Righteous Babe 29
14.Fellow Workers
& Utah Phillips
18.05.1999Righteous Babe
15.To The Teeth16.11.1999Righteous Babe 76
16.Revelling / Reckoning
10.04.2001Righteous Babe 50
17.So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter
10.09.2002Righteous Babe 32
18.Evolve11.03.2003Righteous Babe 30
19.Educated Guess
produced by: Ani DiFranco
20.01.2004Righteous Babe 37
20.Knuckle Down
produced by: Ani DiFranco/Joe Henry
25.01.2005Righteous Babe 49
21.Carnegie Hall04.04.2006Righteous Babe
22.Reprieve08.08.2006Righteous Babe 46
11.09.2007Righteous Babe 89
24.Live At Babeville5/2008 Righteous Babe
25.Red Letter Year30.09.2008Righteous Babe 55
26.Which Side Are You On?16.01.2012 26
27.Trust: Live At The 9:30 Club, Washington, DC10.07.2012
28.Little Plastic Remixes27.11.2012Righteous Babe
29.Buffalo 4-22-12 (Official Bootleg)23.04.2013Righteous Babe
30.Allergic To Water04.11.2014Righteous Babe 155
31.Sacremento, 10.25.0324.07.2015Righteous Babe
32.Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, January 23, 200824.07.2015Righteous Babe
33.Boston, 11.10.0624.07.2015Righteous Babe
34.Portland, 4.7.0424.07.2015Righteous Babe
35.Hamburg, Germany, 10.18.0724.07.2015Righteous Babe
36.Madison, 1.25.0424.07.2015Righteous Babe
37.Boston, 11.16.0324.07.2015Righteous Babe
38.Chicago, 1.17.0424.07.2015Righteous Babe
39.Ridgefield, November 18, 200924.07.2015Righteous Babe
40.Saratoga, CA, 9.18.0624.07.2015Righteous Babe
41.Binary6/2017 192

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Outta Me Onto You / Shy23.09.1996Cooking Vinyl
2.More Joy, Less Shame EP
(Joyful Girl / Shameless (Bathtub mix) / Both Hands (Live in Austin, Texas))
12.11.1996Righteous Babe
3.Angry Anymore22.06.1999
4.Swing Set EP
(Swing / To The Teeth (Shoot-Out remix) / Do Re Me (live) / When I'm Gone / Hurricane)
11.07.2000Righteous Babe
5.Heartbreak Even4/2001 Righteous Babe


1. Render: Spanning Time With Ani DiFranco - 11.6.2002, Righteous Babe
2. Live At Babeville - 5/2008, Righteous Babe, live, 106 min


2003 Grammy Awards - Best Recording Package ("Evolve")

WWW Links:


1990 own label Righteous Babe

appeared on the LP:

Prince: Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (9.11.99, Arista)
John Gorka: The Company You Keep (13.3.01, Red House)
Cyndi Lauper: The Body Acoustic (8.11.05, Daylight)
Twilight Singers: Powder Burns (16.5.06, One Little Indian)

produced by LP:
'Til We Outmember 'Em (6/00, Righteous Babe, Woody Guthrie tribute)

Compilation Appearances:
"Little Plastic Castles" on compilation "The Best Of Hard Rock Live" (24.6.00, Sire)
"So What" on compilation "Respond II" (21.1.03, Koch)
"In The Way" on Aung San Suu Kyi benefit LP "For The Lady" (26.10.04, Rhino)
"Evolve" on live compilation "Bonnaroo 2004" (5.4.05, Sanctuary)
"Crime for Crime" / "Up up up up up up" / "Fuel" on OST "Dead Man Walking: Legacy Edition" (7.2.06, Columbia/Legacy)

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