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Albová diskografie:

#TitulDatum vydáníFirmaTypUKUSA
1.Quantum Expression04.09.2000DMD
2.Dark Ascension LP14.06.2004Music Is
3.The Good The Bad & The Deep
4.Rick Wade Presents: Harmonie Park22.05.2009Harmonie Park
5.Neverending Reflections02.04.2012Harmonie Park
6.With Me06.03.2013Little Angel
7.Hard Full06.08.2013
8.Strong Arm21.08.2015Forced Exposure

Singlová diskografie:

#Název SP/EPDatum vydáníFirmaUKUSA
1.Angry Pimp EP28.07.1997Harmonie Park
2.Hight Trackin'15.09.1997Elevate
3.Late Night Basix Volume 206.07.1998Harmonie Park
4.The Vibe Chaser EP
(Contact / Low Down / Fade Away / Night Chaser)
5.Diverse Dynamix EP
(Shoe-La-Do / Dr Deep / Cosmic Vibes / Back To Basics)
& B Dancer
6.Deep Threats EP
(Show U Love / Day Pimp / Cool Out / Still Angry)
13.12.1999A Touch Of Class
7.The Perfect Pimp EP
(Rough Jazz / Vanguard Cinema / Grimm / Angry Days)
24.09.2001Harmonie Park
8.The Hungry Pimp EP
(Hungry Pimp / Prime Time / Hustlers Groove / Players Theme)
20.05.2002Funky Chocolate
9.The Latina EP
(Latina / Consortium)
24.03.2003Funky Chocolate
10.I Can't Take It / I Do Believe / Your Love05.05.2003Funky Chocolate
11.Big Foot EP
(Big Foot / Sound Track / Dark Electro)
26.05.2003Music Is
12.Grim World Of Tones EP
(The Grimm World / The Purveyor of Deep Tones / The 7th Connection)
21.02.2005Harmonie Park
13.Night Of The Living Deep EP
(Boogie With Me / Nightgallery / Shamballa / Frosnfeathers)
14.Night Tactics EP
(Lo Starts / Theory Of Varice / World Voice / Vanguard Cinema)
15.Harmonie Park Revisited Vol 1
(Rome Ext / Contact / Deep N Dirty)
03.12.2007Harmonie Park Revisited
16.Harmonie Park Revisited Vol 2
(Harsh Thoughts / Fade Away / Prime Time / Forgotten Track)
04.02.2008Harmonie Park Revisited
17.Vinyl Refresher EP
(Whistle Bump Track / Bang Baby / Jazz Torrent / Detroit Calling)
05.05.2008Harmonie Park
18.Harmonie Park Revisited Vol 3
(Long Walk / Angry Pimp / Grimm)
08.09.2008Harmonie Park Revisited
19.Harmonie Park Revisited Vol 4
(Pimp Factor / I Can't Take It / Kendra)
18.03.2009Harmonie Park Revisited
20.I Do Believe / I Feel Good / Feel It08.04.2009Funky Chocolate
21.Intelligence / Ricky's Groove / The D14.05.2009Laid
22.First Darkness / Naomi / No Place09.07.2009Laid
23.The Melancholy Of Rick Wade EP
(Melancholy / Waveheart / Grimshifter)
04.12.2009Harmonie Park
24.The Craft User EP
(Atlantic / Deepenstein / The Get Down / The Ones)
07.04.2010Harmonie Park
25.Duke Of Cologne / Forever Pimp / Moving On28.04.2010Yore
26.Night Folk EP
(Jamie / Do It / Eagle 1)
02.06.2010Hudd Traxx
27.The Mack Of Moscow EP
(Need You Back / Big Score / Pleasure Craft)
28.The Defenders Of The Deep House World EP
(The Deep House World / Bleach / Playcism (Mike Huckaby reconstruction) / Change (Mike Huckaby 2010 remix))
& Rick Wilhite & Norm Talley & Mike Huckaby
20.07.2010Third Ear
29.Deep Inner State
& Malcolm Moore
31.07.2010Altered Moods
30.Split EP
(Loosingher / Drift / Funkin' Our Ass)
& Ksoul & Muteoscillator
28.09.2010Kinda Soul
31.Creeper20.10.2010Minimood Extra
32.My Friends EP
(We Are Satisfied / Sexy Rostov / Marwencol / A Piece Of Devotion)
& The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club & Lay Far & Anton Zap & Djungl
33.Night Station / 2 AM Detroit28.09.2011P&D
34.Father / Sugar Hill
& Moodymanc
35.Night Station (Zadig remix, P&D remix)04.04.2012P&D
36.Detroit Lotus Style EP
(Phantom Of The Deep / Nasty Disco / Wandering)
16.05.2012Old Future
37.Artfuldivision Vol 1 EP
(Jal / Jal (Hohle remix) / Cooler Heads / Cooler Heads (Jon Brooks & Cecil remix))
01.08.2012Artful Division
38.Father / Sugar Hill
& Moodymanc
39.Detroit Fury EP
(Disco Jazz / Gambit / Detroit Time / Heavy)
11.12.2012Hizou Deep Rooted Music
40.Night Addiction / Enter Dawn08.01.2013Hold Youth
41.Night Track / Cold Fusion10.01.2013P&D
42.Fulldeep Alchemy EP
(Feel It Movin' / Basement N Bluelights / Ghost Of Deepness Past / Anger Management)
07.02.2013Harmonie Park
43.Adjustment Of Status EP
(Ancient Tongues / The Day B4 Forever / Daddy's Theme)
44.With Me EP
(Dream For You / Lovely Anger / Breaking Deep / Harvest)
45.Players Theme EP
(Player's Theme / Can't You See / I Feel Good)
46.It's House Not House EP
(Feel It / Free / Kissing Costs Extra)
& DJ Sprinkles & Bicep
03.04.2013Kolour Limited
47.Detroit Fury: Limited Edition Version EP
(Disco Jazz / Gambit / Detroit Time / Heavy)
12.04.2013Hizou Deep Rooted Music
48.Hard Full EP
(Hard Full / Deep Subliminal / Pyro Dynamics)
01.05.2013Holic Trax
49.Jazzometry EP
(Goon Hand / Sacred Jazzometry / Mysterio)
50.Beautiful Chaos No 1 EP
(Alone At Night / WIHM / Home Alone / Let's Begin)
& Kresy & Kindimmer & Yusuke Yamamoto
51.Rough Vibes EP
(Shivery Feeling / Shivery Feeling (Leonel Castillo I Like This Feeling mix) / Alpha Tech / Alpha Tech (Lucas Mari remix))
52.Big Push08.07.2013The Playground Us
53.Equivalent Exchange EP
(Kum Tu Tan / Kum Tu Tan (Orazio Fantini remix) / The Being)
10.07.2013Quality Vibe
54.8 Years Of Hudd Traxx: Summer Sampler EP
(Question Rhetorique / Slumster / Giochiamo / All Over Me)
& Sek & Agnes & Eddie Leader
25.07.2013Hudd Traxx
55.Taste Of Detroit EP
(Believe In You / Tasty)
29.07.2013Hands Off
56.Night Logic EP
(Never Seeing / Never Seeing (Elia Perrone & Niro remix) / Talk With You / Talk With You)
57.Funky One / Carnality07.11.2013Frole
58.Eclipse EP
(Eclipse / Eclipse (remix) / Eclipse (Zheo Parrish Als Tranen Aus Ihren Augen) / Closing)
& Peter Clamat
20.01.2014Big Bait
59.Sweet Life / The Chateau / Jazz Militia01.02.2014Fina
60.The Stalwart EP
(The Hawk / Proving Ground / Just Want / Dream Flute)
61.Defining Deep EP
(Vintage / Cruising Altitude / Symphony Dark / Quigon)
05.03.2014Harmonie Park
62.Detroit Beatdown Vol 2 The Final EP
(You Know How I Feel / Cloud Envy / The Congnoscenti / A Groove)
& DJ T 1000 & Scott Ferguson & Mike Clark
19.03.2014Third Ear
63.Council Estate Soldiers EP
(Giggin' / Warm Organic / Feel It / Woods For Trees)
& Wil Maddams & Gene Hunt & Dudley Strangeways
64.Neuro Stimuli EP
(Me & You / Neuro Stimuli (Ranacat remix) / Sun Come Up / Me & You (And Id remix))
65.Combo EP
(Baile / Sun On My Face / Darling Your Love / Faraon)
& Fantasna & Jorge C & Kalexi Shelby
03.07.2014Ojo De Apolo Chile
66.Deep Shifters EP
(Around Philly / Clizias Theme / Str8 Housin' / Moodment (Upstreet mix))
& Norm Talley & Satore & Chris J
26.09.2014Future Reactions
67.Moods & Grooves Classics V4 EP
(Untitled 1 / Untitled 2 / Thought Process / Forever Night)
10.10.2014Moods & Grooves
68.Memory's Mirror EP
(Taboo / Kordeography)
69.The Fields EP
(Beautiful World / In The Fields / Secret Distant Memories / In The Fields (instrumental))
70.The Vault / Wired / Daybreaker / Night Heroes12.03.2015Housewax
71.Tech Breed EP
(Tech Breed / Groovy / Whoa Children / Technological Lament (Tomoki Tamura Tool edit - vinyl only))
05.05.2015Holic Trax
72.The Defenders Of The Deep House World EP
(The Deep House World / Bleach / Playcism (Mike Huckaby reconstruction) / Change (Mike Huckaby 2010 remix))
& Rick Wilhite & Norm Talley & Mike Huckaby
03.06.2015Third Ear
73.Strong Arm EP
(Strong Arm / Funkopolis / Strong Arm (Deep88 remix) / Funkopolis (Emotion One Take Jame remix))
74.Harmonie Park Revisited Vol 2 EP
(Harsh Thoughts / Fade Away / Prime Time / Forgotten Track)
27.11.2015Harmonie Park