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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various
*  1969

Line-Up (1974):

Buddy Miles - voc,ds
Steve Busfield - g
Roland Robinson - bg
Donnie Beck - kb
Patrick O'Hara - sax
Ringo Lewis - conga
Peter Walker - tr
Bill Atwood - tr

Former Members:

Jim McCarty (g, 1969)
Billy Rich (bg, 1969)
Herbie Rich (kb, 1969); Duane Hitchings (kb, 1969)
Ron Woods (ds, 1969)
Terry Clements (sax, 1969); Virgil Gonsalves (sax, 1969); Bill McPherson (sax, 1969); Bobby Rock (sax, 1969); Tobie Wynn (sax, 1969); James Tatum (sax, 1969)
Marcus Doubleday (tr, 1969); Tom Hall (tr, 1969); Peter Carter (tr, 1969)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Expressway To Your Skull8/1968 Mercury
2.Electric Church6/1969 Mercury
3.Booger Bear1/1974 CBS
4.Hell And Back1994 Black Arc/Rykodisc

Buddy Miles:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Them Changes6/1970 Mercury 35
2.We Got To Live Together11/1970 Mercury 53
3.A Message To The People4/1971 Mercury 60
4.Buddy Miles Live
9/1971 Mercury 50
5.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live!
& Carlos Santana
8/1972 CBS29 8
6.The Seven Sides Of Buddy Miles1974 CBS
7.All The Faces Of Buddy Miles11/1974 CBS
8.More Miles Per Gallon8/1975 Casablanca 68
9.Bicentenial Gathering Of The Tribes10/1976 Casablanca
10.Sneak Attack
9/1981 Atlantic
11.Back On The Tracks1986
12.Sweet, Delicious And Marvelous
& The California Raisins
9/1988 140
13.The Mighty Rhythm Tribe1993
14.Tribute To Jimmy Hendrix10.06.1996HIQ/IRS
15.Miles Away From Home27.10.1997MVM/EFA
16.Blues Berries07.05.2002Ruf
17.Hey Jimi: A Tribute To Hendrix09.07.2002Angel Air
18.Band of Gypsys Return
& Billy Cox
19.Booger Bear23.11.2010Wounded Bird
& Carlos Santana
21.06.2013Speakers Corner

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Memphis Train / Memphis Train (part 2)11/1968 Mercury
2.Miss Lady / '69 Freedom Special6/1969 Mercury
3.Memphis Train / My Chant7/1969 Mercury 100
4.Thinking Of You / Crazy Love1/1974 Columbia
5.Pain / We Get Love12/1974 Columbia
6.Pull Yourself Together / I'm Just A Kiss Away3/1975 Columbia

Buddy Miles:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Them Changes / Your Feeling Is Mine
& The Freedom Express,
(v GB 1.1.71)
3/1970 Mercury 81
2.Down By The River / Heart's Delight
& The Freedom Express
6/1970 Mercury 68
3.Dreams / Your Feeling Is Mine9/1970 Mercury 86
4.We Got To Live Together (Part 1) / We Got To Live Together (part 2)11/1970 Mercury 86
5.Runaway Child (Little Miss Nothin')2/1971 Mercury
6.Wholesale Love / That's The Way Life Is5/1971 Mercury 71
7.Way I Feel Tonight / Them Changes7/1971 Mercury
8.Them Changes / Your Feeling Is Mine
& The Freedom Express,
7/1971 Mercury 62
9.Give Away None Of My Love / Take It Off Him And Put It On Me1972 Mercury
10.Life Is What You Make It / Life Is What You Make It (part 2)1972 Mercury
11.Evil Ways (live) / Them Changes (live)
& Carlos Santana
9/1972 Columbia 84
12.We Got Love15.11.1974Columbia 108
13.Rockin' And Rollin' In The Streets Of Hollywood / Livin' In The Right Space19.09.1975Casablanca 84
14.Nasty Disposition / Do It To Me12/1975 Casablanca
15.Reuben "The Hurricane" / Where You Gonna Run To Lady11/1976 Casablanca
16.I'm Just A Kiss Away / Got To Find Ms Right
20.06.2013Go Ahead


Buddy Miles:

appeared on the LP:

Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield: Fathers And Sons (9/69, Cadet)
John McLaughlin: Devotion (1970, Barclay)
Stevie Wonder: Innervisions (17.8.73, Tamla Motown)
Steve Marriott: Marriott (4/76, A&M)

Compilation Appearances:
"I Don't Live Today" on Jimi Hendrix Tribute LP "Stone Free" (1993, & Slash & Paul Rodgers & Billy Cox)