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Personal Data:

Born: 16.08.1944 (Herne Bay, GB)
Died: 18.02.2013
AYERS Kevin (photo)


1964-65 The Wilde Flowers
1966 Mister Head
1966-68 Soft Machine
1970-71 Whole World
? Gong
cca 12/72 Decadence
since 1974 Kevin Ayers And The Soporifics


Kevin Ayers - voc,g
Andy Summers - g
Charlie McCracken - bg
Bill Livesey - kb
Rob Townsend - ds
Bill Evans - voc,fl

Former Members:

David Bedford (kb, 1970-?); Henry Crallan (kb, cca 1973); Mike Ratledge (kb, cca 1973); Jacob Magnusson (kb, 1974-?); Zoot Money (kb, 1974-2/77)

Ollie Halsall (voc,g,kb, 1974-?)

Steve Hillage (g, 1971); Cal Batchelor (g, cca 1973)

Mike Oldfield (bg, 1970-71); Archie Leggett (bg, 1972-74); Rick Wills (bg, 1974-?)

Mick Fincher (ds, 1970-?); Freddie Smith (ds, cca 1973); Eddie Sparrow (ds, 1974-?); Tony Newman (ds, 1974-?)

Lol Coxhill (sax, 1970-?); Didier Malherbe (sax, 1971)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Joy Of A Toy12/1969 Harvest
2.Shooting At The Moon
& The Whole World
12/1970 Harvest
5.Confessions Of Doctor Dream And Other Stories24.05.1974Island
6.June 1, 1974
& John Cale & Brian Eno & Nico, prod. Richard Williams
7.Sweet Deceiver
produced by: Kevin Ayers/Ollie Haircut
8.Joy Of A Toy / Shooting At The Moon
feat. Mike Oldfield & David Bedford
6/1975 Harvest
9.Odd Ditties05.03.1976Harvest
10.Yes We Have No Maňanas - So Get Your Mananas Today04.06.1976Harvest
11.Rainbow Takeaway4/1978 Harvest
12.That's What You Get Babe
produced by: Graham Preskett
2/1980 Harvest
14.Diamond Jack And The Queen Of Pain6/1983 Roadrunner
15.The Kevin Ayers Collection7/1983 See For Miles
16.Deja Vu1984 Blau
17.As Close As You Think
& Ollie Halsall
6/1986 Illuminated
18.Falling Up2/1988 Virgin
19.Banana Productions - The Best Of Kevin Ayers
6/1989 Harvest
20.Still Life With Guitar2/1992 Permanent
21.BBC Life In Concert 19727/1992 Windsong
22.Document Series1992 Connoisseur
23.Singing The Bruise (BBC Sessions 1970-72)1996 Band Of Joy
24.First Show In The Appearance (BBC 1973-76)1996 Strange Fruit
25.Garden of Love09.06.1998Floating World
26.Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought of You05.10.2004Edsel
27.Kevin Ayers: The BBC Sessions 1970-197606.12.2005Hux
28.The Unfairground03.09.2007Lomax
29.Hyde Park Free Concert 1970
& The Whole World
30.Songs for Insane Times: Anthology 1969-198022.07.2008EMD
31.Rainbow Takeaway: That's What You Get Babe06.10.2011BGO
32.Live At The BBC 1970 & 197229.01.2013B13
33.Howling at the Moon
& The Whole World

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Singing A Song In The Morning / Eleanor's Cake Which Ate Her2/1970 Harvest
2.Religious Experience1970
3.Butterfly Dance / Puis-Je?10/1970 Harvest
4.Strange In Blue Suede Shoes / Stars4/1971 Harvest
5.Oh! Wot A Dream / Connie On A Rubber Band17.11.1972Harvest
6.Caribbean Moon / Take Me To Tahiti4/1973 Harvest
7.The Up Song / Everybody's Sometimes And Some People's All The Time Blues10.05.1974Island
8.Who's Going To Take Me Home After The Show? Thank You Very Much28.06.1974Island
9.Falling In Love Again / Everyone Knows The Song20.02.1976Island
10.Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes / Fake Mexican Tourist Blues27.02.1976Harvest
11.Caribbean Moon / Take Me To Tahiti28.05.1976Harvest
12.Star / The Owl22.04.1977Harvest
13.Money, Money, Money / Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes29.02.1980Harvest
14.Animals / Don't Fall In Love With Me
(ve Španělsku)
15.My Speedin' Heart / Champagne And Valium7/1983 Charly
16.Stepping Out / Only Heaven Knows5/1986 Illuminated
17.Baby Come Home / Walk On Water15.09.2008Lo Max


1970-? Kevin Ayers And The Whole Wide World
1973 Kevin Ayers And 747
since 1974 Kevin Ayers And The Soporifics

appeared on the LP:

Steve Miller & Lol Coxhill: The Story So Far ... Oh Really? (18.10.74, Caroline)

appeared on the SP:
Mike Oldfield: Don Alfonso (07.02.75, Virgin)

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