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London, GB
*  1984+  7/1996

Line-Up (2005):

POGUES (photo)

Shane MacGowan - voc
Spider Stacy - voc
Phil Chevron - g
Darryl Hunt - bg
Andrew Ranken - ds
Terry Woods - hca,mand,voc
James Fearnley - acc,g
Jem Finer - sax,banjo

Former Members:

Cait O'Riordan (voc,bg, 1984-11/86)
Shane MacGowan (voc, 1984-4/90)
James Fearnley (acc,g, 1984-95); James McNally (acc, 1995)
Terry Woods (hca,mand,voc, 1987-95); David Coulter (mand,perc, 1995)
Jem Finer (sax,banjo, 1984-7/96); Jamie Clarke (banjo, 1995)
Frankie Miller (?-7/96)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Red Roses For Me
produced by: Stan Brennan
9/1984 Stiff89
2.Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
produced by: Elvis Costello
8/1985 Stiff13
3.If I Should Fall From Grace With God
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
1/1988 Pogue Mahone3 88
4.Peace And Love
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
7/1989 Pogue Mahone5 118
5.Hell's Ditch
produced by: Joe Strummer
9/1990 Pogue Mahone12 187
6.The Best Of The Pogues9/1991 WEA11
7.The Rest Of The Best08.06.1992WEA
8.Waiting For Herb
produced by: Michael Brook
9.Pogue Mahone10/1995 Warner Music
10.The Very Best Of The Pogues3/2001 WSM18
11.Streams Of Whiskey21.05.2002Sanctuary
12.The Ultimate Collection22.03.2005WEA15
13.Dirty Old Town: The Platinum Collection27.09.2005WEA
14.Trilogy31.01.2006WEA International
15.The Pogues Box Set
(5CD box set)
16.Just Look Them Straight in the Eye and Say...Pogues17.06.2008WEA
17.Original Album Series
(5CD box set)
18.In Paris: 30th Anniversary Concert At The Olympia
19.The Very Best of the Pogues22.01.2013Shout! Factory
20.30:30 The Essential Collection
21.30 Years
(8CD box set)
22.Live In London
& Joe Strummer

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Dark Streets Of London / The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
credited to: Pogue Mahone
4/1984 Pogue Mahone
2.Boys From The County Hell / Repeal Of The Licensing Laws19.10.1984Stiff
3.A Pair Of Brown Eyes / Whiskey You're The Devil
12" + Muirshin Durkin
3/1985 Stiff72
4.Sally MacLennane / Wild Rover
12" + The Leaving Of Liverpool
6/1985 Stiff51
5.Dirty Old Town / A Pistol For Paddy Garcia
12" + The Parting Glass
8/1985 Stiff62
6.Poguetry In Motion EP
(A Rainy Night In Soho / The Body Of An American / London Girl / Planxty Noel Hill)
2/1986 Stiff24
7.Haunted / Junk Theme
12" + Hot-Dogs With Everything
8/1986 MCA42
8.The Irish Rover / The Rare Old Mountain Dew
12" + The Dubliners Fancy
& The Dubliners
3/1987 Stiff5
9.Fairytale Of New York / Battle March Medley
12",CD + Shanne Bradley
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/1987 Pogue Mahone/EMI1
10.If I Should Fall From Grace With God / Sally MacLennane (live)
12",CD + A Pair Of Brown Eyes / Dirty Old Town (both live)
2/1988 Pogue Mahone/EMI58
11.Fiesta / Sketches Of Spain
12",CD + South Australia
6/1988 Pogue Mahone/EMI20
12.Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Limerick's Rake
12",CD + Honky Tonk Women
11/1988 Pogue Mahone/EMI43
13.Misty Morning, Albert Bridge / Cottonfields
12",CD + Young Ned Of The Hill / Train Of Love
6/1989 WEA41
14.White City / Everyman Is A King
12",CD + Maggie May / Star Of The County Down
8/1989 WEA90
15.Jack's Heroes / Whiskey In The Jar
& The Dubliners
5/1990 WEA63
16.Summer In Siam / Bastard Landlord
12",CD + Hell's Ditch (instrumental) / The Irish Rover
28.08.1990Pogue Mahone/WEA64
17.Miss Otis Regrets / Just One Of Those Things
& Kirsty MacColl
18.Sayonara / Curse Of Love / Infinity
(v USA)
4/1991 WEA
19.A Rainy Night In Soho (remix) / Squid Out Of Water
12",CD + Infinity
9/1991 WEA67
20.Fairytale Of New York / Fiesta
12",CD + A Pair Of Brown Eyes / Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn / Maggie May
featuring Kirsty MacColl
12/1991 WEA36
21.Honky Tonk Woman / Infinity
12" + Curse Of Love
CD + The Parting Glass
22.Tuesday Morning / First Day Of Forever
CD + Turkish Song Of The Damned (live)
CD + I Fought The Law / London Calling (live)
produced by: Michael Brook
02.08.1993Pogue Mahone/WB18
23.Once Upon A Time EP
(Once Upon A Time / Tuesday Morning / Train Kept Rolling On / Paris St Germain)
24.How Come / Eyes Of An Angel
CD + Tuesday Morning (live) / Big City (live)
25.Fairytale Of New York / The Battle March Medley
featuring Kirsty MacColl,
19.12.2005Warner Bros3
26.Fairytale Of New York11/2006 Warner Bros6
27.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2007 Warner Bros4
28.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2008 Warner Bros12
29.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2009 Warner Bros12
30.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2010 Warner Bros17
31.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2011 Warner Bros13
32.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2011 Warner Bros12
33.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2014 Warner Bros11
34.Poguetry In Motion EP
(London Girl / A Rainy Night In Soho / The Body Of An American / Planxty Noel Hill)
05.03.2015Warner Bros
35.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2015 Warner Bros13
36.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2016 Warner Bros15
37.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2017 Warner Bros5
38.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2018 Warner Bros4
39.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2019 Warner Bros4
40.Fairytale Of New York
featuring Kirsty MacColl
11/2020 Warner Bros4

Phil Chevron:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Captain And Kings07.10.1983Demon


1. Live At The Town And Country Club - 1988, Virgin
2. Complete Pogued - 1991, Start


1. Straight To Hell (1986, starring, directed by Alex Cox)

WWW Links:


original name Pogue Mahone
own label Pogue Mahone

reunited 12/2001
reunited 12/2005

Compilation Appearances:

"Waltzing Matilda" on Hope & Anchor benefit LP "Don't Let The Hop Close Down" (9.11.84, Hope Springs)

Jem Finer:

appeared on the LP:

The Levellers: Levellers (10.9.93, China)
Shane MacGowan And The Popes: The Snake (17.10.94, ZTT)

Spider Stacy:

appeared on the LP:

Shane MacGowan And The Popes: The Snake (17.10.94, ZTT)

Cait O'Riordan:

16.5.1986 married Elvisem Costello

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