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P Johnny

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ruff Mean & Deadly
& Japanese & Ninja Man
2.Ninja Man V Johnny P
& Ninjaman

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
& Scarface & 2Pac
6/1997 Rap-A-Lot/Noo Trybe/Virgin 12
2.Still Po' Pimpin'
& Twista & Do Or Die
2/1998 Neighborhood Watch/Rap-A-Lot 22
3.Dubplate Firm / Firm Dubplate
& Nomads
30.07.2001Crunk Vinyl
4.No Missile17.11.2003Natami
5.Fight Fi Old Bruk12.06.2006Technique
6.Seaya Face & PJ Body
& Kid 606 & DJ C
7.Who Yuh (Hi Fashion Rhythm)07.08.2006Dennis Star
8.Young & She Green07.08.2006Technique
9.Bless Our Soul / Jah It's You / Beat Down Babylon Wall / Mama (Lord Watches Over Our Shoulder)
& Garnett Silk & Anthony B & Derek Lara
21.08.2006Smith & Co Sound & Vision
10.Crime Stop (Diseases Rhythm)28.08.2006Logon Street Vibes
11.Tie Head (Sleng Teng Rhythm)28.08.2006Jammy$
12.Wine & Gu Dung13.08.2007
13.Wave Your Rag / 100%
& Galaxy P
13.08.2007Shelly Power
14.DJ Army / Tappa Rhythm
& Sly & Robbie
15.Baby Nah Wear / Fish Tea21.04.2008Little C
16.21 Girl Salute / Hail Hitler
& LT Stitchie & Barrington Levy
17.Nah Get No Loving Tonight (Armagideon Riddim)
& Teddy Irie
25.08.2008Bravo The Best Baby Father Jam
18.If You Love Me
& Foxy Brown
19.Young & She Green
& Thriller U
20.Yuh Breath A Badda Mi17.04.2009Techniques
21.Mouth A Badda Mi18.04.2009Techniques
22.Nasty Man
& Steelie & Clevie
25.09.2009Steely & Clevie
23.Tek A Gal Man (Cherry Oh Baby Riddim)14.06.2010Penthouse
24.Say You Love Me
& Singing Melody
25.No Carry No Feelings09.12.2010Jammy$
26.Stick By Me (Riddim)
& Thriller U
27.Buddy Bye / Buddy (dub)18.02.2011Nura
29.Everyone Make Love
& Michael Palmer
04.05.2011Digital B
30.Love Sex13.05.2011Fun Time
31.No Pussy Test13.05.2011Fun Time
32.Link Up / Mule Train (Riddim)
& Johnny Osbourne
13.05.2011Top Rank
33.Over & Over
& Onra & Do Or Die
06.11.2015All City
34.Good to You04.11.2016Big Picnic