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Calendar for 21.10.2021

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rompe / Put Em Their Place27.02.2006Ear To Da Street
2.Deja Vu / Go To Church18.09.2006Ear To Da Street
3.Ring The Alarm / Hmm Hmm Remix18.09.2006Ear To Da Street
4.Kingdom Come / We Gon Make It / Boom Boom30.10.2006Ear To Da Street
5.We Fly High All The Time / Still Ain't Playing (radio) / Lost Ones (dirty) / Beat N Down Yo Block13.11.2006Ear To Da Street
6.White Gurl / Tell Me (radio) / Tell Me (instrumental) / Irreplaceable13.11.2006Ear To Da Street
7.Doctors Advocate / California Vacation (clean) / Push It (clean remix) / Ghost Is Back (clean) / Good (clean) / Freestyle (Hot 97 (10-30-06))20.11.2006Ear To Da Street
8.That's That / Why Hate The Game20.11.2006Ear To Da Street
9.Get Low / Breathe & Stop27.11.2006Ear To Da Street
10.It's OK27.11.2006Ear To Da Street
11.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 64 (Who's Ur Daddy (main) / What It Be Like (dirty) / Oh My God / This Is The Way I'm Hot / Jeezy)11.12.2006Ear To Da Street
12.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 65
(Caal The Cops / Grew Up A Screw Up (remix - dirty) / Like This (dirty) / 4 Corners)
11.12.2006Ear To Da Street
13.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 66 (Don't Know About That (clean) / Niggaz Fronting (dirty) / Zoom / Desire (clean) / Hustlers)11.12.2006Ear To Da Street
14.Can't Forget About Us / Still Daydreaming / Life's Gone Low / Lock U Down / I Be Everywhere (Respect My Grind)25.12.2006Ear To Da Street
15.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 70
(Zoom / Last Night / Say It Right (main mix))
22.01.2007Ear To Da Street
16.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 73
(Runaway Love / Carry On Tradition)
22.01.2007Ear To Da Street
17.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 76 EP
(Promise / 1 Million 2 Million / My Style)
05.02.2007Ear To Da Street
18.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 77 EP
(The Show / The Function / Soul Music / Happy Home / Do Da Damn Thang)
05.02.2007Ear To Da Street
19.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 79
(Imma Flirt / Please Don't Go / Hollyhood / Throw Some D's (remix) / Boy Looka (dirty mix))
19.02.2007Ear To Da Street
20.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 80 (Mr Slow Flow (clean mix) / Mr Slow Flow (dirty mix) / Mr Slow Flow (instrumental) / Because Of You (main mix) / Because Of You (instrumental))19.02.2007Ear To Da Street
21.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 81 (DJ Don't (LP mix) / DJ Don't (instrumental) / Upgrade U (Benja Styles Reggae remix) / Emotioneless (clean mix) / Where Are They Now (80's mix - dirty mix) / Where Are They Now (90's mix - dirty mix))19.02.2007Ear To Da Street
22.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 82 (Wipe Me Down (clean mix) / Wipe Me Down (dirty mix) / Funeral Music / Curtis / Whip Game)26.02.2007Ear To Da Street
23.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 84
(Lost Your Mind / Creole (main) / Creole (instrumental) / Pump The Bass (dirty) / Get It Shawty)
05.03.2007Ear To Da Street
24.Ear To Da Street Vol 85 (Poppin' (remix clean) / Extra Originary (clean) / Salio El Sol / Crusin' (clean) / Crusin' (instrumental) / On The Hotline)12.03.2007Ear To Da Street
25.When I See You / Buddy (remix) / Lost Without U (remix) / Rock Yo Hips (clean mix)09.04.2007Ear To Da Street
26.Came Down / Sexy Lady / Valentine16.04.2007Ear To Da Street
27.Like This / Congratulations16.04.2007Ear To Da Street
28.Live At The BBQ 2007 / U Ain't Know (dirty) / Five O16.04.2007Ear To Da Street
29.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 99 (Bubble Gum (clean) / Bubble Gum (dirty) / Tattoo / Can't Get Enough (main) / International Players)30.04.2007Ear To Da Street
30.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 201
(Bartender / I Got Candy (clean) / I Got Candy (dirty) / I'm The Man (clean) / Crazy (main))
07.05.2007Ear To Da Street
31.Ear To Da Street Vol 128 (Hustlin (remix - clean) / Hustlin (remix - dirty) / Badman Salute (On The Neyo So Sick Beat) / Wanna Love You Girl (remix) / Bumpin My Music (remix) / Say (clean))13.08.2007Ear To Da Street
32.Ear 2 Da Street Vol 229 (Until The End Of Time (remix) / Gimme More (clean album version) / Gimme More (It's Britney Bitch Bitch Club remix) / Whatever U Like / Wine Down Low)22.10.2007Ear To Da Street