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San Francisco, California, USA
*  10/1966

Line-Up (2010):

SANTANA (photo)

Tony Lindsay - voc
Andy Vargas - g
Carlos Santana - g
Benny Rietveld - bg
David K. Matthews - kb
Karl Perazzo - perc
Raul Rekow - perc
Dennis Chambers - ds
Bill Ortiz - tr
Jeff Cressman - tr
Tommy Anthony - g,voc

Former Members:

Tony Lindsey (voc); Leon Thomas (voc, 9/72-cca 4/75); Leon Patillo (voc,kb, 9/74-cca 8/75); Greg Walker (voc, 9/74-8/76, 1977-78, 3/83-cca 2/84); Tom Croucier (voc, 8/76-?); Luther Rabb (voc, 10/76-?); Alex Ligertwood (voc, 1979-2/83, 3/84-1984, cca 1990); Buddy Miles (voc, 1987); Larry Graham (voc, cca 1992)

Tom Frazer (g, 1966-?); Neal Schon (g, cca 4/71-1972); Chris Sohlberg (g, 5/78-cca 10/78); Jorge Santana (g)

Dany Haro (bg, 1966-?); Gus Rodriguez (bg, 1966-67); Steve de la Rosa (bg); Bruce Day (bg); David Brown (bg, 1967-71, 9/74-cca 9/75); Tom Rutley (bg, cca 1971-1972); Doug Rauch (bg, 9/72-cca 11/75); Ivory Stone (bg, 1976); Byron Miller (bg, ?-8/76); Pablo Tellez (bg, 8/76-cca 11/76); David Margen (bg, 1977-2/83); Keith Jones (bg, 3/83-3/84); Alphonso Johnson (bg, 3/84-1984, 1987)

Greg Rolie (kb, 1966-72, 1987); Richard Kermode (kb, 9/72-cca 1975); Tom Coster (kb, 9/72-12/73, 9/74-5/78, 3/83-3/84, 1987); Chris Rhyne (kb, 6/78-1979); Chris Solberg (kb, 6/78-12/80); Alan Pasqua (kb, 1979-12/80); Richard Baker (kb, 12/80-2/83); C.D. Thompson (kb, 3/83-cca 2/84); David Sancious (kb, 3/84-?); Chester Thompson (kb, 1987-cca 1990, cca 1/00-cca 5/00)

Rod Harper (ds, 1966-67); Doc Livingstone (ds, 1967); Billy Johnson (ds); Mike Shrieve (ds, 1967-71, 9/72-1975); Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (ds, cca 4/75-8/76); David Prater (ds, 8/76-?); Gaylord Birch (ds, 8/76-?); Graham Lear (ds, 10/76-3/84, 1987); C.C. Thompson (ds, 3/84-?); Walfredo Reyes (ds, cca 1990); Rodney Holmes (ds, cca 1/00-cca 5/00)

Mike Carabello (perc, 1966-67, 1969-72); Marcus Malone (perc, 1967-69); Jose Chepito Areas (perc, 1969-70, 9/72-12/73, 9/74-cca 11/76); Coke Escovedo (perc, cca 4/71-1972); Ric Reyes (perc, cca 1971); Victor Pantoya (perc, cca 1971); Willie Bob (perc, cca 1971); Mingo Lewis (perc, 9/72-12/73); Armando Peraza (perc, 9/72-12/73, 9/74-8/76, 1977-cca 1987); Francisco Aquabella (perc, 1976); John Santos (perc, 8/76-?); Pete Escovedo (perc, 1977-78); Orestes Vilato (perc, 12/80-cca 2/84, 1987)

Jules Broudssard (sax, 9/74-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Santana8/1969 Columbia26 4
2.Abraxas10/1970 Columbia7 1
3.Santana 3rd4/1971 Columbia6 1
4.Caravanserai11.10.1972Columbia6 5
produced by: Santana
09.11.1973Columbia8 24
6.Greatest Hits7/1974 Columbia14 12
produced by: Carlos Santana
11/1974 Columbia18 13
9.Amigos4/1976 Columbia13 10
10.Festival10.12.1976Columbia27 25
produced by: David Rubinson
21.10.1977Columbia7 10
12.Inner Secrets
produced by: Dennis Lambert/Brian Potter
13.10.1978Columbia17 27
produced by: Keith Olsen/Santana/David De Vore
19.10.1979Columbia28 25
14.The Sound Of Santana
1980 Columbia
15.Zebop!10.04.1981Columbia33 9
16.Shango8/1982 Columbia35 18
17.Beyond Appearances3/1985 Columbia58 50
18.Black Magic Woman1986
19.Viva! Santana - The Very Best Of Santana10/1986 K-Tel50
20.Historic Santana1987
21.Songs Of Freedom2/1987 Columbia 95
22.The Very Best Of Santana - Volume 1 & 2
5/1988 Arcade
23.Viva! Santana
10/1988 Columbia 142
24.Persuasion6/1989 Thunderbolt
25.Latin Tropical1/1990 Thunderbolt
26.Spirits Dancing In The Flesh7/1990 Columbia68 85
27.Milagro4/1992 Polydor 102
28.The Best Of Santana6/1992 Columbia
29.Love, Songs And Pieces1993
30.Nineteen Sixty Eight5/1993 F.N.A.C.
31.Salsa, Samba & Santana9/1993 Sony Collectors
32.Sacred Fire11/1993 Polydor 181
33.Samba Pa Ti11/1993 Sony Collectors
34.Evolution2/1994 Thunderbolt
35.Soul Sacrifice3/1994 Charly
36.The Super Collection
4/1994 Pulsar
37.As Years Go By7/1994 Success
38.Santana Jam7/1994 Success
39.Every Day I Have The Blues7/1994 Success
40.With A Little Help From My Friends7/1994 Success
41.Latin Rock Fusions10/1994 Charly
42.The Best10/1994 Columbia
43.Pearls Of The Past2/1995 B.A.M.
44.The Early Years4/1995 Muskateer
45.Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent
9/1995 Sony
46.The Collection
(3CD box set)
11/1995 The Collection
47.Sacred Sources I24.06.1996Island
48.Summer Dreams - The Best Ballads Of Santana11/1996 Sony
49.Live At The Fillmore '6810.03.1997Sony
50.The Ultimate Collection
8/1998 Sony12
51.Best Instrumentals09.03.1999
52.Acapulco Sunrise11.05.1999
produced by: Clive Davis/Carlos Santana
15.06.1999Arista1 1
54.The Best Of Santana2/2000 Legacy/Columbia 82
55.Classic8/2000 Universal
56.The Best Of Santana Volume 219.12.2000Columbia/Legacy
57.Timeless Flight09.10.2001Magnum
58.Fried Neckbones and Home Fries15.01.2002Yeaah
59.Early Classics29.01.2002Orpheus
60.San Mateo Sessions
61.The Essential Santana10.09.2002Sony Music 125
9/2002 Sony
63.Shaman22.10.2002Arista15 1
64.Fillmore Performance: San Francisco 196805.11.2002Cleopatra
65.Birth of Santana: The Complete Early Years08.04.2003Cleopatra
66.Magic Rhythms29.04.2003Prism
67.Ceremony - Remixes and Rarities16.12.2003Arista
68.Food For Thought7/2004
69.Timeless Classics05.10.2004St. Clair
70.Artist Collection: Santana12.10.2004BMG
71.Santana: Legacy Edition19.10.2004Sony
72.Guitar Legend22.03.2005United Multi Consign
73.Latin Tropical31.05.2005Pazzazz
75.All That I Am
featuring: Mary J. Blige, Big Boi, Los Lonely Boys, Steven Tyler (voc), Kirk Hammett (g), Robert Randolph (pedal steel), Bo Bice, Sean Paul, Joss Stone, Anthony Hamilton, William "Will.I.Am" AdamsBig Boi, Mary J. Blige, Los Lonely Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul, Robert Randolph, Kirk Hammett
01.11.2005Arista36 2
76.Sacred Fire: Santana Live in South America17.01.2006Universal International
78.Legends21.02.2006Universal International
79.Golden Legends: Santana Live28.02.2006Madacy
82.The Early Years: An Anthology30.10.2006Cherry Red
83.Live at the 1988 Montreaux Jazz Festival27.03.2007Image
84.The Best of Santana2007 K2
85.Best of Santana: Live31.07.2007Direct Source
86.Platinum25.09.2007Madacy Special MKTS
87.Colour Collection15.10.2007Spectrum
88.Ultimate Santana16.10.2007Legacy/Columbia/Arista16 8
89.Spiritual Ascension: The Best of Santana27.11.2007Music Brokers Arg
90.X226.02.2008Sony Legacy
91.Ceremony: Remixes & Rarities29.04.2008Sbme Special Mkts
92.SF Mission District19.05.2008Akarma
93.Hit Collection17.06.2008Sony/BMG
94.Original Album Classics
(5CD box set)
95.Multi Dimensional Warrior
30.09.2008Columbia/Legacy 82
96.Best of the Fillmore Years23.12.2008Cleopatra
97.Woodstock Experience30.06.2009Sony Legacy
98.Carnaval: The Best Of Santana08.10.2009Sony
99.Jingo: The Santana Collection08.09.2010Camden International
100.Guitar Heaven ... The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time21.09.2010Arista15 5
101.On the Road To Woodstock08.03.2011Rokarola
102.Original Album Classics04.10.2011Sony
103.The Anthology '68-'69: The Early San Francisco Years14.02.2012Cleopatra
104.Shape Shifter15.05.2012Starfaith49 16
105.Flashback International23.10.2012Columbia
106.Santana's Greatest Hits29.10.2013Friday Music
107.Corazón06.05.2014Sony Music Latin58 9
108.1968 San Francisco22.07.2014Cleopatra
109.Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti 25-05-7528.07.2014Klondike
110.Corazón, Live From Mexico: Live It to Believe It09.09.2014RCA
111.Playlist: The Very Best of Santana14.04.2015Legacy
112.Going Home: Live at Dillon Stadium, Hartford, Connecticut10.07.2015BRR
113.Live in Cape Cod, 198124.07.2015Livewire
114.Live At Cow Palace, Daly City CA December 31 1977
115.Tales of Kilimanjaro21.08.2015Air Cuts
116.Santana: Latin Tropical11.09.2015SIS
117.Black Magic Woman: Live 197823.10.2015Roxvox
118.Berkeley Community Center 197004.03.2016Go Faster
119.Santana IV15.04.2016Santana IV4 5
120.Cow Palace, San Francisco, December 31, 197524.06.2016Shady Groove
121.Bill Graham Memorial 199105.08.2016Iconography
122.Santana IV - Live At The House Of Blues Las Vegas21.10.2016Eagle Rock
123.Transmission Impossible11.11.2016Eat To The Beat
124.Independence Day 198107.04.2017All Access
125.Power Of Peace
& Isley Brothers
28.07.2017Legacy/Sony 64
126.Africa Speaks
produced by: Rick Rubin
5/2019 Concord35 3
127.Blessings And Miracles8/2021 BMG

Carlos Santana:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live!
(Buddy Miles)
8/1972 Columbia29 8
2.Love, Devotion, Surrender
& John McLaughlin, prod. Carlos Santana/John McLaughlin
22.06.1973Columbia7 11
& Alice Coltrane
10/1974 Columbia40 79
4.Oneness: Silver Dreams / Golden Reality3/1979 Columbia55 87
5.The Swing Of Delight
& Herbie Hancock
9/1980 Columbia65 65
6.Havana Moon4/1983 Columbia84 31
7.Blues For Salvador11/1987 Columbia 195
8.Jingo Maniac08.05.2000Ariola
9.Divine Light31.07.2001Columbia
& Buddy Miles
21.06.2013Speakers Corner
11.Invitation to Illumination: Live at Montreux 2011
& John McLaughlin
20.08.2013Eagle Rock
12.One Monday Morning04.11.2016Laser Media

Mike Shrieve:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Through The Fire
& Neil Schon & Kenny Aaronson & Sam Hagar
2.Transfer Station Blue1986
3.The Big Picture
& David Beal

Tom Coster:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Tom Coster1981
2.Best Of Tom Coster08.03.1999

Armando Peraza:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Wild Thing1968

Greg Walker:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Love You So Good1991

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Persuasion / Savor9/1969 Columbia
2.Jin-Go-La-Ba / Persuasion10/1969 Columbia 56
3.Evil Ways / Waiting1/1970 Columbia 9
4.Evil Ways / Jingo4/1970 CBS
5.Soul Sacrifice10/1970
6.Black Magic Woman / Hope You're Feeling Better14.11.1970Columbia 4
7.Oye como va / Samba pa ti2/1971 Columbia 13
8.Everybody's Everything / Guajira10/1971 Columbia 12
9.No One To Depend On / Taboo2/1972 Columbia 36
10.Look Up (To See What's Coming Down) / All The Love Of The Universe1/1973 Columbia
11.Oye Como Va / Black Magic Woman3/1973 Columbia
12.When I Look Into Your Eyes / Samba De Sausalito11/1973 Columbia
13.Samba Pa Ti / Incident At Neshabur
produced by: Catere/Santana
7/1974 Columbia18
14.Practice What You Preach / Canto De Los Flores29.11.1974Columbia
15.Mirage / Flor De Canela07.02.1975Columbia
16.Give And Take / Life Is Anew3/1975 Columbia
17.Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) / Take Me With You12.03.1976Columbia
18.Let It Shine / Tell Me Are You Tired5/1976 Columbia 77
19.Dance Little Sister (Baila Mi Hermana) / Let Me13.08.1976Columbia
20.Revelations / Reach Up
(v GB)
1/1977 CBS
21.Revelations / Give Me Love
(v USA)
1/1977 Columbia
22.Let The Children Play / Carnaval18.03.1977Columbia 102
23.She's Not There / Zulu
produced by: David Rubinson
23.09.1977Columbia8 20
24.Black Magic Woman (live) / Transcendance
(v GB)
1/1978 CBS
25.Black Magic Woman (live) / I'll Be Waiting (live)
(v USA)
1/1978 Columbia
27.Well All Right / Jericho10/1978 Columbia 69
28.Well All Right / Wham!
12" + Life Is A Lady - Holiday
29.Stormy / Move On12/1978 Columbia 32
30.One Chain (Don't Make No Prison) / Move On26.01.1979CBS
31.Samba Pa Ti / Incident At Neshabur
2/1979 Columbia
32.One Chain (Don't Make No Prison) / Life Is A Holiday4/1979 Columbia 59
33.You Know That I Love You / Aqua Marine10/1979 Columbia 35
34.All I Ever Wanted / Love2/1980 CBS57
35.All I Ever Wanted / Lightning In The Sky2/1980 Columbia
36.Aqua Marine / Stand Up - Runnin'6/1980 Columbia
37.Winning / Brightest Star4/1981 Columbia 15
38.Changes / American Gypsy6/1981 Columbia
39.The Sensitive Kind / American Gypsy7/1981 Columbia 56
40.Searchin' / Tales Of Kilimanjaro1/1982 Columbia
41.Hold On / Oxun8/1982 Columbia 9
42.Nowhere To Run / Nueva York11/1982 Columbia 66
43.She's Not There / Samba Pa Ti7/1984 CBS
44.Say It Again / Touchdown Raiders
12" + She's Not There
2/1985 Columbia 46
45.How Long / Right Now
12" + She's Not There
5/1985 CBS
46.I'm The One Who Loves You / Right Now5/1985 Columbia
47.Samba Pa Ti / Jin-Go-La-Ba / She's Not There / Evil Ways2/1986 Old Gold
48.Praise / Love Is You2/1987 Columbia
49.Vera Cruz / Mandela5/1987 Columbia
50.Black Magic Woman / Samba Pa Ti / Oye Como Va / Jin-Go-La-Ba5/1989 CBS
51.Gypsy Woman / Goodness And Mercy
12",CD + Black Magic Woman / Oye Como Va / She's Not There (live)
6/1990 Columbia
52.Step The F**k Back08.07.1996H2O
feat. Rob Thomas,
produced by: Matt Serletic
7/1999 Arista3 1
54.Maria Maria
(feat. The Product G)
1/2000 Arista6 1
Maria Maria (Wyclef Jean remix)12.06.2000Arista
55.Corazon Espinado
& Mana
56.Put Your Lights On1/2001
57.The Game Of Love
feat. Michelle Branch
9/2002 Arista16 5
58.Why Don't You And I
feat. Alex Band or Chad Kroeger
59.The Game Of Love
feat. Michelle Branch
60.I'm Feeling You
& The Wreckers
(featuring Michelle Branch)
9/2005 Arista 55
61.Just Feel Better / Smooth
feat. Steven Tyler
62.Cry Baby Cry
& Joss
(feat. Sean Paul)
5/2006 71
63.Into The Night
featuring Chad Kroeger
10/2007 Arista 26
64.Aqua Marine EP
(Mantra / Aqua Marine / Mirage)
65.Mi Gente / Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
& Hector Lavoe
66.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
& Yo-Yo Ma
(feat. India.Arie)
9/2010 Arista
67.Lovers Holiday / The Roll
& Rzee Jackson
68.In Search Of Mona Lisa EP
produced by: Rick Rubin
& Tyga & YG
& Rob Thomas
71.Maria Maria
(feat. The Product G)
4/2023 Sony Music43

Carlos Santana:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Evil Ways (live) / Them Changes (live)
& Buddy Miles
9/1972 Columbia 84
2.I'll Be Waiting / Flor de Luna (Moonflower)8/1978 Columbia
3.Watch Your Step / Tales Of Kilimanjaro4/1983 Columbia 107
4.Watch Your Step / Lightnin'
(v GB)
4/1983 CBS
5.They All Went To Mexico / Mudbone5/1983 CBS
6.Havana Moon / Lightnin'6/1983 Columbia
7.Dirty Dancin'
& Product G&B
11/2001 Yclef
& Shakira
10/2006 Epic34


1. Viva Santana - 1994, CMV Enterprises/CBS, 85 min
2. Supernatural Live - 6/2000, Direct Video
3. Supernatural Live - An Evening With Carlos Santana and Friends - 12.09.2000, Arista, live, DVD
4. A&E Live by Request - 15.11.2005, Arista, live, 68 min
5. Corazón, Live From Mexico: Live It to Believe It - 09.09.2014, RCA, live

Carlos Santana:

1. Carlos Santana Plays Blues At Montreux - 5/2008, Eagle Vision, live, 94 min


2002 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals ("The Game Of Love", & Michelle Branch)
2012 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Santana", 1969)

WWW Links:


original name The Santana Blues Band

disbanded 1971
reunited 9/1972
disbanded 12/1973
reunited 9/1974
disbanded 1984
reunited 1999

Compilation Appearances:

"Let The Children Play" on compilation "Sing a Song With Six Strings" (5.10.04, Sony Wonder)
"Smoke On The Water" on compilation "Re-Machined: A Tribute to Machine Head" (24.9.12, Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Carlos Santana:

appeared on the LP:

The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper (1968, Edsel)
Flora Purim: Stories To Tell (4/75, Milestone)
Patti LaBelle: Patti LaBelle (26.8.77, Epic)
John McLaughlin: Electric Guitarist (5/78, CBS)
Narada Michael Walden: Awakening (5/79, Atlantic)
Bob Dylan: Real Live (1984, CBS)
Neville Brothers: Uptown (A&M)
Mory Kante: Touma (1990)
Salif Keita: Amen (1991)
John Lee Hooker: Mr. Lucky (4/91, Charisma)
Alex Acuna & The Unknowns: Thinking Of You (JVC)
John Lee Hooker: Chill Out (2/95, Pointblank)
John Lee Hooker: Best Friends (89-98) (10/98)
Herbie Hancock: The Best Of Herbie Hancock - The Hits! (8.2.00, Legacy)
Michael Jackson: Invincible (30.10.01)
Mory Kante: The Best Of Mory Kante (11/02, Universal Music)
Wyclef Jean: The Preacher's Son (4.11.03, Clef)
Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (30.8.05, Vector)
Buddy Guy: Bring 'Em In (20.9.05, Jive)
Angelique Kidjo: Djin Djin (1.5.07, Razor & Tie)
George Clinton: George Clinton and Some Gangsters of Love (16.9.08, Shanachie)
Smokey Robinson: Time Flies When You're Having Fun (25.8.09, Robso)

appeared on the SP:
John Lee Hooker: The Healer (1/90, Chameleon)
Gloria Estefan: No Llores (6/07, Burgundy)

Compilation Appearances:
"Olympic Festival" on OST "Girlfight" (26.9.00, Capitol)

1978 Bay Area Music Awards - Best Guitarist
- Best Record ("Moonflower")
1988 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Instrumental Performance (Orchestra, Group Or Soloist) (LP "Blues For Salvador")
1996 The Billboard Century Award
1998 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Abraxas", 1970)
1999 Grammy Awards - Record Of The Year (track "Smooth", feat. Rob Thomas)
- Album Of The Year ("Supernatural")
- Song Of The Year (track "Smooth", feat. Rob Thomas)
- Pop Duo/Group with Vocal (track "Maria Maria")
- Pop Collaboration with Vocals (track "Smooth", feat. Rob Thomas)
- Pop Instrumental Performance (track "El Farol")
- Rock Duo/Group with Vocal (track "Put Your Lights On", featuring Everlast)
- Rock Instrumental Performance (track "The Calling", feat. Eric Clapton)
- Best Rock Album ("Supernatural")
2000 American Music Awards - Pop/Rock Album ("Supernatural")
2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards - Favorite Artist or Group - Rock
2000 Latin Grammy Awards - Record Of The Year (track "Corazón Espinado", & Maná)
- Best Rock Duo Or Group Vocal (track "Corazón Espinado", & Maná)
- Best Pop Instrumental
2000 MasterCard Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards - Best World Music Act
2000 My VH1 Music Awards - Man Of The Year
- Your Song Kicked Ass But Was Played Too Damn Much Award ("Smooth")
2001 Latin Grammy Hall of Fame (SP "Oye Como Va")
2004 Latin Recording Academy's Person of the Year
2006 37th Annual NAACP Image Awards - NAACP Hall Of Fame Award

Mike Shrieve:

appeared on the LP:

Stomu Yamash'ta: Go (5.6.76, Island)
Stomu Yamash'ta: Go Two (8/77, Arista)
Pat Travers: Radio Active (1981, Polydor)
Douglas September: Ten Bulls (?, Gold Circle)

produced by LP:
Douglas September: Ten Bulls (?, Gold Circle)

David Prater:

produced by LP:

Dream Theater: Images And Words (1992, Atco)

produced by SP:
Dream Theater: Change Of Seasons EP (05.09.95)

Doug Rauch:

appeared on the LP:

Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin: Love, Devotion, Surrender (7/73, Columbia)
Billy Cobham: Life And Times (3/76, Atlantic)

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