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Calendar for 26.09.2021

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C Eddie

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Parts Unknown29.03.2011Endless Flight
2.Country City Country18.02.2013Endless Flight
3.Remixed14.05.2013Endless Flight
4.Remixed, Vol. 209.07.2013Endless Flight
5.Want to Please10.06.2014Endless Flight
6.On the Shore02.09.2016Endless Flight

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.You're Welcome / Let Your Mind Be Free / Make It Better19.03.2009Jiscomusic
2.Make Change / Never Let Go13.10.2009Flashback
3.I Wanna See All My Friends At Once EP
(Curtis / My Woman / All The Thrills / I Wanna Be With You)
& BE & KRL & The Revenge
14.10.2009Wolf Music
4.Rocket Science EP
(Space Cadet / One With The Stars / Get Down)
09.12.2009Sleazy Beats
5.Between Now & Then / You Know How / The Show Is Over / Gimme Your Dub19.02.2010Endless Flight
6.Wonderful Dub EP
(It's Not A Fantasy / Wonderful Dub / Dream Reality / High On Love)
7.A Streetgang EP
(Silas? / My Woman (PBR Streetgang remix) / Funny Money / Funny Money (Soft Rocks remix))
& PBR Streetgang
17.03.2010Wolf Music
8.Sleazotica / A Simple Song / Rising05.05.2010Kolour Limited
9.Tighten Up On That Backstroke EP
(I Got My Mind Made Up (Cole's remake) / 4 Your Love / Backstrokin' / Ghost Song (Eddie C remix))
& SMQ & Cole Medina
09.06.2010Whiskey Disco
10.Tell Me / Organized02.09.2010Hometaping Is Killing Music
11.Sleazy Family Sampler
(Move Me / Out There / Stop Holding Back / Into My Life)
& Se62 & Tornado Wallace & Daniel Solar
02.09.2010Sleazy Beats
12.Migration EP
(Migration / Keepin' On / Give It To Me / Days Like These)
14.12.2010Sound Of Speed
13.Do It Yourself / Pains Inside / Dub Me Gwen25.02.2011Endless Flight
14.We Need We / Space Shuttle / Deepa / Listenin'29.03.2011Endless Flight
15.I'm Sorry / Your Love / Starlight (remix feat Noodlema) / Love Journey12.04.2011Endless Flight
16.Got To Find EP
& Koosh
11.05.2011Common Edit
17.7 Inches Of Love 7 EP
(Shit Becomes A Job / November 30)
& Koosh
20.05.20117 Inches Of Love
18.You're Welcome / Let Your Mind Be Free / Make It Better02.09.2011Jiscomusic
19.When The Wind Blows / Yeah30.09.2011Red Motorbike
20.Cosmic Muskrat / Bills & Drills
& Dane & The Torpoons & Bron
30.09.2011Common Edit
21.The Story So Far EP
(Man Down (Tornado Wallace remix) / Groove With You / Rising / Burnin' Love)
& Alex Agore & Fantastic Man
07.12.2011Kolour Limited
22.All I Want EP
(Tunnel Mountain / Banff Butt / Iceline / Descent)
21.02.2012Endless Flight
23.Red Motorbike 2 EP
& Dane
13.03.2012Red Motorbike
24.Let's Get Lost Vol 15 EP
(Nomalizo (Eddie C edit) / Letta (KZA edit))
15.05.2012Let's Get Lost
25.Bike 003 EP
(Tripping Into Darkness / Bamboo Clouds)
& Cem G
29.05.2012Red Motorbike
26.Let's Get Lost Vol 16 EP08.06.2012Let's Get Lost
27.Aesthetics21.12.2012Honey Disco
28.La Palette / It Goes Free25.01.2013Endless Flight
29.Movin 2 Fast / Coffe Way / Own Thing / I Wouldn't Wanna B Like Disco
& Alkalino & Cole Medina & Osmose
28.02.2013Whiskey Disco
30.Remixed Vol 1 EP
(La Palette (Marvin & Guy remix) / Every Life Under The Invisible Hands (Tornado Wallace remix))
25.04.2013Endless Flight
31.Remixed Vol 2 EP
(It Goes Free (KZA remix) / La Palette (Young Marco remix) / Every Life Under The Invisible Hands (Rune Lindbaek remix))
13.06.2013Endless Flight
32.Free Love / Far West08.07.2013Red Motorbike
33.Sleazotica / A Simple Song / Rising11.07.2013Kolour Limited
34.Common Edit 06 EP
(Sweet Nothing / Jupiter Dub)
& Dane
16.08.2013Common Edit
35.On Point / Golyak19.11.2013Red Motorbike
36.Rusty Halo / Voyage Voyage
& The Noodleman
10.02.2014Red Motorbike
37.African Shakedown #2 EP
(O Ye / The Shake / Bayaya (Axel Boman re-rub) / Disco Maschine (Soft Rocks edit))
& Noema & Axel Boman & Soft Rocks
20.02.2014African Shakedown
38.Ess Oh Ess / Baltimore
& El Molito
01.04.2014Common Edit
39.Want To Please / First Chair / Help Me / Help You30.04.2014Endless Flight
40.African Shakedown #2 EP
(O Ye / The Shake / Bayaya (Axel Boman re-rub) / Disco Maschine (Soft Rocks edit))
& Noema & Axel Boman & Soft Rocks
08.05.2014African Shakedown
41.What It Is EP
(I Want You / Get It Together / What It Is)
30.06.2014Lumberjacks In Hell
42.Farmer God / The Touch21.10.2014Red Motorbike
43.The Day Will Come / Moonrings29.05.2015Red Motorbike
44.Sky Party EP
(Say Hello To Love / Make Your Mind)
& Seahawks
25.08.2015Red Motorbike
45.Common Edit 10 EP
(IMHO / System / I Want More / One For Dane)
& Dane & Khotin
21.09.2015Common Edit
46.Solaris / Flying Blue / La Palette (Move D remix)10.11.2015Endless Flight