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Personal Data:

Born: 1981 (Bahrain)
TURNER Frank (photo)


?-2000 Kneejerk
?-9/05 Million Dead
cca 8/12 Sleeping Souls
8/12-cca 5/14 Mongol Horde

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Sleep Is For The Week15.01.2007Xtra Mile
2.Love Ire & Song / The First Three Years31.03.2008Xtra Mile72
3.Poetry Of The Deed07.09.2009Xtra Mile36
4.Rock & Roll02.12.2010Xtra Mile
5.England Keep My Bones07.06.2011Epitaph12 143
6.The Second Three Years
16.01.2012Xtra Mile
7.Fields Of June
& Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo
21.08.2012Xtra Mile
8.Frank Turner Live From Wembley
11.09.2012Xtra Mile
9.Last Minutes and Lost Evenings02.10.2012Epitaph
10.I Still Believe: Music From Road To Wembley Documentary11.12.2012Xtra Mile
11.Tape Deck Heart
produced by: Rich Costey
22.04.2013Xtra Mile2 52
& Jon Snodgrass
05.11.2013Xtra Mile
13.Polaroid Picture04.02.2014Capitol
14.The Third Three Years24.11.2014Xtra Mile67
15.Positive Songs For Negative People06.08.2015Polydor2 69
16.Sing Noel Coward: Double Exposure,Vol. 1
& Franz Nicolay
17.Ten for Ten12.02.2016Universal
18.Songbook11/2017 Polydor36
19.Be More Kind5/2018 Polydor3 95
20.No Man's Land16.08.2019Xtra Mile/Polydor3
21.Live In Newcastle
& The Sleeping Souls
24.04.2020Xtra Mile/Polydor
22.West Coast Vs. Wessex
31.07.2020Fat Wreck
produced by: Rich Costey
11.02.2022Xtra Mile/Polydor1

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Xtra Mile Recordings: 4
(Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies / The Real Damage)
& Reuben
30.01.2006Xtra Mile
2.Campfire Punkrock EP
(Nashville Tennessee / Thatcher Fucked the Kids / This Town Ain't Big Enough for the One of Me / Casanova Lament / I Really Don't Care What You Did on Your Gap Year)
15.05.2006Xtra Mile
3.A New England / All I Want / The Outdoor Type / You Are My Sunshine
& John Matranga
07.08.2006Xtra Mile
4.The Real Damage / Sea Legs / Back To Sleep / Sunshine State / Heartless Bastard Motherfucker14.05.2007Xtra Mile
5.Long Live The Queen20.10.200865
6.Reasons Not To Be An Idiot12.01.2009
7.The Road8/2009 Xtra Mile62
8.Thing Of The Past / Try This At Home (acoustic)
& Tim Barry
10.11.2009Suburban Home
9.Long Live The Queen / Still To Keep
& Crazy Arm
18.03.2010Xtra Mile
10.Try This At Home / Real Cool Hand / Gold & Steel
& Isaac Garham & Retrospective Soundtrack Players
29.07.2010Xtra Mile
11.I Still Believe10/2010 Xtra Mile40
12.If Ever I Stray8/2011 Xtra Mile
13.Wessex Boy12.12.2011
14.I Still Believe / Somebody To Love21.04.2012
15.Fields Of June / Nostalgia
& Emily Barker And The Red Clay Halo
09.08.2012Xtra Mile
16.I Don't Know Why
& Emily Barker And The Red Clay Halo
13.08.2012Everyone Sang
18.The Way I Tend To Be6/2013 Xtra Mile57
19.Losing Days EP
(Losing Days / Who's Got A Match? / Hits & Mrs. / Longing For The Day)
20.Polaroid Picture EP
(Polaroid Picture / The Modern Leper / Plea From A Cat Named Virtue / Who’s Got A Match / Sweet Albion Blues)
03.02.2014Xtra Mile
21.Sand in the Gears10.02.2017Interscope
22.Sister Rosetta7/2019 Xtra Mile
23.Haven't Been Doing So Well16.09.2021Xtra Mile
24.Non Serviam28.10.2021Xtra Mile


1. All About The Destination - 2007, DVD