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This web was launched on June 1, 2000.

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Electronic encyclopaedia Ultimate Music Database seems to be one of the largest projects in the field of the pop music that is currently available. The merit is that it is not limited to a certain geographic location or certain style, but it contains data from all over the world and from almost all musical styles except of the artificial music, brass music, opera etc. It is a result of more than 20 years of author's information collection that covers approximately the last 50 years of history of the world music scene, i.e. since the rock'n'roll breakthrough or even earlier, until the hottest present times.

The database now (April 2002) contains more than 130.000 items (bands and individuals). Of this amount there is about 10.000 bands with more data than a simple list of records - you can find their current or last known line-up, list of the former members, date of formation and split, their geographical origin, albums and singles discography, the list of the long-form videos and films with the band's or band member's appearances, bibliography, awards (e.g. Grammy Awards, MTV awards, readers' polls etc.), web site links, list of references to the musical press and notes.

The notes about the bands contain various other information - significant concerts, original band names, periods of splits and reunions, list of demos, fan club addresses, their tracks used on various compilations, tribute and charity albums or soundtracks, appearances on other bands' projects, appearances of guest musicians on their own albums etc. There is also an information concerning the band members (including the former ones) themselves.

Solo efforts of the band members (including the former ones) are listed at the end of band's respective discography as well as within the individual persons' pages.

Band members make up the other large portion of the database (about 40.000 names). There is an information about their activities in different bands, then their birthday and birthplace, eventually day of death, the instrument they are playing, their real name in case they are using a nick name and a musical press references.

As far as the musical press references are concerned, the most of them point to the Melody Maker, New Musical Express, Rock&Pop, Bang!, Big Beng! and Melodie (the latter three being of the Czech origin). In each case the volume, issue, date, page and possibly the column name is listed together with the reference type (i.e. the profile, the interview, album/single/concert/demo review or the discography). The period since approximately 1965 until now is covered.

The original database was developed with Czech interface and Czech comments, and although I tried to reduce using the Czech language, you will probably find some Czech expressions. Unfortunately, the database is so large and there is a lot of new information coming every day, that it is not possible to maintain two separate language versions, or to translate the whole contents to English. Maybe sometimes in the future ... But I believe it remains readable for you, as the most part of information is in English due to its origin.


The items are indexed alphabetically according to the standard Czech sorting (which is close to the English one, but contains the diacritical characters in addition, and, unfortunately, the combination of "c" and "h" is supposed to be one character placed in order between "h" and "i"). The band names are listed in capital characters. The articles (e.g. „The", „A", „Les", „Los") are mentioned but they are not involved in sorting.

The persons are sorted according to their family names, which are listed in capital characters. If there is a preposition (e.g. "de", "von") then it is also involved in sorting - e.g. Dennis de Young can be found under "D", not under "Y". If the band name contains a name of the leader (e.g. Jeff Healy Band, Dave Clark Five) it is listed similarly to the persons (i.e. as HEALY Jeff BAND, CLARK Dave FIVE etc.).

The names of the bands and persons are being united as much as possible to ensure that every band and every person can be found only once in the database. This is the case, when the various transcriptions are commonly used for the same band or person, e.g. N Joi vs. N-Joi, Jim Morrison vs. James Morrison, 10cc vs. 10 cc etc. The most often used spelling is used here but it is still possible that some band or person names occur more than once. If you find such a case, please let me know. There are some bands and persons, who share the same name, of course - e.g. Nirvana from the UK and Nirvana from the USA - such cases are distinguished with their origin, formation, instrument or sequence number.

Date Formats

Dates can be presented in different ways, e.g.


the band was formed in 1982


the band was formed in March of 1982 and split in 1987


the band split in 1995, the time of formation is not known


precise date of formation or birthday

In the discography part I try to list the most precise release date of the record (usually in the UK/USA), the label and the producer, in case of the singles there is also the highest ranking in British and American charts - the following reading in the singles discography

  1. Lonely One (10/92, EMI, 14.), USA 5.

means, that the single titled „Lonely One" was released in October 1992 on EMI label, the highest chart position in the UK was 14 and in the USA 5. The respective chart in case of the UK is that of the Melody Maker or New Musical Express (the better ranking of these two), in case of the USA it is Cashbox or Billboard.

Wherever the precise date is stated, it is always of format Day.Month.Year!
( or


As the sphere of world wide pop music is so wide it is obvious that despite all the effort the collection of facts of all its representatives can hardly be complete. Encyclopaedia Ultimate Music Database in the current extension is therefore not closed, but it is continuously updated with the new data - historical (by collecting information from the older sources) as well as the most contemporary (from the just released resources).

If there are no technical problems the updated version can be expected once a fortnight.



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original music score (soundtrack)


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