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Personal Data:

Born: 21.07.1962 (Belville, Ontario, Canada, as Karen Lynn Greening)


? Lee Aaron


Lee Aaron - voc
Bruce Dies - g
Rob Laidlaw - bg
Jim Gelcer - g,kb
Randy Cooke - ds

Former Members:

David Aplin (g, 1982); John Albani (g, 1982-cca 1994); George Bernhardt (g, 1982-84); Simon Brierley (g, cca 1985)

Gene Stout (bg, 1982); Jack Meli (bg, 1982-?); Spyder Sinnaeve (bg, cca 1985); Chris Brockway (bg, 1985-cca 1987); Scott Humphrey (bg, cca 1989); Rob Laidlaw (bg, cca 1991)

Bill Wade (ds, 1982); Attila Demjen (ds, 1982-?); Frank Russell (ds, cca 1983); Jerry Mercer (ds, cca 1985); Kim Hunt (ds, 1985-86); Barry Palmer (ds, 1986); Randy Cooke (perc, 1987-cca 1991); Barry Connors (ds)

Bob Ezrin (kb, cca 1985); Jimmy Gelcer (kb, cca 1987)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Lee Aaron Project
(reissued 18.5.84, Attic, as "Lee Aaron")
produced by: Robert Connolly
1982 Freedom
2.Metal Queen
produced by: Paul Gross
3.Call Of The Wild
produced by: Paul Gross/Bob Ezrin
4.Lee Aaron
produced by: Peter Coleman
5.Body Rock
produced by: Brian Allen/John Albani
6.Heroine1989 Metronome
7.Rock The Hard Way19.04.1990Rockin'
8.Some Girls Do
produced by: Brian Allen/John Albani
9.Wild At Heart26.10.1991Rockin'
10.Powerline - The Best Of Lee Aaron17.02.1992Attic
11.Emotional Rain
produced by: Mark S. Berry
12.Concrete & Ice07.07.1995Rockin'
13.Lee Aaron & 2Preciious
produced by: Glen Reely & 2Preciious
29.07.1996Spastic Plastic
15.Out Of Body Experience30.01.1997Rockin'
16.Sweet & Lovely18.09.1997Rockin'
17.Slick Chick07.08.2007Music Avenue
18.Fire and Gasoline25.03.2016Big Sister
19.Radio On!7/2021

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Lee Aaron Project EP
(I Like My Rock Hard / Under Your Spell / Lonely For Your Love / I Just Wanna Make Love To You)
produced by: Robert Connolly
3/1983 Visual Vinyl
2.Hot Tracks EP
(Shake It Up / Head Above Water / We Will Be Rockin' / Metal Queen)
1984 Attic
3.Metal Queen EP
(Metal Queen / Head Above Water / We Will Be Rockin' / Night Riders)
produced by: Paul Gross
1984 Roadrunner
4.Shake It Up / Deceiver1984 Attic
5.We Will Be Rockin' / Hold Out1984 Attic
6.Rock Me All Over / Line Of Fire / Evil Game
produced by: Paul Gross
4/1985 Attic
7.Runnin' From The Fire / Call Of The Wild
produced by: Paul Gross
8.Barely Holdin' On / Danger Zone
produced by: Paul Gross
9.Only Human / Empty Heart
produced by: Peter Coleman
10.Goin' Off The Deep End / Hands Are Tied
produced by: Peter Coleman
11.Dream With Me / Empty Heart
produced by: Peter Coleman
12.Whatcha Do To My Body / Tough Girls Don't Cry
produced by: Brian Allen
13.Hands On / Shame
produced by: Brian Allen
14.Sweet Talk / Rock The Hard Way
produced by: Brian Allen
15.Sex With Love / Motor City Boy
produced by: Brian Allen
16.Odds Of Love
produced by: Mark S. Berry
1994 Hipchic
17.Baby Go Round
(v Německu)
& 2Preciious


1. Live From London - 1986, Embassy Home Entertainment, 60 min
2. Metal Queen
3. Danger Zone - 1986, Hendring
4. Call Of The Wild
5. Video History - 1990, PolyGram Music Video

WWW Links:


appeared on the LP:

Kick Axe: Welcome To The Club (1985, Pasha)
Scorpions: Savage Amusement (4/88, Harvest)
Myles Goodwin: Myles Goodwin (6/88, Atlantic)
Helix: It's A Business Doing Pleasure (1993, Aquarius)
Furnaface: This Will Make You Happy (11/94, Cargo)

appeared on the SP:
Frank Soda: The Adventures Of Sodaman (1983, Visual Vinyl)
Kick Axe: With A Little Help From My Friends (1985, Pasha)

on the LP The Lee Aaron Project (1982) j.h:
Dave Aplin (g), Rik Emmett (g), Gene Stout (bg), Bill Wade (ds), Mavis Kirteme (voc), Rick Santers (g), Rick Lazaroff (bg), Mark Santers (ds), Buzz Shearman (voc), Earl Johnson (g), Frank Soda (g), Peter Crolly (bg), Glen Gratto(ds)

Chris Brockway:

appeared on the LP:

Rick Emmett: Absolutely (1990, Charisma)

Randy Cooke:

appeared on the LP:

Rick Emmett: Absolutely (1990, Charisma)

John Albani:

appeared on the LP:

Kick Axe: Welcome To The Club (1985, Pasha)

appeared on the SP:
Kick Axe: With A Little Help From My Friends (1985, Pasha)

Press References:

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