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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
Liverpool, GB
*  1981+  1983

Line-Up (1983):

Pete Wylie - voc,g
Carl Washington - bg
Charlie Griffiths - kb
Jay Naughton - p
Chris Joyce - ds

Former Members:

Loaf A Go Go (g, cca 6/81)
King Bluff (kb,synths, 1981); Henry Priestman (kb, 1981-82); Mick Jones (kb)
John Maher (ds, cca 6/81); Paul Barlow (ds, 1981-82)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Nah = Poo - The Art Of Bluff03.07.1981Eternal/WEA33
2.The Maverick Years 80-811/1983 Wonderful World
3.A Word To The Wise Guy7/1984 28
4.Handy Wah! Whole23.07.2002Castle
5.Best of Wah!
(Gemini Sun)
6.Love Holding Love16.09.2008Nettwerk
7.Opening to Bliss10.01.2012

Pete Wylie:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Sinful8/1987 MDM
2.Infamy! Or How I Didn't Get Where I Am8/1991 Siren

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Forget The Down! / The Checkmate Syndrome12.06.1981Eternal/WEA
2.Somesay / Forget The Down16.10.1981Eternal/WEA
3.Remember / A Crack Is A Crack
credited to: Shambeko! Say Wah!
4.The Story Of The Blues, Part I And II / 7 Minutes Live(ish)05.11.1982Eternal3
5.Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me) / Sleep
12" + You Can Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Year Of Decision / L'Espwah)
6.The Story Of The Blues / Talkin' Blues
12" + Seven Minutes To Midnight
12/1983 Eternal/WEA2
7.The Peel Sessions EP
(Basement Blues / The Story Of The Blues / Better Scream / Weekends / Yuh Learn)
9/1987 Strange Fruit
8.Don't You Ever Lose Your Dreams6/1991
9.Heart As Big As Liverpool23.11.1998Columbia

Pete Wylie:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sinful / I Want The Moon, Mother
7" + Sophie's Sinful (For Maurice And Kabelle) / Joy Of Being Booed
12",CD + Fourelevenfortyfour / If I Love You
4/1986 MDM10
2.Diamond Girl / Spare A Thought9/1986 MDM57
3.If I Love You / Never Fall For A Whore7/1987 MDM76 / The Marksman
CD + Sinful (Song Of The Sinful Angel)
10/1987 MDM79
5.All Together Now
& The Farm
6.Sinful / Fourelevenfortyfour4/1991 Siren28
7.Don't Lose Your Dreams / Seamless
12",CD + Imperfect
6/1991 Siren
8.Long Tall Scally / ... And The Good Guys Don't Die
12",CD + Everything (But The Wah!)
9/1991 Siren


1979-81 Wah! Heat
1981-83 Wah!
1983-84 The Mighty Wah!
cca 11/1998 Pete Wylie And The Mighty Wah
cca 6/2000 The Mighty Wah!

Compilation Appearances:

"Heart As Big As Liverpool" on compilation "Mersey Boys And Liverpool Girls: The Sounds From The Mersey 1978-2001" (2.4.01, EMI)
"Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me)" on compilation "John Peel - Right Time, Wrong Speed: 1977-1987" (9.10.06)

Pete Wylie:

appeared on the SP:

The JAMS: It's Grim Up North (17.12.90, KLF Communications)

Press References:

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