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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Awards Various Refers
Lubbock, Texas, USA
*  2/1957


CRICKETS (photo)

Jerry Allison - voc
Gordon Payne - g,voc
Joe B. Maudlin - bg

Former Members:

Buddy Holly (voc,g, 2/57-10/58); Earl Sinks (voc, 1959-60); David Box (voc, 1960); Jerry Naylor (voc, 1961-64, 1964-65); Larry Trider (voc, cca 1966); Bonnie Bramlett (voc, 1971, g.a.)

Niki Sullivan (g, 2/57-10/58); Sonny Curtis (g,voc, 1959-60, 1962-64, cca 1968-1985); Tommy Allsup (g, 1959, 1961); Red Callender (g, 1961); James Burton (g, 1964); Larry Welborn (g, cca 1966); Albert Lee (g, cca 1974)

Joe B. Maudlin (bg, 2/57-10/58, 1959-61, 1961); Glen D. Hardin (bg,p, 1962-64, cca 1968-1974); Rick Grech (bg, 1972-74); Steve Krikorian (bg,voc, 1974-76); Joe Osbourne (bg, 1976-?)

Jerry Allison (ds,g,voc, 2/57-10/58, 1959-62); Ernie Hall (ds, 1960); Earl Palmer (ds, 1961); Don Groom (ds, 1962-?); Buzz Cason (ds,g)

Ernie Freeman (p, 1961); Leon Russell (p, 1964-65)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Chirpin' Crickets11/1957 Brunswick5
2.The Buddy Holly Story
& Buddy Holly
3/1959 Coral2 11
3.In Style With The Crickets3/1961 Coral13
4.Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets
& Bobby Vee
7/1961 Liberty2
5.Something Old, Something New, Something Blue, Something Else!11/1962 Liberty
6.California Sun1963
7.The Crickets - A Collection5/1965 Liberty
8.Buddy Holly And The Crickets
& Buddy Holly
9.We Gotta Get Together1967
10.Rockin' 50's Rock'N'Roll
produced by: Delaney Bramlett
1971 Barnaby
11.Rock Reflections1971 Sunset
12.Bubblegum, Pop, Ballads & Boogies5/1973 Philips
13.Remnants1974 Vertigo
14.A Long Way Back From Lubbock1974 Mercury
15.The "Chirping" Crickets
& Buddy Holly
8/1975 MCA
16.Back In Style9/1975 MCA
17.20 Golden Greats
& Buddy Holly
3/1978 MCA
18.The Complete Crickets2/1984 Charly
19.Rock Around With Buddy Holly & The Crickets
& Buddy Holly
5/1984 Cambra
20.The Crickets File 1961-19652/1987 See For Miles
21.Three Piece3/1988 Rollercoaster
22.T-Shirt10/1988 Columbia
23.Rock'n'Roll Masters - The Best Of The Crickets8/1989 EMI
24.The Liberty Years4/1991 EMI
25.Ravin' On - From California To Clovis5/1992 Rockstar
26.Still In Style6/1992 Bear Family
27.Words Of Love - 22 Classic Hits
& Buddy Holly
2/1993 MCA
28.Double Exposure12/1993 Rollercoaster
29.The Singles Collection 1957-1961
featuring Buddy Holly
5/1994 Pickwick
30.Cover To Cover
& Buddy Holly
10/1994 Music Club
31.A Collection / California Sun / She Loves You4/1995 BGO
32.The Very Best Of Buddy Holly And The Crickets
& Buddy Holly
33.Crickets & Their Buddies27.07.2004
34.About Time Too
& Mike Berry
35.Not Fade Away: Buddy Holly 1957 Complete Recording
& Buddy Holly
26.02.2008El Toro
36.Rock 'N' Roll Legends
& Buddy Holly
37.The Very Best of Buddy Holly and The Crickets
& Buddy Holly
38.Please Don't Ever Change: 1961-196215.07.2016Jasmine
39.Story03.02.2017Not Now

Sonny Curtis:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Beatle Hits Flamenco Style Guitar1964
2.1st Of Sonny Curtis1968
3.Sonny Curtis1969
4.Love Is All Around1980
5.Beatle Hits Flamenco Style Guitar31.10.2006El

Jerry Naylor:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Rockabilly Legends: Jerry Naylor24.06.2013Palawan

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.That'll Be The Day / I'm Looking For Someone To Love5/1957 Brunswick1 1
2.Oh Boy! / Not Fade Away10/1957 Brunswick3 10
3.The Chirping Crickets EP
(That'll Be The Day / Oh! Boy / Looking For Someone To Love / Not Fade Away)
1/1958 Brunswick
4.Maybe Baby / Tell Me How2/1958 Brunswick4 17
5.Think It Over / Fool's Paradise5/1958 Brunswick11 27
6.Real Wild Child9/1958 Brunswick 68
7.It's So Easy / Lonesome Tears9/1958 Brunswick
8.The Sound Of The Crickets EP
(Maybe Baby / Rock Me Baby / Send Me Some Lovin' / Tell Me How)
9/1958 Brunswick
9.The Sounds Of The Crickets EP
(Oh! Boy / Not Fade Away / Maybe Baby / Tell Me How)
9/1958 Coral
10.It's So Easy EP
(It's So Easy / Lonesome Tears / Think It Over / Fool's Paradise)
1/1959 Coral
11.Love's Made A Fool Of You / Someone, Someone4/1959 Brunswick26
12.When You Ask About Love / Deborah12/1959 Brunswick27
13.Peggy Sue Got Married / Don'tcha Know1960 Brunswick
14.I Fought The Law / A Sweet Love1960 Brunswick
15.More Than I Can Say / Baby My Heart4/1960 Brunswick33
16.Four More By The Crickets EP
(Last Night / Send Me Some Lovin' / You've Got Love / Rock Me My Baby)
5/1960 Coral
17.That'll Be The Day EP
(That'll Be The Day / Looking For Someone To Love / It's Too Late / An Empty Cup)
11/1960 Coral
18.He's Old Enough To Know Better / I'm Feeling Better12/1961 Liberty 105
19.It's So Easy! EP1/1962
20.Don't Ever Change / I'm Not A Bad Guy6/1962 Liberty5
21.The Crickets Don't Ever Change EP6/1962 Coral
22.Someday (When I'm Gone From You)
& Bobby Vee
8/1962 Liberty 99
23.Little Hollywood Girl / Parisian Girl11/1962 Liberty
24.My Little Girl / Teardrops Fall Like Rain1/1963 Liberty17 134
25.Right Or Wrong / You Can't Be Inbetween
(v GB)
1963 Liberty
26.Straight For Strings EP1963 Liberty
27.Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets EP
& Bobby Vee
1963 Liberty
28.Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets Vol. 2 EP
& Bobby Vee
1963 Liberty
29.Don't Say You Love Me / April Avenue3/1963 Liberty
30.Just For Fun EP
& Bobby Vee
4/1963 Liberty
31.Don't Try To Change Me / Lost And Alone5/1963 Liberty37
32.Lonely Avenue / You Can't Be In-Between
(v USA)
1964 Liberty
33.Lonely Avenue / Playboy1964 Liberty, v GB
34.I Think I've Caught The Blues / We Gotta Get Together1964 Liberty
35.Come On EP1964 Liberty
36.You've Got Love / An Empty Cup
& Buddy Holly
4/1964 Coral40
37.(They Call Her) La Bamba / All Over You6/1964 Liberty21
38.Now Hear This / Everybody's Got A Little Problem2/1965 Liberty
39.April Avenue / Don't Say You Love Me08.04.1966Liberty
40.Million Dollar Movie / A Million Miles Apart1968 Music Factory
41.My Little Girl / Lonely Avenue1968 Liberty
42.Oh! Boy / That'll Be The Day
& Buddy Holly
5/1968 MCA
43.Don't Ever Change / Playboy24.11.1972United Artists
44.Wasn't It Nice In New York City / Hayride1973 Philips
45.My Rockin' Days / Lovesick Blues12.01.1973Philips
46.Ooh Las Vegas / Rhyme And Time1974 Vertigo
47.Maybe Baby / That'll Be The Day / Think It Over / It's So Easy
& Buddy Holly
48.Maybe Baby / That'll Be The Day / Think It Over / It's So Easy
& Buddy Holly
49.Million Dollar Movie EP
(Million Dollar Movie / A Million Miles Apart / Rock And Roll)
11/1977 Rollercoaster
50.Cruisin' It / Rock Around With Ollie Vee7/1979 Rollercoaster
51.Maybe Baby / Tell Me How7/1982 OId Gold, reissue
52.Think It Over / It's So Easy9/1984 MCA
53.T-Shirt / Holly Would
12",CD + Forever In Mind
9/1988 Columbia
54.Back Home In Tennessee EP
(Blackmail / I Can't Hold It / We Helped Each Other Out / Back Home In Tennessee)
5/1990 Rollercoaster

Jerry Naylor:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.But For Love3/1970 Columbia 69

Sonny Curtis:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.My Way Of Life9/1966 Viva 134
2.Atlanta Georgia Stray2/1968 Viva 120


1998 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("That'll Be That Day")


disbanded 10/1958
reunited 1959
1964-65 Jerry Allison & The Crickets
1978-83 Waylon Jennings & The Crickets

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