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Personal Data:

Born: 30.07.1941 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
ANKA Paul (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.At The Copa1960
2.It's Christmas Everywhere1960
3.His Big 151960
4.Swings For Young Lovers1960
5.His Big 15 Vol 21961
6.Strictly Instrument1961
7.Let's Sit This One Out1962
8.His Big 15 Vol 31962
9.Young Alive And In Love1962
10.Our Man Around The World1963
11.Songs I Wish I'd Written1963
12.21 Golden Hits
produced by: Joe Sherman/Don Wardell
1963 RCA
13.Live In Germany1964
14.Excitement On Park Avenue1964
15.Strictly Nashville1966
16.Live Paul Anka1967
17.Goodnight My Love1969
18.Life Goes On1969
21.Paul Anka1971
24.My Way1974 CEMA
26.This Is Anka1974
27.Anka9/1974 United Artists 13
28.Lonely Boy1975
29.Puppy Love1975
30.She's A Lady1975
31.Times Of Your Life1975
32.Feelings6/1975 United Artists
33.The Painter1976
34.Sings His Favourites1976
35.Remember Diana19.03.1976RCA
36.The Essential Paul Anka5/1976 Buddah
37.The Music Man1977
39.Listen To Your Heart1978
40.At His Best1978 EMI
41.Vintage Years 1957/611978
42.Golden Hour Of Paul Anka5/1978 Pye
44.You And I
& Mireille Mathieu
1979 Ariola
45.21 Greatest Hits1980
46.His Best1981
47.Very Best Of Paul Anka1981
48.Both Sides Of Love1981
50.Original Hits1983
51.Walk A Fine Line7/1983 Columbia
52.Somebody Loves You1989
53.Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine? Polydor
54.Five Decades Of Hits? Curb
55.Diana & Other Hits? RCA
56.30th Anniversary Anthology? Rhino
57.Sings His Big Ten, Vol. 11992 Curb
58.Sings His Big Ten, Vol. 21992 Curb
59.Classic Hits1992 Curb
60.In The 70s1993 RCA
61.A Body Of Work22.09.1998Epic
62.Best Of The United Artists Years 1973-197718.01.1999
63.Essential RCA Recordings15.06.1999
64.Greatest Hits24.10.2000RCA
65.The Very Best Of Paul Anka24.10.2000RCA
66.Vegas Style (The Very Best Of 1969-1972)24.10.2000Taragon
67.Live 20003/2001 Anka
68.Live In Las Vegas09.04.2002Varese
69.Absolutely the Best: The 70's11.02.2003Varese
70.Hits auf Deutsch11.03.2003Bear Family
71.Solo lo Mejor De25.01.2005
72.Best Of Paul Anka12.04.2005Falcon Music
73.Rock Swings07.06.2005Verve9 120
74.My Way: Very Best of Paul Anka11.04.2006BMG
75.Their Greatest Hits
& Helen Reddy
11.04.2006Fuel 2000
76.Viva Las Vegas15.08.2006Disky
77.Classic Songs, My Way28.08.2007Decca13
79.Very Best of Paul Anka04.08.2009Sony/BMG
80.Times of Your Life: The Best of the '70s10.11.2009Micro Werks
81.Singing and Swinging: The First Three Albums Plus20.07.2010Jasmine
82.Songs of December15.11.2011Decca
83.Christmas with Paul Anka30.10.2012Hoogan
84.Merry Christmas04.12.2012Y Select
85.Dianacally Yours12.02.2013Bear Family
86.Duets09.04.2013Legacy 95
87.Paul Anka's 21 Golden Hits16.07.2013K2 HD
88.Diana: 25 of His Best Loved Songs17.06.2014Music Digital
89.The Real...09.09.2014RCA Victor
90.7 Classic Albums Plus14.10.2014
91.Signature Collection: Classic Hits04.12.2015Vinyl Passion
92.The Complete US & UK Singles, As & Bs, 1956-196205.02.2016Acrobat
93.Teen Idols
& Frankie Avalon & Ricky Nelson & Elvis Presley
02.09.2016One Louder
94.Paul Anka14.02.2017JDC

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Diana6/1957 ABC-Paramount1 1
2.I Love You Baby10/1957 Columbia3 97
3.Tell Me That You Love Me10/1957 25
4.You Are My Destiny1/1958 ABC-Paramount6 7
5.Crazy Love4/1958 ABC-Paramount26 19
6.Let The Bells Keep Ringing4/1958 ABC-Paramount 31
7.Midnight7/1958 ABC-Paramount26 69
8.Just Young9/1958 ABC-Paramount 80
9.The Teen Commandments
& George Hamilton IV & Johnny Nash
11/1958 ABC-Paramount 29
10.(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings12/1958 ABC-Paramount10 15
11.I Miss You So3/1959 ABC-Paramount 33
12.Lonely Boy5/1959 ABC-Paramount3 1
13.Put Your Head On My Shoulder8/1959 ABC-Paramount7 2
14.It's Time To Cry11/1959 ABC-Paramount28 4
15.Puppy Love2/1960 ABC-Paramount37 2
16.Adam & Eve3/1960 ABC-Paramount 90
17.My Home Town5/1960 ABC-Paramount 8
18.Something Happened5/1960 ABC-Paramount 41
19.Hello Young Lovers7/1960 ABC-Paramount44 23
20.I Love You In The Same Old Way7/1960 ABC-Paramount 40
21.Summer's Gone / I'd Have To Share9/1960 ABC-Paramount 11
22.Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer12/1960 ABC-Paramount 104
23.Don't Say You're Sorry1/1961 ABC-Paramount 108
24.The Story Of My Life1/1961 ABC-Paramount 16
25.Tonight My Love Tonight3/1961 ABC-Paramount 13
26.Dance On Little Girl5/1961 ABC-Paramount 10
27.Kissin' On The Phone8/1961 ABC-Paramount 35
28.Cinderella8/1961 ABC-Paramount 70
29.The Bells At My Wedding / Loveland11/1961 ABC-Paramount 104
30.The Fools Hall Of Fame1/1962 ABC-Paramount 103
31.Love Me Warm And Tender2/1962 RCA19 12
33.I'd Never Find Another You3/1962 ABC-Paramount 106
34.A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine5/1962 RCA13 116
35.I'm Coming Home7/1962 ABC-Paramount 94
36.Every Night (Without You)8/1962 RCA 46
37.Eso Beso (That Kiss)10/1962 RCA 19
38.Love (Makes The World Go 'Round)1/1963 RCA 26
39.Remember Diana4/1963 RCA 39
40.Hello Jim6/1963 RCA 97
41.Did You Have A Happy Birthday11/1963 RCA 89
42.My Baby's Comin' Home4/1964 RCA 113
43.Zwei Mädchen aus Germany5/1964
44.In My Imagination9/1964
45.Sweet Sweet Rosalie10/1964
46.Kiddy Kiddy Kiss Me
& Rita Pavone
48.Oh, Such A Stranger / Truly Yours25.02.1966RCA
49.Poor Old World28.10.1966RCA
50.Goodnight My Love12/1968 RCA 27
51.In The Still Of The Night3/1969 RCA 64
52.Sincerely5/1969 RCA 80
53.Happy11/1969 RCA 86
54.Do I Love You9/1971 Buddah 53
55.Jubilation3/1972 Buddah 65
56.Flashback02.11.1973United Artists
57.Let Me Get To Know You12/1973 Fame 80
58.(You're) Having My Baby
produced by: Rick Hall
6/1974 United Artists4 1
60.One Man Woman, One Woman Man
& Odia Coates
11/1974 United Artists 7
61.I Can't Stop Loving You1/1975 RCA
62.I Don't Like To Sleep Alone
& Odia Coates
3/1975 United Artists 5
63.I Believe There's Nothing Stronger In The World But My Love
& Odia Coates
7/1975 United Artists 14
64.Time Of Your Life11/1975 United Artists 7
65.Anytime (I'll Be There)
(v GB 7.5.76)
3/1976 United Artists 33
66.Happier12/1976 United Artists 60
67.My Best Friend's Wife4/1977 United Artists 80
68.Everybody Ought To Be In Love7/1977 United Artists 75
69.This Is Love9/1978 RCA 35
70.You And I / A Man And A Woman
& Mireille Mathieu
1979 Ariola
71.I've Been Waiting For You All Of My Life
(A 48)
4/1981 RCA
72.Hold Me 'Til The Mornin' Comes6/1983 Columbia 40
73.Freedom For The World12/1987
74.Having My Baby
& Anita Meijer
75.I Can't Help Loving You / When We Get There06.12.2013Outta Sight


1. An Evening With Paul Anka - 1985, Pioneer
2. Rock Swings - 6.12.2005, live

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